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AAC Top 10 SEO mistakes to avoid

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No matter if you’re doing SEO for a huge brand or a small website, you need to be aware of the SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

If you want to improve your website’s rankings and avoid a Google penalty, there are some mistakes that you should never do.

In this session, Christoph C. Cemper will cover:

• link building mistakes
• link audit mistakes
• link prospecting mistakes
• website migration mistakes

Christoph C. Cemper, CEO, LinkResearchTools

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AAC Top 10 SEO mistakes to avoid

  1. 1. TOP 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid
  2. 2. Hello Amsterdam!
  3. 3. About Christoph C. Cemper Founder & CEO of SEO & Marketing since 2003 @cemper
  4. 4. Orange Jacket and SEO
  5. 5. When those rankings just won’t go up! …have you been there?
  6. 6. Link audit & monitoring mistakes
  7. 7. #10 Disavow and wait for Google to take care of things.
  8. 8. UP TO 9 MONTHS…
  10. 10. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Make Google re-crawl the links you disavowed much faster. How? Run Link Detox Boost 48 hours after you uploaded the disavow file.
  11. 11. 3 DAYS using Link Detox Boost
  12. 12. #09 Disavow all the links regardless of their quality.
  15. 15. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Review the DTOXRISK for each backlink and only disavow the risky ones. How? Do it yourself or hire a professional that you can hold accountable. Take responsibility.
  16. 16. #08 Looking only at one slice of your backlink profile.
  17. 17. DON’T JUST LOOK AT ONE SLICE Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit
  18. 18. Not a “TOP-LEVEL approach” Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit
  19. 19. Really? All the backlinks?
  20. 20. Well… do you consider 3% of your work… AS DONE?
  21. 21. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Combine as many backlink sources as possible and look at the full picture. How? Choose a software & a plan that allows you to analyze all your backlinks.
  22. 22. #07 Not monitoring the backlink profile after a backlink audit.
  23. 23. Getting risky backlinks? Is that even possible?
  24. 24. Did you make some enemies in the past?
  25. 25. Just think about All the negative SEO out there
  26. 26. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Monitor new links to your domain so that you can spot negative SEO attacks. How? Set up Link Alerts. It works like Google Alerts, but for links.
  28. 28. #06 Stop building new links after you recover from a Penalty.
  29. 29. Great Links… …don’t just fall from heaven!
  30. 30. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Never stop building links. How? Set-up a link building an outreach process in your company and don’t just hope to get links. Do the leg work!
  31. 31. #05 Stuffing the anchor texts with commercial keywords.
  32. 32. We have all tried! And it IS tempting, isn’t it?
  33. 33. And risky!
  34. 34. HOW TO FIX IT? What? It’s great that people link to you as long as they create links in a natural way. How? It’s great to use brand keywords as well as money keywords. Just don’t exaggerate.
  36. 36. #03 Building just any links.
  37. 37. to just google “good links”? Wouldn’t it be nice
  38. 38. but it pays off! It will need a little more research
  39. 39. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Build high-quality links only. How? Check if the links are relevant to your niche, if they have a low risk and a high power and trust. Otherwise, don’t build them!
  40. 40. #02 Not looking at the competitor’s backlink profiles.
  41. 41. …is an illusion. This…
  42. 42. …is real competition! And this…
  43. 43. HOW TO FIX IT? What? The best links are your competitor’s links and you can get them. How? Find the low-risk & high Power*Trust links that your competitors have.
  44. 44. Website migration mistakes
  45. 45. #01a Not checking the 404 pages after a website redesign or migration.
  46. 46. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Check and redirect 404 pages. How? Redirect to relevant pages with similar content or try to re-publish these pages on the same URL. Earn your links back!
  47. 47. Reclaim your Links! Link Juice Recovery = Website Relaunch Tool
  48. 48. Get them fixed in no time!
  49. 49. #01b Not checking if the website still has a no-index tag.
  50. 50. #01b (seriously, this happens!)
  51. 51. HOW TO FIX IT? What? Don’t forget to remove the no- index tag so that search engines can index your new website. How? Check if you have a global ROBOTS NOINDEX tag using Link Redirect Trace.
  52. 52. You can see it in the Link Redirect Trace Extension
  54. 54. Link Redirect Trace • • • • •
  55. 55. LRT Power*Trust • • •
  56. 56. Link Research SEO Toolbar • • • • • •
  58. 58. TOP 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid