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2021 KTH SoTL keynote on Learning Spaces

Learning spaces become ever more important if we want to stay on top of the need to re/upskill people. The learning space of a university now coincides with professional learning spaces and personal learning spaces. Which learning spaces are there, and which actions do we need to take to increase the effect of learning spaces on the necessary learning? Have a look.

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2021 KTH SoTL keynote on Learning Spaces

  1. 1. Learning Spaces always shaken, never stirred SoTL at KTH, 10 March 2021 Dr. Inge de Waard
  2. 2. Learning spaces?
  3. 3. Learning emergency due to re/skilling need 1 billion jobs affected 2030
  4. 4. All of us
  5. 5. Classic learning spaces revisited
  6. 6. Socratic, informal debate
  7. 7. Lecturing
  8. 8. Coaching 1o1
  9. 9. On campus: open floor, huddles, social spaces, quiet spaces ...
  10. 10. Actions • Award and renumerate excellent teaching • Integrate students as teaching support • Embed 21st century skills in teachers • Learning for society (open courses)
  11. 11. Professional learning spaces revisited
  12. 12. Virtual lab 360° camera
  13. 13. Augmented reality layers
  14. 14. Maker spaces
  15. 15. Actions • Increase synergies with industry • Invite experts as teachers • Welcome professional learners
  16. 16. Personal learning spaces revisited
  17. 17. Tech & skills at home
  18. 18. At home: is there space? If not provide alternatives (toilet only quiet space)
  19. 19. Different experiences, different expectations
  20. 20. Our learning spaces? Shaken not stirred
  21. 21. Inge de Waard @Ignatia