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Social Intelligence a case for Bunnings Hardware


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Social Intelligence a case for Bunnings Hardware

  1. 1. iGo2 Overview iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions
  2. 2. Agenda Ø  The Power of Social Media Ø  Who is iGo2? Ø  iGo2 Solutions Ø  Bunnings Warehouse Ø  Partners Ø  Customers Ø  Founders of iGo2 Group
  3. 3. The Power of Social Media Ø  Social Media is disruptive Ø  Social Media is dynamic Ø  Social Media changes everything for a business –  Sales, Marketing, Service –  Human Resources –  Product Management –  Channels –  Processes –  Organisational Models
  4. 4. Who is iGo2 Group? iGo2  is  a  Social  Business  product  and  services  company.  iGo2  helps  organisa9ons  like  yours  leverage   the  power  of  Social  Media  and  Networks  through  relevant,  focused  and  business  oriented  solu9ons.   We  assist  to  connect  you  with  your  markets  and  customers;    convert  your  social  data  to  business   intelligence    and  manage  your  Social  Media  presence  for  maximum  impact.   Whether  your  business  is  already  ac9ve  in  Social  Media  –  but  needs  to  do  it  beEer  –  or  whether  you   are  just  star9ng  out,  iGo2  can  provide  everything  from  consultancy  to  a  complete  tailored  solu9on.   Ø  A holistic approach to Corporate Social Media Ø  All members are Certified Strategists in Social Media Ø  Utilise proven methodologies for : –  Social Media Assessments –  Social Media Strategy Development –  Social Media Programs and ROI –  Channel Empowerment through Social Media
  5. 5. iGo2 Focus Areas Strategy  :  formula9ng  policy  and  strategy  through   researching  your  brand,  customers,  partners  and  compe9tors   Tac9cs:  building  your  social  presence  and  integra9ng  to   your  business  processes;  training    and  empowering  employees   and  partners.   Intelligence:  monitoring,  collec9ng,  and  analyzing   social  data  to  make  informed  and  agile    business  and  policy   decisions.   Tools:  delivering,  installing,  suppor9ng  and    integra9ng   best  of  breed  products  for  u9lising  the  social  web    
  6. 6. Social  Media  Monitoring   Services   •  All social data streams •  Drilldown analysis •  Sentiment analysis •  Comparative Analysis •  Drilldown to influencers •  Drilldown to sources •  Slice and dice •  Periodic reporting – weekly, bi weekly, monthly, real time
  7. 7. 10 Days @ Bunnings
  8. 8. Demographics
  9. 9. •  Buzz  Graph  reflects   key  words   •  All  Channels  
  10. 10. Key Conversations •  Key  Conversa9ons   •  All  Channels  
  11. 11. Sentiment
  12. 12. Sentiment: Negative •  Nega9ve   Conversa9ons   •  All  Channels  
  13. 13. Sentiment: Positive •  Posi9ve   Conversa9ons   •  All  Channels  
  14. 14. Top Brand Influencers: Twitter •  Most  Influen9al   •  In  TwiEer   •  Detailed  analysis  of   @rebeccamezzino   on  next  slide  
  15. 15. Who is Rebecca?
  16. 16. Top Brand Influencers: •  Most  Influen9al   Blogs •  In  Blogs  
  17. 17. Top Brand Influencers: Forums •  Most  Influen9al   •  In  Forums  
  18. 18. Top Brand Influencers: Traditional News •  Most  Influen9al   •  In  Tradi9onal  News  
  19. 19. Bunnings versus Competitors
  20. 20. Bunnings by keyword •  Examining   Bunnings  data  by   keywords   •  Staff  =  staff  OR   assistant  OR  help   OR  service  
  21. 21. Examining “Staff” conversations •  Examining   Bunnings  data  by   Staff   •  Staff  =  staff  OR   assistant  OR  help   OR  service   •  All  Channels  
  22. 22. Brand Profanity in Facebook
  23. 23. Brand Profanity in Twitter
  24. 24. Youtube (Bunnings & other)
  25. 25. Deepdive – Youtube Planking
  26. 26. 10 Days @ Mitre 10
  27. 27. Advice for Bunnings Ø  Start Listening Ø  Assess and Research Social Channels (8 point Framework): –  Develop SWOT –  Develop Social Strategy and business case –  Implement Social Tactics within Managed Community –  Participate Ø  Develop “owned” Social Community
  28. 28. Assess   Monitor   Strategise   Business Framework iGo2’s 8 Point Social Social   Protect   Business   Create   Framework   Engage   Par9cipate   Share  
  29. 29. The  Social  Ecosystem   Wikis   Par6cipa6ng   Listening,  establishing  reputa9on   (I’m  one  of  you)   Managed   Listening,  suppor9ng,  building   reputa9on,  marke9ng   External   Communi9es   Owned   Closed  Network   Listening,  suppor9ng,   building  rela9onships,   collabora9ng   Example:  customer  communi9es   Internal   Example:  channels,  members   Communi9es   Example:  Intranets,  communi9es  of  prac9ce   Copyright  2011  Telligent.  All  rights  reserved.  
  30. 30. Different Objectives Social  Networks   Online  Communi9es   Rela9onships   Business  Objec9ve   Primary  Purpose   Primary  Enabler   Common  Ac9vity   Rela9onships  
  31. 31. Customer-Driven Support Deliver  beBer  customer  service  experiences   •  Deliver  support  to  customers  wherever  they  are,  at  any   9me   •  Iden9fy  dissa9sfied  customers  quickly  and  take  ac9on   •  Simplify  online  search  while  improving  SEO    Increase  support  efficiency  &  scalability   •  Increase  agent  produc9vity  with  community-­‐generated   content   •  Communicate  service  updates  in  real  9me  across  channels   •  Empower  “super  users”  to  deliver  help  to  peers  online   Advance  product  idea6on  &  monitor  service   performance   •  Crowd  source  ideas  and  acknowledge  customer   contribu9ons   •  Uncover  vola9le  topics  and  measure  sen9ment   •  Monitor  the  impact  of  employee  engagement  
  32. 32. Many Social Tools Available Today Author(s)  write  ar9cles   Variety  of  people  edit  the  content  of   Users  comment  to  author   a  single  piece  of  content   Engagement  focus:  On  the  author   Engagement  focus:  On  the  content   Individually,   these  tools  do   not  equal   community   Variety  of  people  publish  comments   Individuals  publish  files,  picture,  or   on  specific  topics  or  ques9ons   video  for  users  to  comment  on   Engagement  focus:  On  the  topic   Engagement  focus:  On  the  media  
  33. 33. Bunnings Communities Enable Relationships Owned  Communi6es   Regular  interac6on   among  members  who   are  united  by  a   common  interest   allows  for   rela6onships  to  be   formed   Member  to  Member     Collabora6on    
  34. 34. Potential Value of Social Intelligence Ø  Crisis Management Ø  Reputation Management Ø  Project Monitoring Ø  Improve customer service Ø  Competitor intelligence Ø  Partner intelligence Ø  Improve product and service development Ø  Improve target marketing Ø  Grow revenue Ø  Deflect costs Ø  Improve Customer Loyalty Ø  Policy or initiative review
  35. 35. Our Partners
  36. 36. Our Customers
  37. 37. The  Founders  of  iGo2  Group   Ø  All  Cer4fied  Strategists  in  Social  Media   Ø  All  have  more  than  20  years  business   experience  in  IT  and  industry   iGo2 Group Pty Ltd – Providing you smart integrated responsible social business solutions