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8 steps to smartphone security for android

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Securing a Smartphone is as important as securing your PC, or perhaps more important, as most of our personal information is now on our Smartphones. If you have a Android phone, then here are 10 ways to secure your Smartphone. These Smartphone security tips will keep all malicious activities at bay

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8 steps to smartphone security for android

  1. 1. 8 Steps toSmartphone Securityfor Android
  2. 2. Securing a Smartphone is as important as securing your PC, orperhaps more important, as most of our personal information isnow on our Smartphones. If you have a Android phone, then hereare 10 ways to secure your Smartphone. These Smartphonesecurity tips will keep all malicious activities at bay.1.Set PINs and passwordsTo avoid unauthorized access to your android phone, set apassword or Personal Identification Number (PIN) on yourphone’s home screen, as a first line of defense. You should alsoconfigure your phone to automatically lock after 5 minutes orwhen your phone is idle. Activate the SIM password capabilitythat is now available on almost all android Smartphones.2. Do not modify security settingsIt is not the best practice to alter security settings as per yourconvenience in your android Smartphone. Tampering with yourphone’s factory settings, jail-breaking or even rooting your androidphone will undermine its security features, making it vulnerable toattacks.3. Backup and secure your dataIt is important that you backup all data that is stored on yourphone like contacts, documents and even photos. These files canbe stored on your computer, or on a detachable storage card oreven in the cloud. By taking this backup, you will be able toconveniently restore information to your phone if there is anysoftware problem or your phone is damaged.4. App installationApps make us all very excited. But it is extremely important thatyou download apps only from trusted app stores or sources. Youshould also do some research to make sure that the app is
  3. 3. legitimate. Check reviews, see from what app store are youpurchasing the app and compare the app sponsor’s officialwebsite with the app store link to check consistency. Downloadingapps from untrusted websites can contain malware. Onceinstalled it can steal your personal data, corrupt files and installviruses. Be very careful in granting access to personal informationvia apps.Along with this, also install android security apps that enableremote location and wiping. Your android has the capability ofbeing tracked from a remote location. You can even erase all thedata stored on your android phone in case it is misplaced orstolen.5. Accept updates and patches to your android softwareJust as we require software updates in our PC, we also need toenable automatic updates on our android Smartphone. Bykeeping your OS current, you reduce the risk of exposure todifferent cyber threats.6. Be careful of Wi-Fi networksAccessing a public Wi-Fi network can prove to be a potentialthreat to your android Smartphone. It is better that you limit yourusage of public hotspots and only avail Wi-Fi from a reliablenetwork operator. Be very cautious if you are asked to enteraccount or log in information.7. Wipe your android cleanIf you are planning to donate, resell or recycle your androidphone, then remember to wipe data clean before doing that. Yourandroid phone has your personal data and you definitely don’twant it to get into unknown hands. To protect privacy, best toerase data off your smartphone and then reset your android tofactory settings.
  4. 4. 8. Report a stolen smartphoneMost major wireless service providers, along with FCC havecreated a stolen phone database. If your android is stolen thenyou should report the theft to your local law enforcementauthorities and then register the stolen android phone with yourwireless provider. This will create an alert and will allow remote‘bricking’ of the phone, so that it can’t be activated on anywireless network without your permission.With a bit of caution from your side, you can keep your androidsmartphone safe and secure.