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Sprite Seedhi Baat No Bakwas

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Analysis of a successful campaign

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Sprite Seedhi Baat No Bakwas

  1. 1. SeedhiBaat, No Bakwas! Clear hai?
  2. 2. • Coca-cola’s transparent lemon-lime flavored caffeine free soft drink• An answer to Pepsi’s drink 7UP• Entered India in 1999, with tagline “Sprite bujhaye only pyaas, baakisabbakwaas”.
  3. 3. Sprite :SeedhiBaat, NoBakwaas. Clear hai? August, 2009 • Target Audience : the whole young consumers’ group (pre-teen to late 20’s) • Theme : “Weeding out pretence and cutting to the chase”. • Focus : The simple thirst quenching ability and unpretentious attitude of Sprite.
  4. 4. ConsumerInsightThe youth are continuously looking for smarterways to move up levels quickly and areconstantly seeking to take easier anduncomplicated routes. The communicationssimple story-line depicted Sprite as a cool and edgybrand for the youth.
  5. 5. Team behind the campaign• Conceptualized by Ajay Gahlaut, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi.• Film directed by ShoojitSircar from Rising Sun Films
  6. 6. The campaign :What did Sprite do?
  7. 7. The TVCs
  8. 8. Packaging innovation• Convenience and utility emphasized to imbibe the message of the “seedhibaat, no bakwas” campaign.• The 1.25 litre ‘fridge pack’ - more convenient, better value for money. Would fit into any average size refrigerator. Tagline - “Fridge meinjayega, badakaamayega.” First launched in select markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Nasik and states like Gujarat and Orissa and then nationally.• Xpress pack - a 350 ml on-the-go packaging innovation, priced at Rs 15. Tagline – “Ghumo, Ghumao.”
  9. 9. Online platform• Leveraging the online platform, Sprite launched a consumer contest on In.Coma day prior to the Online Premier of the communication for its innovative 1.25 liter Fridge Pack.• Consumers were asked to predict the entire plot of the communication just by viewing the TVC for the initial 8 seconds.• Winners were awarded Nokia Multimedia phones.
  10. 10. OutdoorUsed different outdoor media formats like – Billboards – Bus Shelters – Elevators – Escalators – Truck Backs – Subway innovation – Metro grab handles
  11. 11. The First of its kind :Tunnel Advertising
  12. 12. • Sprite used transit advertising for the launch of Sprite Xpress, to push to the on-the-go beverage culture.• The tunnel of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) from Kashmiri Gate to ChandniChowkwas used for the execution.• A series of static images that appear to move as a train rolls by. Passengers looking out of the windows get to see what seems like a silent movie clip.• Aim was to catch the bored passengers attention instantaneously.• Creative communication by the EncycloMedia Networks and the media & technology provided by C2E Technology Labs
  13. 13. Associations• Sprite associated with the then ongoing DLF IPL season two with the launch of a special edition of ‘Sprite Kolkata Knight Riders’ bottle, which carried an insignia of key players of the team.• Also, TVCs featuring Shahrukh Khan, SauravGanguly and other members of the team, including MuraliKarthik and AjitAgarkar were aired during the season.
  14. 14. Contests• Sprite and Nokia launched a neighborhood cricket series in Kolkata. The winning team was taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa to cheer for KKR.• “Kholega to milega” Contest - digital initiative using mobile phone technology. Customers asked to text code on the bottle caps. Winners got chance to meet Shahrukh and Saurav and also won mobile phones. Conceptualized and launched by Mobile2Win.
  15. 15. RESULTS
  16. 16. • The campaign helped the lime-flavored soft drink uproot Pepsi from the No. 2 spot• Sprite became Indias largest selling soft drink brand in the clear lime segment.• It grew at a record 20% in 2009, even as the total cola category sales averaged growth of 4%.• AC Nielsen data shows that with a market share of 14.6%, Sprite overtook Pepsis 13.6%.
  17. 17. Thank You! The Team :Shivani Sharma YasminHussainVishakhaPithwalHarsha LGurbaniAhluwaliaHinalTannaNeha Sharma PriyankaAgarwal