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What We Heard about Fulfillment at Amplify 2016

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Slideshare listing key learning from Amplify.

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What We Heard about Fulfillment at Amplify 2016

  1. 1. What We Heard about fulfillment at IBM Amplify 2016 Amplify outthink 2016 ordinary
  2. 2. At Amplify 2016 one trend was certain: Omni-channel is the new black
  3. 3. Omni-channel was a key theme at IBM Amplify 2016. In one presentation with industry thought leaders, the high service expectation levels of customers were illustrated in terms of when they interact with a brand: (Source: IBV U.S. Consumer Study; IBM; Q27) consider it important to deliver a consistent brand experience across all points of interaction 81% expect a positive overall experience regardless of the combination of channels 92%
  4. 4. Brands can only benefit from meeting the demands and expectations of customers: The more channels a retailer offers, the more channels a customer shops. The more channels a customer shops, the more loyal the customer is Multi-channel shoppers are 15% more likely to recommend a retailer than single-channel customers The average spend of three-channel consumers is more than 2X that of single-channel shoppers 60% of surveyed consumers indicate that when choosing a store, the ability to find out if an item is in stock before going to the store is important to them (IBV 2015) One thing was made clear at Amplify, Omni-channel is blurring the distinction between digital and brick-and-mortar in terms of driving business value.
  5. 5. The more channels, the more spend, the longer the relationship.
  6. 6. ‘Bricks and Clicks’ - Omni-channel shopping needs to be seamless and frictionless Pretty front ends online and on mobile are useless without back-end technology and supply chain excellence You have to manage the whole business as a single entity, not as competing channels Digital-driven innovation matters in a world being changed by technology. Order Management is the critical component to omni-channel success Customers told their stories At Amplify, a leading European retailer shared 4 key insights: 1 2 3 4
  7. 7. Tips from industry thought leaders at Amplify: Provide a comprehensive solution to manage and monitor order fulfillment, optimize inventory Leverage all sources of inventory with reliable promising to the customer Allow one order for all products and services Enable consistent and reliable real-time visibility in all channels A best-in-class omni-channel foundation will: Facilitate purchasing from any channel, fulfilling from any source and returning to any location
  8. 8. Customers told their stories The ideal solution will also help you go to market quickly with new innovations. Another leading European retailer shared that IBM Commerce has helped them: Provide the agility to bring changes to the website every 2-4 weeks Develop a completely new concept and release to market in 7 weeks on average Introduce a stock locator capability for consumers in 12 weeks
  9. 9. It’s clear. These days, customers expect more. Will you deliver? Find out more.