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58th ICCA Congress | Pumps & Pipes: The Power of Cross-Boundary Collaboration

  1. International Congress and Convention Association #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunch Pumps & Pipes The Power of Cross–Boundary Collaboration
  2. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association Session Outline I. About Pumps & Pipes III. Facilitating Intersections II. Some Examples of What We Do IV. Strategic Incentives V. Final Thought
  3. Pumps & Pipes is an association of medical, energy, aerospace, academic and community professionals and leaders…..
  4. World’s largest medical center World energy capital Center for Human Spaceflight “Neighbors talking over the fence”
  5. We were founded (and named) during a 2007 airplane ride…. Long, thin tubes Pumps Pipes Flow Assurance
  6. Now in our 13th Year “The solution to my problem may very well be found in my neighbor’s toolkit” “The best four letter word in the English language is FREE! “ Two Enduring Premises
  7. Some Examples
  8. Calcification Sites Calcification Sites Stenotic Lumen From CT Image 3D Printed Model Patient Specific Heart Model
  9. Patient Specific Heartbeat Simulator
  10. MRI Flow Imaging
  11. A Landmark Innovation…. With a little help from….
  12. The Neighbor’s Toolkit Precise flow Through Rocks Precise flow Through Heart Valves
  13. A Subsequent Referral Patient
  14. Who In Turn Referred A Friend from NASA
  15. Making “Aha” Happen Facilitating Intersections
  16. Hang Out Together
  17. Promote Conversation • How did you do that? • We have the same problem! • I wish there were a better way.
  18. Connect
  19. Include
  20. Norway Pumps & Pipes Agreement Sustain and Grow
  21. Strategic Incentives
  22. Unique Access Special guests get special treatment • IP barriers are lower • Aspirational vs. transactional
  23. Benchmarking By Analogy • Benchmarking of the familiar encourages similarity Dental Biofilms Pipeline Biofilms • Benchmarking by analogy drives creativity
  24. Development vs. Discovery • Development comes from improving the familiar • Discoveries are made by looking beyond the familiar Wyoming Largest wooden schooner (1909) UP 844 Last steam locomotive delivered to Union Pacific (1944)
  25. Final Thought
  26. Is to bring together Ability and Opportunity with Example Our Job
  27. International Congress and Convention Association #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunch Thank you!