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3 Ways eCommerce Will Change Forever with Cognitive Commerce (UK)

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The era of cognitive business has begun. And it runs on Watson. Here are 3 ways cognitive commerce will change ecommerce forever. Explore IBM Commerce Insights.

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3 Ways eCommerce Will Change Forever with Cognitive Commerce (UK)

  1. 1. Watson Customer Engagement with Cognitive Commerce 1/23/20171 3 Ways eCommerce Will Change Forever Watson Commerce
  2. 2. Watson Customer Engagement The Era of Cognitive Business has begun. And it runs on Watson. Online merchandisers can quickly move from insights to action to results. 1/23/2017Commerce Insights2 Enables retailers to start using data to transform their business.
  3. 3. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/2017Commerce Insights3 Commerce Insights Outthink Insights Outthink Merchandising Outthink Opportunities
  4. 4. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/2017Outthink Insights4 Outthink Insights Top performing retailers are 2.2x more likely to use business analytics than their lower-performing peers.
  5. 5. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/20175 Listen to your data and make better decisions – turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights that drive smarter online merchandising decisions. With so much available information, it’s difficult to collect, analyze and apply in a way that supports informed decision-making. Commerce Insights uses the power of Watson to understand all the data and learn from it to improve your business. Outthink Insights Outthink Insights
  6. 6. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/20176 Outthink Opportunities Outthink Opportunities
  7. 7. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/20177 Transform the Monday-morning recap from a qualitative discussion into a valuable opportunity to identify new business drivers. Explore your commerce data in highly visual ways and use every day language to make analysis simpler and find new connections. Commerce Insights helps drive sales by finding those hidden connections in your commerce data. Outthink Opportunities Outthink Opportunities
  8. 8. Watson Customer Engagement Outthink Merchandising 1/23/2017Outthink Merchandising8
  9. 9. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/20179 IBM has created a new approach to ecommerce by infusing online merchandising with cognitive capabilities. Online merchandisers and marketers can take direct action and immediately see how those actions affect the customer experience. Commerce Insights provides a personalized view so you can quickly drill down into the performance of your products and categories. Outthink Merchandising Outthink Merchandising
  10. 10. Watson Customer Engagement 1/23/2017Outthink Merchandising10 Sports Equipment Retailer “Merchandisers spend almost no time digging deeper into details because it’s too hard, and they don’t do it until there is a problem, but by that time, it has become a multi-thousand dollar problem.”
  11. 11. Watson Customer Engagement Do things you could never do before. See things you couldn’t before. Business has never been like this before. 1/23/201711 Learn more about Watson Commerce. Watson Commerce