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ifPeople Online Marketing: How to Write and Distribute Messaging that Sells

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This workshop, designed and delivered by ifPeople for a sustainable enterprise incubator program, covers how to understand your audience and create messaging for them and then get it to them. Anyone starting or growing a green business can benefit from better online marketing!

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ifPeople Online Marketing: How to Write and Distribute Messaging that Sells

  1. 1. Online Marketing – How to Write  & Distribute Messaging that Sells Laura bellinger 678 608 3408 
  2. 2. Contents I. Understand Your Market II. Define Your Goals III. Write for the Web IV. Write for Search Engines
  3. 3.  Social Enterprise    Partnership­Based    Strategy­Centered
  4. 4. ifPeople helps companies use technology to nurture effective, long­term  relationships with stakeholders.
  5. 5. Our Clients: Nonprofits  |  Green Businesses  | Education Social Enterprises | Small Businesses  Our Services: Strategic Consulting  |  Online Marketing Development: CMS (Plone)  |  CRM (SFDC)  Training  |  Support  
  6. 6. I. Understand  Your Market
  7. 7. Who are your audiences?
  8. 8. We say “audiences” for a reason.  "Nonprofits," "seniors," "businesses" don't  find you online.  Individuals do. Click to edit Master subtitle style
  9. 9. Sarah, a communications  director, follows you on Twitter.
  10. 10. Kim, a grandmother,   logs on to your website.
  11. 11. Luisa, a business owner,  subscribes to your  newsletter.
  12. 12. 11/23/09  
  13. 13. To effectively identify &  engage audiences, you need to  recognize their individualities. Creating personas can help.
  14. 14. Personas are…  Descriptions of individuals  that represent your target    They’re not real people     They are archetypes that   represent real people  
  15. 15. Personas… acter traits, personalities, habits and attitudes of your targe With this information, you'll create consistent messaging  that engages your targets. 
  16. 16. Create personas through listening...  
  17. 17. Ask your stakeholders... What motivates you to connect with us? Why do you like us? How do you want to hear from us? Which of our communications are valuable to you? What ways do you want to engage with us?
  18. 18. 7 – 10 stakeholders and you'll know  who your audiences are (needs, wants, passions)    on what levels they engage with you  how you can push them up the ladder
  19. 19. 11/23/09  
  20. 20. II. Define Your Goals
  21. 21.    Engagement   Relationships Engagement is the fuel of lasting, productive relationships.
  22. 22. Ask yourself... What do I want to inspire my targets to do? Click to edit Master subtitle style Be specific.
  23. 23. Some great goals... We want to increase our newsletter subscription by (x). We want (x) more site views per month We want (x) politicians to support our bill during the next legislative session.  We want (x) people to sign the petition. We want to increase purchases by (x).
  24. 24. It's possible to have different goals  for different audiences.  Increase petition signings by (x). advocates Get (x) new supporters in  legislature. politicians
  25. 25. Behind every goal, lies engagement. Increase newsletter subscription by (x)        Subscribe to content. Increase web hits by (x).        View content.  Increase online donations by (x)        Give money. 
  26. 26. Connect goals with engagement.   start      advocacy, hold meetings, start petitions something give time volunteer activities meeting, rallies, sign petitions take part write legislators online donation, charity mall give money charity gift, auction subscribe  to content newsletter, RSS, action alerts,  Twitter, Facebook view website, pamphlet, direct mail content
  27. 27.   What could bridge the gap? start something  ­ social media campaign?  give time ­ brand loyalty program? take part ­ cold call? provide info online donation, charity gift, auction give money subscribe  newsletter, RSS, action alerts to content view content
  28. 28. Remember, the ladder is a process.  As your organization evolves,  so does your audience.  And  so does your ladder.  Continually evaluate rungs and  communications to ensure  your constituents/consumers are  inspired. 
  29. 29. III. Write for the Web
  30. 30. 11/23/09  
  31. 31. 11/23/09  
  32. 32. 11/23/09  
  33. 33. 11/23/09  
  34. 34. 11/23/09  
  35. 35. 11/23/09  
  36. 36. 11/23/09  
  37. 37. 11/23/09  
  38. 38. 11/23/09  
  39. 39. 11/23/09  
  40. 40. 11/23/09  
  41. 41. 11/23/09  
  42. 42. 11/23/09  
  43. 43. 11/23/09  
  44. 44. 11/23/09  
  45. 45. Engage the Audience Don’t overwhelm readers with lots of text on your homepage Begin with simple information Information gets more detailed as readers dive deeper into site 11/23/09  
  46. 46. Engage the Audience Homepage For Parents Brief, clear mission statement Specified content Simple menu headings Denser information Clean, user-friendly 11/23/09 Still easy to skim  
  47. 47. Engage the Audience Mission Statement: Needs Work ks in conjunction with state government officials to improve the lives of h Where do you operate? How do you improve the lives of high schoolers? What do you value? 11/23/09  
  48. 48. IV. Write for Search  Engines
  49. 49. Write for Search Engines People find websites based on key words Include key words related to your organization/ issues to increase your SEO ranking 11/23/09  
  50. 50. Write for Search Engines Search engines also rank based on your connection to other web pages Hyperlink! 11/23/09  
  51. 51. Write for Search Engines Before writing web copy, brainstorm key words related to your organization or cause. education advocacy local volunteer opportuniti health advocacy healthcare for all employment help live united middle school successuninsured programs graduate high school low-income family help education support Include key words in copy when possible. 11/23/09  
  52. 52. 11/23/09  
  53. 53. Part V Learn More
  54. 54. What tools & processes  do I need for more  successful engagement?
  55. 55. 1. Analytics 2. CRM 3. Automated Processes 4. Social Media  
  56. 56. Analytics…. Database Dashboard  Web Analytics
  57. 57. Social Media comment blog entry
  58. 58. Learn More ifPeople Resources: Plone Resources – downloads, documentation – case studies, consultants Salesforce Donations