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Effective Social Selling for B2B

More and more companies are going into Social Selling - even those on B2B platforms. Find out how you can harness the power of Social Media to strengthen your marketing strategies!

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Effective Social Selling for B2B

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE Social Selling for B2B I II:
  2. 2. Over the past decade. .. CUSTOTTIGTS have become highly informed decision—mal<ers. SOCIBI Media has given them significant market-making power, upending traditional B2B marketing and sales practices.
  3. 3. What is Social Selling? Social Selling is the use of social media by sales organizations for listening, customer engagement, and internal collaboration.
  4. 4. It is not a clean break from traditional selling. _ It is an 3. evolutionary step . forward. .0
  5. 5. It is not abandoning emails, phone calls, or personal meetings T9 It is supporting these channels with the deliberate use of social media.
  6. 6. It is not about making sales pitches on social platforms. / 69’ It is about finding potential customers, relating to their needs, and providing solutions.
  7. 7. Why does Social Selling work for B2B? The results of social selling speak Performance Benefits of Social Selling fOr thernSe| Ve$. Total team attainment sales quota In a 2012 review of sales Organlzatlons the Customer renewal rate Aberdeen Group. . 48% ' Sales forecast accuracy SOCIa' Sellers significantly outperformed the Competition in nUrnerOUS Percent of sales reps achieving quota Key Performance Indicators (KPls). D 0 Users of Social Selling 0 All others . — X. /'
  8. 8. Fast Facts: There are more than 1.5 Billion Social Media users globally. People spend more time on Social Networks than on any other category of websites.
  9. 9. of Social Media users learn more about brands, products, and services at least once a month. of B2B decision makers use Social Media as a source of information. Over
  11. 11. Today’s B2B buyers begin their purchases by . / researching products and services online. If you are not providing solutions to their problems. . your competitors will.
  12. 12. By the time they seek out sales professionals. .. H they’re well on their way to making a decision. pant You want customers to call you and ask to be closed.
  13. 13. How? Establish _ _ _ _ _ authentlclty & credlblllty in your industry.
  14. 14. By producing content_that is _ useful, informative and engaging. 99 €39 Content 9 that sells.
  15. 15. Then spread the word about it on social networks. . where _your market resides.
  16. 16. Vvhen? TO DAY. Because effective Social Selling favours the first-mover. ii
  17. 17. e»o~oeo—oo/ Creating irresistible content, Verz Design.
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