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Dockerize Your Projects - A Brief Introduction to Containerization

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A brief introduction to Docker and an illustration of an application containerization.

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Dockerize Your Projects - A Brief Introduction to Containerization

  1. 1. Dockerize Your Projects A Brief Introduction to Containerization Sawood Alam <@ibnesayeed> Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia - 23529 (USA)
  2. 2. Docker ● Application container ● Packages dependencies ● Isolates applications ● Lighter than a virtual machine ● Open-source Host OS Host OS Docker Engine Bins/Libs App B Bins/Libs App A Container
  3. 3. Dockerization Dockerfile ImageBuild Run Container
  4. 4. Example #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup r = requests.get(sys.argv[-1]) data = r.text soup = BeautifulSoup(data) for link in soup.find_all("a"): print(link.get("href")) FROM python LABEL maintainer="Sawood Alam <@ibnesayeed>" RUN pip install beautifulsoup4 RUN pip install requests COPY /app/ WORKDIR /app RUN chmod a+x ENTRYPOINT ["./"] Dockerfile
  5. 5. Try It me@thishost$ ls >> Dockerfile # Build an image from the Dockerfile (change "ibnesayeed" with your Docker ID) me@thishost$ docker image build -t ibnesayeed/urlextractor . >> Layered docker images... # Run a container from the locally built image me@thishost$ docker container run ibnesayeed/urlextractor >> Extracted links… # Push the image to the registry me@thishost$ docker image push ibnesayeed/urlextractor # Log in to a different host me@thishost$ ssh you@otherhost # Run a container on the other host using the image in the registry you@otherhost$ docker container run ibnesayeed/urlextractor >> Pull the image from the registry (if not cached already) >> Extracted links...
  6. 6. References ● ● ● ● ● ● ●