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Edayz2009: Why Content is the New Black

Technology is hot…right? Google Wave, blogs, RSS, Twitter, crowd-sourcing, connectivity. The potential for new ways of learning, new ways of teaching is enormous. Pathways, connections, embedding, personal learning networks… It’s so exciting.
And then there’s learning content: safe, reliable, the comfortable old coat of the online learning world, right? Wrong!

This presentation
• examines the implications of technology change for learning content
• shows why content is the Armani of online learning awaiting your accessorizing skills
• Explores the impact these changes have on core content such as Australian Flexible Learning Toolboxes….
You’ll never look at content in the same way again!

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Edayz2009: Why Content is the New Black

  1. 4. … leave a message, in case I miss your message, send an email (which email account..hang on), might also be worth sending a text, oh and I’ll be on MSN in case I miss it…or you could catch me on Facebook…
  2. 5. ICT stats 100 billion clicks per day 50 trillion links 2 million emails per second 1 million IM messages per second 65 billion phone calls per year 1 million voice queries per hour
  3. 6. In the midst of a fabulous array of historically unprecedented and utterly mind boggling stimuli… Thomas T Zengotita
  4. 7. When change is objectified it turns into spectacle that distracts society from valuing the truths and insights it has acquired throughout the best moments of human history.
  5. 8. “ There is a casual disrespect for the content of what learners are taught” Frank Furedi
  6. 9. Education is designed to give meaning to human experience. Frank Furedi
  7. 10. What makes Quality?
  8. 11. “ The fundamental educational needs of students do not alter every time a new technology influences people’s lives”
  9. 14. Creative new ideas arise at the interface of domains, markets, technologies. Too narrow a horizon will blind …. to many opportunities. (Csikszentmihalyi, 2001)
  10. 15. “ The street finds its own use for things, uses manufacturers never intended…” William Gibson
  11. 16. “ In the art of the early Renaissance…the starting point of production is to be found mostly not in the creative urge..of the artist, but in the task set by the customer” Arnold Hauser
  12. 20. “… in reality each generation educates the new generation” Antonio Gramsci
  13. 21. Collaborators in the creative process
  14. 22. Learning Experience Information Context Application
  15. 24. Digital literacy “… . the capacity and skills to seek out, filter and interpret information while collaborating with others using a variety of media sources” Microsoft, 2006
  16. 30. Harriet Wakelam Manager, e-learning Content (e-Works) Business Manager: Toolboxes Phone: (03) 9661 8714 Online: @hwakelam Skype: Harriet Wakelam Blog: