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Nick Garner - LAC 2017 - The great 'brand phrase' goldmine

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It's been talked about before; ranking on brand phrases, but today this strategy makes more sense than ever. Operators are winning more rankings on generic phrases, squeezing out affiliates and forcing you to rethink you rankings game plan.

Why are operators getting stronger and stronger rankings? It's because links are losing their power and the vacuum is being filled with engagement signals. If the new battleground is engagement, how can affiliates be really engaging and earn more money?

Nick Garner, Founder & CEO Oshi Online Casino will demonstrate how affiliates can rank and convert on brand phrases and why for Oshi Online Casino, to do so is win-win for both the operator and affiliate.

Thinking 'engagement first'
Targeting operators who are easy to rank on
How and why ranking on brand is a fair deal for everyone

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Nick Garner - LAC 2017 - The great 'brand phrase' goldmine

  1. 1. Brand Phrase Goldmine
  2. 2. Once upon a time...
  3. 3. And today...I have a white label casino.
  4. 4. Affiliate Tax... I pay [A Lot!] rev share for conversions here: I Pay ‘Affiliate Tax’. But, affiliates make me look good and help conversions.
  5. 5. Tier 1 Operators pay a lot of ‘affiliate tax’ Formula: Search traffic for brand phrase X % brand CTR per position X estimated conversion % X average lifetime revenue per acquisition X Aff Revshare % £100k + P/M
  6. 6. Oshi is only little
  7. 7. So...
  8. 8. Reputation :-)
  9. 9. OVERVIEW
  10. 10. Intent: What does a searcher want? Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor “The big trend in 2017…will be focused on understanding who your customer is, what they want, and using the data from search engines to better understand customer intent. By making something your customer needs – something that solves their problem – you will win the algorithm of the future.” Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic: “It’s not about “keywords.” It is about being the stand out leader in the field for, at the very least, your business name. What one thing do you really stand for?” Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting “You need to do a better job of satisfying the users who come to your pages, and better matching your content to the intent they had when they got there”
  11. 11. Searchmetrics ranking factors report This is an annual report which analyses 10,000 key phrases on and looks at the correlations between various ranking factors and rankings. Their overview: “Today’s rankings are driven by the dynamic between individual content relevance and user Intent. The main task for SEOs and online marketers today is the creation of relevant content that is targeted towards the specifc user intention, which can vary greatly depending on the search query. Generally speaking, content is relevant when it provides answers to as many questions as possible, and when it deals with the most important aspects of a topic. This is how we defne holistic and comprehensive content.”
  12. 12. What is the user intent around a brand? 50% Consideration. Why? If 50% are not going to you, they must be checking you out.
  13. 13. Smart Tier 2+ Operator If an operator can’t manage their reputation… they should be very nice to affiliates.
  14. 14. Long term Affiliates
  15. 15. Thanks!