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Internship Final Presentation -Tomas Kapiye-

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Tomas Kapiyeによる6ヶ月インターンシップ最終プレゼンのスライドです。(一部修正済)

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Internship Final Presentation -Tomas Kapiye-

  1. 1. iCraft Internship Presentation Name:Tomas Kapiye Date: 12 March 2019 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported License.
  2. 2. Content 1. Introductions, Functions and Responsibilities LibreOffice Server Team Managing Intern Appreciate Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction and Responsibilities
  4. 4. iCraft Abe Internship 2018
  5. 5. Functions -LibreOffice [Sept 2018-March 2019] -Server team [Jan 2019-March 2019] -Interning Student [Jan 2019-March 2019]
  6. 6. LibreOffice
  7. 7. LibreOffice (6 months) -Collabora online -Bug Triage -Translations
  8. 8. LibreOffice: Accomplishments -Bug Report: 3 -Bug Triage: over 10 -Translations: 150 words
  9. 9. Relationships and Business ideas with Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans. m
  10. 10. Because of many Open Conferences, presenting skills improved.
  11. 11. Conferences attended -OSC2018 Fukuoka -Kansai Open Forum -OSC2018 Enterprise Tokyo -OSC2019 Osaka -OSC2019 Tokyo
  12. 12. During this trips great relationships were shared as well.
  13. 13. Robotic Processing Automation/RPA (Python) -Interacting with GoogleChrome API -Interacting with Sheet -Downloading and moving files to and from folders on the Local Machine.
  14. 14. Server Team
  15. 15. Server Team (3 months) -Asterisk(PBX) -GPIO -Machine Backup (symantec) -Webalizer
  16. 16. Asterisk(PBX)
  17. 17. Asterisk Lessons Learned: -Learned how to setup Asterisk Server -Learned how to setup a Raspberry Pi -Learn how to control Python in Asterisk -Learned about Webhook in Slack(Slack API) -Learned about SQLite Database
  18. 18. GPIO
  19. 19. GPIO Main Goal: -Training device for iCraft-interns -User manuals created for students and admins Lessons Learned: -Learned Electrical setups on devices -Learned how to control lights with Python -Learned different algorithms with loops to change light patterns
  20. 20. Other skills -Linux -Tools such as Netgios -Japanese Language
  21. 21. Intern: Hiromi san -English Teaching -Advised on IT related issues in English. Eg. ‘Machines taking over human jobs’ -Advised on Libre Office.
  22. 22. Appreciation
  23. 23. Great thanks... -Yamamoto Sacho for giving me the opportunity to do my internship in iCraft. -Murakami & Sugawara san for believing in me and believing, I can serve part of the Server Team. -Enoki san, for working with us for 6 months, sharing so much ideas and knowledge on the open source world. -iCraft entire team for being so accommodating and welcoming.
  24. 24. Conclusion
  25. 25. In conclusion -I now understand what an open source community is. - I have relationships to the open source community that I want to continue and contribute to using python. -I have experience in attending to Japanese clients onsite.
  26. 26. -My research skills to problems solving has increase rapidly.
  27. 27. Internship Sept 2018-March 2019