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Music of Thailand - MAPEH 8 (Music 1st Quarter)

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Music of  thailand
Music of thailand
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Music of Thailand - MAPEH 8 (Music 1st Quarter)

MUSIC 8 - Southeast Asian Music (1st Quarter)
A. Cultural Background
B. Vocal Music
C. Instrumental Music
D. Musical Ensembles

MUSIC 8 - Southeast Asian Music (1st Quarter)
A. Cultural Background
B. Vocal Music
C. Instrumental Music
D. Musical Ensembles

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Music of Thailand - MAPEH 8 (Music 1st Quarter)

  1. 1. Mr. CARLO JUSTINO J. LUNA Malabanias Integrated School
  2. 2. Capital: Bangkok Largest City: Bangkok
  3. 3. Official Language: Thai or Siamese Official Religion: Theravada Buddhism
  4. 4. Demonym: Thai or Siamese Currency: Baht (THB)
  5. 5. National Anthem: Phleng Chat Thai “Thai National Anthem” Royal Anthem: Sansoen Phra Barami “Glorify His Prestige”
  6. 6. Motto: Chat, Satsana, Phra Maha Kasat "Nation, Religion, King"
  7. 7. is officially the Kingdom of Thailand formerly known as Siam
  8. 8. is a country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia
  9. 9. Borders:  North: Myanmar and Laos  East: Laos and Cambodia  South: Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia  West: Andaman Sea and Myanmar (southern extremity)
  10. 10. is known for being the sole nation in Southeast Asia that has never been ruled by a Western power
  11. 11. is also called “Muang Thai”, which means “Land of the Free”
  12. 12. is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand
  13. 13. is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep
  14. 14. Thai Music is a conglomeration of Asian influences
  15. 15. Thai Music Musical principles and elements: Chinese music
  16. 16. Thai Music Musical instruments: Indian and Indonesian strings and gong-chimes
  17. 17. Thai Music is theoretically based on the five-tone or seven-tone scale system
  18. 18. Thai Music is used in royal courts, dance, theater, and in ceremonies
  19. 19. Thai Instruments 1. Ranat 2. Khong Wong Lek 3. Taphon 4. Klong That 5. Ching 6. Thon
  20. 20.  is a Thai xylophone  has 21 wooden bars suspended by cords over a boat- shaped trough resonator and struck by two mallets
  21. 21.  is a gong circle used in Thai classical music  has 18 tuned bossed gongs
  22. 22.  is a traditional drum of Thailand  is barrel-shaped, with two heads, and is played by the hands and fingers of both hands
  23. 23.  is a drum that provides rhythm in piphat ensemble  similar to the skor thom of Cambodia
  24. 24.  are small bowl- shaped finger cymbals of thick and heavy bronze, with a broad rim commonly used in Cambodia and Thailand
  25. 25.  is a small goblet drum is also used in Thai traditional music  is made of lathe- spun wood which is covered with goat skin
  26. 26. Watch the video clips of Thai musical ensembles. After watching the performances, answer the questions that follow.
  27. 27. Instrumental Ensembles 1. Piphat 2. Khrueang Sai 3. Mahori
  28. 28.  features wind and percussion instruments  is performed in either outdoor style (with hard mallets) or indoor style (with padded mallets)
  29. 29.  used to accompany funerals and cremation ceremonies  also used to accompany traditional Thai drama such as khon (masked dance-drama), and nang yai (shadow puppet theater)
  30. 30.  is a musical ensemble in Thai classical music which consists primarily of string instruments  is used for indoor performances and for the accompaniment of stick-puppet theater
  31. 31.  is a form of Thai classical ensemble which was traditionally played by women in the courts
  32. 32.  combines the xylophones and gong circles (but not the pi, or oboe) of the piphat with the strings of the khruang sai ensemble
  33. 33. 1. In three to five sentences, describe how the (a) piphat, (b) khrueang sai, and (c) mahori musicians play their instruments. 2. Are their instruments made of wood or metal?
  34. 34. THANK YOU! CARLO JUSTINO J. LUNA Malabanias Integrated School Angeles City

Notas del editor

  • History and geography indicates that Thai music is a conglomeration of Asian influences.
  • Its musical principles and elements are basically derived from Chinese music
  • while its musical instruments are inspired from the Indian and Indonesian strings and gong-chimes. The Thais combined and adapted them to their culture and created their own unique music.