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Jeroen Elfers "Dairy Development Programme (DDP)"

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Jeroen Elfers
Virtual Event - Local vs Global? The role of trade in building food system resilience
JAN 13, 2021 - 09:30 AM TO 11:00 AM EST

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Jeroen Elfers "Dairy Development Programme (DDP)"

  1. 1. Dairy Development Programme (DDP) 8 focus countries In 2019 we trained FrieslandCampina initiated a DDP in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe 77,934 farmers & we directly & indirectly reached >250,000 farmers We develop local farmers in three ways Increase productivit y per cow Support farmers in getting a market for their milk Raise raw milk quality and safety A variety of tools to develop local farmers Training Expert advice Knowledge partnerships Infrastructure construction Field trips to the Netherlands
  2. 2. We make the dairy sector more professional and attractive by setting up inclusive programmes Improved milk quality & productivity Improved rural communities Women and youth empowerment Resulting in • Better nutrition for countries • Increased food security • A better living for farmers • Reduced carbon footprint per kg Resulting in • Economic empowerment of young and female farmers • Increased voice and agency for young and female farmers • A more attractive sector for young people • Possible sales networks for FC Resulting in • Stronger cooperatives • More economically viable rural communities • Improved access to basic needs e.g. water, sanitation and education