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Case story electronics research

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Case story electronics research

  1. 1. Case Story Electronics 2006 Research Ruggedized Mobile Computing Solutions Company (Denmark) Client Creating a system to manage market research information or European market for ruggedized mobile computing platforms. Problem To build a market research database to manage product and channel information. Then to provide a portal to bring 'any-time, any-where' access to European market channel contacts, competitive product information, pricing, comparison reports and charts. Solutions To continue with existing spreadsheets. To instigate an in-house development using a stand-alone database internally - Microsoft Access or SQL - without the portal capabilities, charting and comparison reporting features. Options A database-driven portal was developed comprising of:  Industry information  Product comparisons  Research reports  Output and reporting The application included data entry and update screens to provide remote updating and database administration features. Three levels of user were defined. These were Administrator, User and Viewer. Application The building of this application took 5 days and the iterative roll-out of the live system took 3 weeks. Timescales “Managing market information through a single portal has helped us to plan effective sales strategies across Europe and has simplified information management. It ensures that people across our company have access to up to date market information whenever they need it.” Deliverable