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2021.02.02 EU-IFPRI. Mohamed El-Kersh

The online start-up workshop presented the "Building a COVID-19 Rapid Response and Ag-Foresight Department in Egypt" project’s activities and future plans, including collaborative discussion and brainstorming with stakeholders on the most relevant issues and policies in the agricultural sector’s resilience during COVID-19.

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2021.02.02 EU-IFPRI. Mohamed El-Kersh

  1. 1. This project is funded by the European Union Planning Workshop Building A Covid-19 Rapid Response & Agricultural-Foresight Department In Egypt Building the Digital Transformation Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Dr. Mohamed El Kersh Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation February 2nd, 2021
  2. 2. Overview • Presidential decree to establish Digital Transformation Units in all ministries in order to implement a digitalized government workflow. • Digital transformation units are important pillars of the Government of Egypt’s comprehensive administrative reform process, especially with the planned move of key part of the government to the New Administrative Capital (NAC). • The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation has ordered the establishment of a digital transformation unit within the MOALR by the decree of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology number 605 on 15th March 2020.
  3. 3. Structure of the Unit Digital Transformation Unit (AG-DTU) Workflow and Government Services (WGS) Geographical Information System (GIS) Foresight and Policy Advisory (AG-FORESIGHT) Minister's office
  4. 4. Action Plan • DTU will be directly under the supervision of the Minister with an initial number of staff of 16 experts. • These experts were carefully selected and have specific skills and a strong background in areas such as IT, GIS and agricultural economics. • DTU will be based in the new MOALR building in the new capital. MOALR is dedicating significant resources to the DTU, but is also seeking additional resources from international partners to support the establishment of the unit and short-, medium- and longer-term support and capacity building of its staff.
  5. 5. Ag-FORESIGHT support to MALR Objective: AG-FORESIGHT will provide high quality decision support to the Minister and provide rapid response and longer-term strategic advice to the Minister and his advisors based on the most advanced desktop and digital data and tools. Current project with EU and IFPRI is an important first step: Component1: Establishment of foresight team and provision of equipment (laptops, software) Component 2: Model-based rapid response to COVID-19 and trainings Component 3: Digital database for agricultural production and trade statistics in Egypt The AG-FORESIGHT team will work closely together with the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University and establish a Memorandum of Understanding. Longer-term plans (2022-2025): • During 2022-2025 the unit will be equipped with state of the art agronomic and socio-economic foresight models that are based on the digital database. • Team members are enabled to update and modify the foresight models through capacity building with “embedded” experts and joint research. Team members are enabled to produce high quality planning, forecasting and policy advice.