Ppt on World Of Smartphones

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5 de Jan de 2014

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Ppt on World Of Smartphones

  1.  Introduction  History of Smartphones  Types of Operating Systems  What’s going presently?  All about Android  All about iOS  All about Windows Phone  Conclusion
  2.  The term smartphone was first described by the company Ericsson in 1997.  The term was given to handsets which has difference from other feature handsets.  The most significant difference was that the advance Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the Personal Digital Assistance (PDA).
  3.  The phones that can install third-party applications, have better integration with the device’s Operating System (OS) and hardware than the other feature phones.  The first phone to feature cellular + Personal Digital Assistance was developed by IBM in 1992 naming Simon Personal Communicator which could be referred as ‘Smartphone’.  Later in 1996 Nokia released Nokia 9000 which was also a PDA device with a QWERTY Keypad with it.  Later then, Operating Systems introduced and OS like Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows CE.
  4. Now, as we know, Smartphones work on OS, we’re going to discuss about the types of Operating System present in today’s world and what next is to come in particular type of OS.
  5.  Symbian (now discontinued)  Windows Mobie (now replaced by Windows Phone)  BlackBerry  Android  iOS
  6. Presently the world has taken over by the smartphones. Android and iOS are the main leads in the world today followed by Windows Phone.  More than 80% of the world mobile market consist of smartphones as they’re more reliable and easier to use.  Today in world, about 43% there are Android users, 40% there are iOS users and rest are other users.  They’ve easier User Interface (UI) which makes every task easier for you. 
  7.  Android OS is the most widely used OS in 2012 and 2013.  Now days, Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich, Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 Jelly Bean are most widely used.  On September 3rd, 2013, Android 4.4 Kitkat is released by Google in its next Google Nexus 7.
  8.  There are more than 1 million Apps in Google Play which makes users get freedom to do anything with their device.  Android allows you to do video calls, phone calls, instant messaging at almost no cost.  Ticket bookings are just a click away.  Though Android updates don’t have much change, but it features good looks, crisp looks and HD format supporting features.
  9.  Android   Blow detection Curved Screens (Easier to hold and use)         Smartphone present features Samsung Galaxy Round Eyes detection S-Pen Hover-over Face-detection Gaming Free/Instant Messaging/Calling Connectivity
  10.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3  Samsung Galaxy Round  Samsung Galaxy S4  LG G2  HTC One  Sony Xperia Z  Moto X  Google Nexus 7
  11.  Recently Apple released its one of the major update in iOS history that is iOS 7.  Previous versions are not used anymore.  iOS 7 allows you to function between various apps, a simpler UI than previous versions.  Your electricity bills, bank accounts, passbooks and many other things are just a tap away.
  12. It has improved Siri, AirDrop to transfer files, Control centre which allows you to toggle different functions just at a tap.  Apple also released its two new smartphones, naming iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s in September.  iPhone 5c has no change from its predecessor iPhone 5 except the plastic look and iOS 7.  iPhone 5s featuring iOS 7 has an improved camera which helps slo-mo video capture and take different style pictures. 
  13. iPhone 5s also contains world’s first and fastest A7 chip with 64-bit architechture and M7 motion coprocessor chip.  After iPhones, there are iPod and iPads are launched.  Now days, iPod features all same specs of that of iPhone, just without a phone calling feature.  iPads are big-screen tablet smartphone, which helps in larger experience of everything you want.  iPhone 5S also includes a Finger-print sensor which is the first ever technology launched by Apple. 
  14.  iPhone 5 (discontinued now)  iPhone 5C  iPhone 5S  iPad 4  iPad Mini
  15. Apple is preparing to launch the updates of its new software iOS 7  iOS 7 has some bugs which needs to be fixed.  iOS 7.0.2 has been launched, yet the software is not fully bug free.  Apple is preparing its next gen device iPhone 6 which is going to launch in fourth quarter of 2014.  Work on Fingerprint sensor’s efficiency is being done. 
  16.  It consist Xbox Gaming which allows users to experience console level gaming.  It allows multi-tasking, installing third-party apps.  Earlier the Window Phone OS was not compatible with large screen phablets and tablets, but now Nokia is working on a 6-inch phablet and Microsoft is making its OS to be compatible with it.
  17.  Nokia Lumia 1020  Nokia Lumia 928  Nokia Lumia 925  Nokia Lumia 920  Nokia Lumia 810  HTC Mobile Radar
  18.  Windows Phone software are developing for larger screen smartphones.  Which means, soon Windows Tablets and Phablets will be seen.  Windows has launched its Surface 2 computer, which acts like smartphone and computer.
  19. That was all about World of Smartphones. We don’t know who’s going to win this smartphone race. But surely, smartphones will make a revolution in the coming years.
  20. ByPulkit Syal