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iCcognitive Supply Chain Newsletter July 2013

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iCognitive aim is to provide you the best in terms of Supply Chain expertise, articles and news to keep you updated about the Supply Chain’s Innovations.

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iCcognitive Supply Chain Newsletter July 2013

  1. 1. iCognitive aim is to provide the best of the Supply Chain expertise. Our newsletter will update you on the latest trends and inform you about innovation in Supply Chain. Visit our for more information… 3 Ways To Manage A Global Supply Chain: Relatively speaking, it’s easy to visualize how a company will change on the outside as it grows into an international business.… read more A little Demand Forecasting Mistake that Cost a Retailer >$250,000! A little Demand forecasting mistake costs retailers and wholesalers significant profits each year. While the mistake seems small, in reality…read more Made in Asia: With the continuous shift of manufacturing locations to Asia and the onset of new distribution channels such as the Internet, the luxury goods manufacturer faces new opportunities and challenges…read more The Future of Urban Transportation: Moving Goods! I would expect automobile/truck manufacturers, trucking/delivery firms, and railroads to play a major role in helping figure out solutions to the three major categories of challenges read more Risk Mitigation Plan: Supply Chain Managers May Have to Plan For Trouble in the Suez! Recent political unrest in Egypt has again raised the specter of the Suez Canal closing. However, if it were to be suddenly shut down tomorrow…read more iCognitive Focus: iForecaster Lower level of inventory, reduced costs, increased sales and higher capacity... These are some of the benefits you will gain through more effective planning for future demand with iForecaster. read more Malaysia Workshop Operational Excellence in Supply Chain Management Kuala Lumpur, 03&04 Sept. 2013 Register Now Conducted by Mr. John Paul More information Pakistan Workshop SCOR©-Supply Chain Management Lahore-Karachi, 16&20 Sept. 2013 Register Now Conducted by Mr. John Paul More information iCognitive Events