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3 ways to Attract Clients Using LinkedIn

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3 ways to Attract Clients Using LinkedIn

  1. 1. To the
  2. 2. LET’S GET INTRODUCED Click on the question mark symbol to open the Chat box
  3. 3. HEY! MEET ME • An online marketing and Public Relations professional, • Chartered with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations • Over five years of living & breathing digital • Helping business owners to leverage online marketing Channels, platforms, tools and strategies to take their business To the next level….
  6. 6. Step 1 You have to be found by the right people within your industry. Step 2 Step 3 Build LinkedIn connections that have business potentials Engage.... engage... engage with value!
  7. 7. Why?
  8. 8. No drama….. When People come on LinkedIn they mean business
  9. 9. • Over 300 million active business users • Top decision maker • Key players in many field and industry • Connect with your target market i.e. buyers, partners, distributors, investors, the media etc… Where else would you find the likes Of Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates
  10. 10. Group 1 Group 2 *Get on the site, connect to every Tom, Dick an Harry *Burns their connections with too Frequent Call of attention without Providing value first! *Low perceived profile and pesky connection *Register on the site, add some connections, then leave *Uses the site passively *Most connections are known friends And family Which of these are you?
  11. 11. My fair share Day 1
  12. 12. Day 2
  13. 13. Day 3
  14. 14. Day 4
  15. 15. Day 7 Plus the myriad of business opportunities, connections and potentials that thronged
  16. 16. Now am seated comfortably at top 7% Show up in searches more than ever... People have found me through searching... Gained wider opportunities beyond business...
  17. 17. Profile rank is never static.... it can go down. If you don’t manage your profile correctly Now the problem would be, if your competition is doing better, they will of course, rank higher and show up in better than you and in higher frequency than you.
  18. 18. Get Found Optimize your Profile Find and Use your keywords in the right places Use your marketing message within your profile Use a professional picture It starts with the profile Step One: Getting found is also about getting out there and connect
  19. 19. Use your keywords aligned into an attention grabbing statement (don’t forget a link to your website address)
  20. 20. Use your marketing message Who you help, how you help, the benefit they get End with a call to action Sprinkle your keywords naturally in the six key places within your profile 1. Your headline 2. Summary, 3. Skills, 4. Experience, 5. Education, 6. Volunteer opportunities Include other outbound content like video, Slideshare etc…to boost your credibility.
  21. 21. Use a credible, worthy, professional photo No noisy background image either!
  22. 22. Here is the Proof 
  23. 23. Always watch how you rank For profile views But There is a Problem! Go out there and view people in your target niche. The more you view, the more people will return to view you
  24. 24. Ensure you haven’t activated Anonymous privacy
  25. 25. Recap Of Step One: • Get your profile spruced up. So you can show up in searches by using attention grabbing message instead of the boring titles • Use your keywords in six major places • Fill out your profile completely…add credible outbound links like videos, Slideshare, landing pages and website • Don’t forget a professional head shot • Go out and connect, view other people in your target niche to get back the love • Getting found is about owning that engaging profile and connecting actively.
  26. 26. Step Two: LinkedIn is home to over 300 million professionals..... you have the potential to reach anyone not limited to geographical boundaries. But it takes planning right. Make right connections that has the potential to translate to business transactions
  27. 27. What are your marketing objectives Who do you need to connect with Who is your target audience Have a Plan
  28. 28. Connect with a strategy USE GROUPS ACTIVELY Search for the right people Personalize your invitations GROW YOUR REACH BY FOLLOWING INFLUENCERS 4 Way Strategy
  29. 29. Search for the right people Select your connections based on the right criteria: • Number of connections, • Percentage of Profile completion • profile picture
  31. 31. Personalize your Invitations • Address the person by name • Use courtesy… LinkedIn has a formal tone Talk to people as you would in a business environment
  32. 32. And more personalization You can get these personal invitation templates when you work with me.
  33. 33. Don’t be carried away and connect Like this!
  34. 34. GROW YOUR REACH BY FOLLOWING INFLUENCERS LinkedIn has a very strong reward system A short cut to quickly widen your connection level is following influencers…. This action has its perks.
  35. 35. A quick summary
  36. 36. Step Three Its all about engagement Build quality relationships that can transcend beyond the quick buck. Success depends on it. Businesses succeed on the foundations of valuable relationship. Provide value for your connections, groups, etc… It will flow back to you.
  37. 37. Relationship is not just about the sale Its about having a customer for life!
  38. 38. The tools to help your LinkedIn strategy
  39. 39. Are you ready for a better EXPERIENCE?
  40. 40. If you could reach 5 new clients using the strategy you learnt here today in the next 60 days, how much will that be for your business? N200, 000 Over N1, 000, 000N500, 000
  41. 41. Let me work directly with you To get the results you want to See quicker and better Or you rather will want to stumble your way through, A lot of guess work and mistakes
  42. 42. Take the Outsource Route1 • You just don’t have the time to sit through another piece of training • You don’t consider yourself techie enough to handle all the intricacies • You would prefer someone does a professional work on your profile • Help you with how you should start off your connections to get • Better result • You have no idea how to put together the outbound content to • further establish and strengthen your credibility • You want all these but don’t want to deal with it yourself…
  43. 43. Hands on management Of your LinkedIn profile So you can see the exact results I had Within a couple of days
  44. 44. • Get you a professional profile in a couple of days • Create your outbound content • Help you identify 1000 connections who fit into your direct niche audience • Save these connections for you in your profile so can reach out to them with • Personalized message templates I would provide you. • Help you extract these connections off LinkedIn so you can engage outside • LinkedIn… • * Help you design a professional website if you don’t have one already * What do you get
  45. 45. Virtual Training Course 2
  46. 46. The video trainings will equip you with the skills to:  Create a better LinkedIn Profile Connect with the right people Build your leads (potential targeted clients) faster Manage your contacts better Sell more products and services Build good reputation and positive engagement
  47. 47.  Knowing the exact key words you should be using,  How to compose your summary using your marketing message  Crafting that marketing message.  How you can even go about creating all other outbound content I mentioned. the videos, Slideshare etc.  Different subtle places you should include links to your LinkedIn Profile so as to attract more potential leads…  How you can use the LinkedIn inbox to segment your contacts,  tag your contacts and target your contact outside LinkedIn through exporting your contacts..  I will also show you how to setup your LinkedIn customized URL… Virtual Training Vault 2
  48. 48. Take the Video Training Course Take my expertise with you for the entire course duration…. Am gonna’ be jumping in to take a professional look at your profile and providing answers to all your questions. You have my full attention... I will be there to make sure I provide accountability. You learn… you must act…
  49. 49. Bonus! FOR FAST ACTION TAKERS The full PDF list of top 50 influencers you should follow. You can’t directly find influencers from LinkedIn search, To make it easy for you, I have a compiled list of the top 50 influencers you should follow… Although LinkedIn recently opened it up for everyone but its still an application process Which if LinkedIn doesn’t find your application convincing enough, they don’t grant access. What better way to globally grow your influence, Brand, authority and credibility. Join the LinkedIn publishing Opportunity…. 1 2
  50. 50. 07012767166, 07052655020 Get in touch
  51. 51. Thank You!