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Support for Sustainable Forests Management – Delivering multiple benefits

IFAD and FAO Learning Event on GEF
Rome, Italy - December 10-12, 2014

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Support for Sustainable Forests Management – Delivering multiple benefits

  1. 1. Support for SFM – delivering multiple benefits GEF-6 Approach
  2. 2. Why support SFM?
  3. 3. Experience from GEF-5 • $700 million invested • $4.6 billion co-finance • 80+ countries • Multi-focal projects • Landscape level interventions From FAO FRA 2006
  4. 4. GEF-6 SFM Goal & Impacts • Goal: To achieve multiple environmental, social and economic benefits from improved management of all types of forests and trees outside of forests. • Impacts: Sustainable management of forest resources that improves rural livelihoods to achieve environmental benefits.
  5. 5. Objective 1: Maintained Forest Resources Reduce the pressures on high conservation value forests by addressing the drivers of deforestation • Outcomes – Cross-sector policy and planning approaches at appropriate governance scales, avoid the loss of high conservation value forests – Innovative mechanisms avoid the loss of high conservation value forest
  6. 6. Objective 2: Enhanced Forest Management Maintain flows of forest ecosystem services and improve resilience to climate change through SFM • Outcomes: – Increased application of good management practices in all forests by relevant government, local community and private sector actors – Increased contribution of sustained forest ecosystem services to national economies and local livelihoods
  7. 7. Objective 3:Restored Forest Ecosystems Reverse the loss of ecosystem services within degraded forest landscapes • Outcomes: – Integrated landscape restoration plans to maintain forest ecosystem services are implemented at appropriate scales by government, private sector and local community actors
  8. 8. Objective 4: Increased Regional and Global Cooperation Enhance regional and global coordination on efforts to maintain forest resources, enhance forest management, and restore forest ecosystems through the transfer of international experience and know-how • Outcomes – Improved collaboration between countries and across sectors on the implementation of SFM
  9. 9. How The Incentive Mechanism Works Investments from 2+ FAs seeking multiple benefits from managing forests sustainably Incentive funds released in ratio of 2:1 of FA investment STAR Resources BD CC LD e.g. BD $2,000,000 + SFM $1,500,000 LD $1,000,000 Total Project $4,500,000 GEF-6 SFM Incentive