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Tech Top 10... Innovations for "Social Good"

Ramadan Kareem!

In celebration of the Holy Month, we share with you 10 examples of technological innovations for "social good."


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Tech Top 10... Innovations for "Social Good"

  1. July, 2014 Tech Top 10…. Innovations for “Social Good”
  2. In celebration of Ramadan, this month we are sharing with you 10 examples of technology innovations for “Social Good”. In this issue
  3. Source: TECHINASIA Image: iTunes This app helps Muslims to track their worship activities during Ramadan by creating daily to-do lists. 1. „Ramadan Tracker‟
  4. Source: Image: UNICEF When the UNICEF Tap Project link is activated, money is donated towards clean drinking water for every minute the screen stays untouched. 2. UN-touch your mobile to provide water to the needy Click the video to see how it works
  5. Source: GamesThatGive Through „GamesThatGive‟ fans play charitable games on branded Facebook pages. It aims to boost interactions and time spent on these pages. For every minute that fans play online, money is donated to various charities. 3. „GamesThatGive‟
  6. Source: This website rates charity organizations to inform donors about the impact of projects. 4. „Charity Navigator‟ List of the ten 3 and 4-star charities receiving highest % total 2012 online donations.
  7. Source: A bilingual volunteer-matching platform seeking to promote - through its searchable database - volunteer opportunities in various Arab countries, and across diverse social and developmental sectors. 5. “Nakhweh” the Arab Volunteer Match
  8. Source: : Image source: CNN Refugees in Kenya, Congo, Somaliland and Syria can register their refugee status with toll-free lines and SMS. The hotline acts as a support service for those enquiring about lost family members. 6. “Refugees United” to re-connect long-lost families
  9. Source: Image: Twitter: Every tweet, hashtagged with ‫غرد‬_‫بالخير‬# will receive one Saudi Riyal donation to be directed to charities across the Arab world. 7. „Tweet to donate‟
  10. Law 3andak Dam (If You Have Blood) is an Egyptian based online service that matches blood donors with patients in need of blood. 8. Save a life with a „Red drop‟ Source: Wamda:
  11. 9. Paying Zakat via ATM machines Source: Qatar Charity Images: QatarCharity In Qatar, Zakat and alms can be paid via bilingual ATM machines, where options of where the donation should go to is provided.
  12. Companies register to this free service, so whenever a customer “checks-in” to their location on any social media website, $1 is donated to good cause. 10. „Check-in‟ and make a contribution Source: Image: Youtube Click the video to see how it works
  13. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. Email: Twitter: @ictqatar For more about Rassed visit: And checkout our archive: Thanks for reading Spotted any great examples we‟re missed? Then do tell us.