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Gamification tool and resources

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Gamification Tools and Resources presentation given at DevLearn 2012.

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Gamification tool and resources

  1. 1. GAMIFICATION TOOLS AND RESOURCES Alicia Sanchez Czarina Games Kris Rockwell Hybrid Learning Systems
  2. 2. Dr. Alicia Sanchez
  3. 3. WHAT ISGAMIFICATION? techniques, gameGamification is the use of game designthinking and game mechanics to enhance non-gamecontexts. Typically gamification applies to non-gameapplications and processes, in order to encourage people toadopt them, or to influence how they are used. Gamificationworks by making technology more engaging, by encouragingusers to engage in desired behaviors, by showing a path tomastery and autonomy, by helping to solve problems and notbeing a distraction, and by taking advantage of humanspsychological predisposition to engage in gaming. Thetechnique can encourage people to perform chores that theyordinarily consider boring, such as completing surveys,shopping, filling out tax forms, or reading web sites. Availabledata from gamified websites, applications, and processesindicate potential improvements in areas like userengagement, ROI, data quality, timeliness, or learning.
  4. 4. WHAT GAMIFICATION IS NOT...•A video game. Period. • Video games when used best provide experiences to people. • Gamification when best used provides motivation to participate in a behavior.
  5. 5. WHY USE GAMIFICATION?• Gamification can • Serve as a motivator for: • Increased loyalty • Increased awareness • Increased participation • Eliciting a targeted behavior • By using game characteristics • Badges • Achievements • Rewards
  6. 6. ARE PEOPLE REALLY INTO THIS? 100 242 522 980 1,707 2,830
  7. 7. GAMIFICATION CAN...• Improve Market Research • Guardian Network• By 2015 more than 50% of Organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes • Gartner Research• In World of Warcraft, the individual is 20% more productive when working in a cooperative group instead of playing alone. Wouldnt you love it if everyone on your work team felt the same way? • SXSW Keynote
  8. 8. ITS NOT REALLY ... NEW
  9. 9. • GOLD STARS!!
  10. 10. GAMIFICATION?Top Golf Horse
  11. 11. PITFALLS Thanks Natron Baxter• Pointsification • Just adding points• Zero Sum Games • For me to win, you must lose• Artificial Scarcity • Fixed number of badges, points, the first x get them• Negative Connotations
  12. 12. LOOK OUT FOR• Diminishing Returns
  13. 13. THE RIGHT EQUATION• What behavior would you like the game to result in/motivate?• What is the value proposition of your game?• What behavior does the gameplay actually elicit?• What do your players want/need/care about?• What features are you leveraging? • Score, Badges, Time, Rewards • Rewards can be many things.... • Badges.....who gives them??? Peers???
  15. 15. UNDERSTAND GAME DESIGN In order to learn how to successfully implementgamification, it’s crucial understand how games work.
  16. 16. PLAY GAMES Playing games helps you understand how all themechanics work together for a successful experience.
  17. 17. BUILD GAMESWant to make a game? Try it!
  19. 19. START FROM THE GROUND UP Crappy Content + Badges = Crappy Content with Badges
  20. 20. START FROM THE GROUND UPike Fuelband
  21. 21. START FROM THE GROUND UP Game Pieceike Fuelband
  22. 22. START FROM THE GROUND UP Scoring Mechanic Game Pieceike Fuelband
  23. 23. START FROM THE GROUND UP Scoring Mechanic Game Pieceike Fuelband Awards
  24. 24. START FROM THE GROUND UP Scoring Mechanic Game Pieceike Fuelband Awards Leaderboards
  25. 25. GAMIFICATION TOOLS Badgeville, the worlds first Behavior Platform, makes it easy for content, commerce andBadgeville enterprise businesses to measure, surface and influence any high-value user behavior. Our goal is simple: help web publishers, marketers and developers grow and engage their communities.  We offer a cost-effective, flexible Bigdoor and easy to use suite of tools to quickly build game mechanics into your online experiences and applications. Bunchball gives marketers, media sellers and employers the tools they need to drive high-value online engagement through gamification.Bunchball Bunchball customers are using Nitro, our industry- leading gamification platform, to solve a wide variety of business problems, by encouraging highly valuable user behavior on their site. Off-the-shelf software for implementation.
  27. 27. HOW IT WORKSDo Something Get a Badge Put it in your Backpack
  32. 32. IT’S OPEN SOURCE
  33. 33. WHY USE DIGITAL BADGES? Metadata • From • who issued the badge • the issue date • how the badge was earned • hyperlinks back to artifacts, documents, or testimonials demonstrating the work that lead to earning the badge • authentication back to issuer This supporting data reduces the risk of gaming the system (e.g., illegitimately copying badges and putting them on your site) and builds in an implicit validation system. The metadata may vary based on the particular skill, assessment and issuer.
  34. 34. WHY USE DIGITAL BADGES? The open badge infrastructure: • Supports the issuing, collection, and display of badges • Allows learners to tie badges to their identity, and carry their badges with them wherever they go • Displays their badges to the audiences they care about -- peers, employers, or other institutions • Allows learners to group, sort and manage their badges, and set privacy controls • Is open and decentralized, to support badges from multiple sources • Enables display across multiple sites
  35. 35. WHY USE DIGITAL BADGES?• The Badge Backpack is the core repository for the digital badge data and the management interface on top. Each user will have his/her own Badge Backpack, accessible only to him/her, where s/he can view all her badges, set privacy controls, create groups and share them.• There are no costs associated with collecting badges within the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) or sharing them through the API (application programming interface) and communication channels.
  37. 37. THANK YOU!Slides and links will be posted