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The 5 Most Powerful Hypnotic Seduction Techniques

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Imagine that you can pick up anyone you want at any place of convenience, whether it’s at the bar, the library or the shopping mall.

A popular section of covert hypnosis, hypnotic seduction techniques, will allow you to do just that if applied successfully.

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The 5 Most Powerful Hypnotic Seduction Techniques

  1. 1. The 5 Most Powerful Hypnotic Seduction Techniques Imagine that you can pick up anyone you want at any place of convenience, whether it’s at the bar, the library or the shopping mall. A popular section of covert hypnosis, hypnotic seduction techniques, will allow you to do just that if applied successfully. This is because these techniques aim to build strong connections with a person’s unconscious mind, and as a result, they become more drawn to you. However, in order for them to work, you need to use these techniques in the right context and in an appropriate situation. This is part of the four-stage protocol in covert hypnosis that you must go through. Begin Learning How To Master Covert Hypnosis Today 1) Body Language Observation Body language observation isn’t a particular hypnotic seduction technique, but it’s still a skill in itself and helps to get a better understanding of someone’s mood or character. Having this knowledge will allow you to conduct your techniques more effectively. These are some of the body language observation skills that you can use:  Body Position – The way a person’s body is positioned while approaching someone or speaking says a lot. In a male approaching female perspective, walking directly in front can be seen as too much dominance, while approaching from sideways can show little confidence. A general rule is to approach at the comfort zone of an angle of 10-20 degrees.  Eye Cues – If your subject doesn’t maintain eye contact with you, it generally means that they’re not engaged, which tells you that you must fixate their attention.  Breathing Pattern – Relaxation results in a controlled manner of breathing, while panic and distress equals a faster breathing pattern. You need to have
  2. 2. the subject calm to make them comfortable. Look at their diaphragm and listen to their voice tonality to see if you can spot any signs of discomfort. There are many more ways you can read someone’s body language, and this allows you to create a more powerful connection as you can build rapport by using such skills as mirror and matching behavior. 2) Positive Double-Binds Double-binds create confusion in someone’s mind in the form of questions that cannot be easily answered without first conforming to a presupposition. There are two types of double-binds, positive and negative. For hypnotic seduction, it’s best to stick with positive double-binds as you will want to provide a pleasant experience to the other person. An example of a positive double-bind question would be: “Where do you want to go for our date? The theatre or the restaurant?” Within the question itself, there’s a false impression that the subject has a choice, because the question already makes the assumption that there will be a date in the first place. You still get the outcome you desire, while the subject gets a sense of validity. You may also be interested in my other articles: Top 7 Covert Hypnosis Techniques and The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Review. 3) Anticipation Builders How do you make someone want something more? You let them know that they cannot instantly have that thing. And that’s the effect anticipation builders are designed for.
  3. 3. Think back to when you were a kid. Your parents arranged a day out at the theme park, but it was a month away. Day-by-day, your excitement grew as you waited for that day to arrive. Why do you get more excited? It’s because you cannot immediately have what you want. Words such as:  Eventually  Gradually  Finally  Sooner or later  Within time They all aim to create a powerful effect of anticipation, which will increase the strength of the subject’s response bit by bit as you gradually build-up their anticipation energy. 4) Action Accelerators Action accelerators are words that are designed to encourage someone to take a particular action quicker, because the words used put pressure on that person to make an unconscious decision. Such words include:  Instantly  Quickly  Suddenly  Immediately  Now Take for example you said to someone: “Say any name, now.” There will be more of an unconscious response from that person, which is essential for the hypnotic process to begin. This is because they are not consciously thinking what they’re going to say, but instead they’ll instinctively tell you a name that’s likely closely associated with them.
  4. 4. 5) Hypnotic Words An effective way to start a trance process is to instil feelings of positivity, and this can be achieved by using hypnotic words, which can be used at any point in the hypnotic process. The following hypnotic words must be used in the correct context for example, when telling a hypnotic story.  Fascinated  Hypnotized  Amazing  Captivating  Mesmerizing The idea is to conjure up memories of happiness and positivity by using these words to fixate the subject’s attention. As a result, the response needed for the initial hypnotic process stage is activated in their neurology. Click Here For The Highest Rated Covert Hypnosis Guide