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How to Select a DAM System

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How To Select a DAM System: Best Practices, Pitfalls To Avoid, and a Look at the Market in 2013

In the market for a Digital & Media Asset Management system? Thinking about divorcing your current vendor? Looking for a better way to manage your brand assets, and wondering if there's an online dating site that will allow you to use the perfect algorithm, matching your needs to the best possible solution? This session is for you.
Rather than selecting a new technology based on a ratings spreadsheet or whom your boss plays golf with, we'll look at a better path toward selecting DAM technology. You'll learn about the most important criteria when creating a shortlist, what should really be in that (brief) RFP, and how to plan a vendor demo that's meaningful and useful to you. Led by The Real Story Group, a buyer-focused, vendor-independent research consultancy, this session will deal the straight dope on pitfalls to avoid and solid paths to follow.

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  • I wholeheartedly support the selection process The Real Story group recommend. But I think it only fair to point out to all those looking for a media management / digital asset management / media library system, that the list of vendors presented by the Real Story Group as a view of “the current DAM market” (as well of course as mentioning the marketplace is huge) is actually a relatively small and select list which tends to “high-end” and what some would consider, expensive solutions.

    Even the “mid-range” selection are in a price range beyond many companies. And there are many organisations whose requirements include smaller price tickets. In my experience additional price often does mean additional functionality, but that still leaves the question of relative cost of sometimes small feature differences and whether or not you can get a return on your investment from the additional features.

    So prospective buyers should be aware that there are some very good products in the list provided by Real Story, but there are also notable omissions – of course they can’t cover all vendors. I’d mention Asset Bank, Brandworkz, Third Light and Logicmighty - all of which would be regarded as mid or sub mid-range I believe.

    You can use to search for DAM vendors – it enables you to filter the results by the cost of the product and the number of users you have. Use the search filter offered on the site rather than the menu. This can enable you to screen out products beyond your price tag. Capterra operates on a pay-per-click model, so not all vendors are listed.

    No point in spending time with a vendor whose product is way outside your possible budget – but newcomers can end up doing just that because it’s not always easy to get the key data quickly.
    Most importantly, I recommend prospective buyers to take Real Story’s advice and be clear about what they want to achieve, what functionality they need to achieve it and then look for proven reliable vendors that provide the best fit in a cost-effective manner and within your price reach.

    Gerry Cavander
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  • yup, part of my job description is to help organizations select proper DAM systems for their needs :)
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  • Great publication ! Now let's help out clients to do this!
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How to Select a DAM System

  1. 1. How to Select a DAM System!Independent. Detailed. Practical.! Specific advice. Best-practice approaches. The Real Story. Irina Guseva Senior Analyst @irina_guseva
  2. 2. Real Story Group: What We DoAnalyze weaknessesand strengths of thetools....and vendorsAdvise on successfultechnology selectionand implementationbest practices•  Over 3,000 customers in 60+ countries•  Analysts on 3 continents•  We consult only to end-users, never advising the vendors we evaluate Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  3. 3. What Independence Means To UsCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  4. 4. Finding Your Way...Copyright © 2010 Real Story Group Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  5. 5. Current Marketplace Inconvenient truths: There are thousands of enterprise systems available. There is no best system.There is a system thats a good fit for you.Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  6. 6. DAM MAMCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  7. 7. Products vs. PlatformsPlatforms: Developers can make custom applicationsProducts: They do certain things well right away Costly Platforms Functionally Rich Products Complex More Less Time to DeployCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  8. 8. Current Marketplace Complex •  Large-scale platforms Enterprise •  Multi-dimensional suites •  Expensive Platforms •  Expanding space Upper-Range •  Between departmental installations and full-blown Enterprise- Platforms tier •  Mid-market companies, or departmental projects within larger Mid-Range enterprises Platforms •  Scenarios requiring above-average customization •  More pre-packaged features Mid-Range •  Many of them actively promote “DAM-in-a-box” solutions Products •  Bundled social applications, analytics, collaboration, and more •  Smaller, albeit established vendors •  Packaged tools at attractive prices Simpler Products •  However, sometimes the tools are not as feature rich or as well testedCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  9. 9. Split: Platforms Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  10. 10. Split: Products Complex Enterprise Platforms Upper-Range Platforms Mid-Range Platforms Mid-Range Products Simpler ProductsCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  11. 11. Current DAM / MAM Marketplace Complex •  Dalet Enterprise Edition •  North Plains Telescope Enterprise •  Vizrt Media Engine •  Avid Interplay MAM •  Harris Invenio •  Open Text Media Manager Platforms •  HP/Autonomy Virage MediaBin Upper-Range •  Media Beacon R3volution •  ADAM Software •  Vyre OnBrand Platforms •  Razuna •  Chuckwalla Mid-Range •  DuraSpace •  Pixelboxx •  WAVE MediaBank •  Equilibrium MediaRich Platforms •  Adobe CQ5 DAM •  Celum SYNERGY and MOVIS •  DutchSoftware Elvis DAM •  MerlinOne Merlin Mid-Range •  Nuxeo DAM •  NetXposure Products •  Canto Cumulus •  celum IMAGINE •  Widen Media Collective •  Picturepark Simpler Products •  Adobe Scene7 •  ExtensisCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  12. 12. RSVP Articulate Analyze RFP Q&A Business Case Responses Identify Issue RFP Onsite Demos Stakeholders Gather & Analyze Create Target Negotiate Pricing Requirements List & Contracts Measure Risk & Proof of Analyze Market Implementation Maturity Concepts Develop Develop RFP Final Decision Pilot Solution ScenariosCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  13. 13. Selection processCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  14. 14. It’s all about “fit” Scenario Fit Technology Fit Partner FitCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  15. 15. L(2#6372."&0F+J/>53+L-M DAM use cases D./&>#./&P8/$#")5. !"#$%&0*1+&&0#"9/+)$*&]7/"#+)5$.9" (-0&=);"#"?&5"&E@5+5&-"8@)3/ " " !#.)8&!"#$%&0#$#*/1/$+ " 04,+),)$*4#,&!"#$%&0#$#*/1/$+ # 0#"9/+)$*&-../+&E"5%48+)5$&&().+");4+)5$ # -%&E"5%48+)5$ $ E4;,).@)$* E/")5%)8#,.&E"5%48+)5$&&().+");4+)5$ $ 04,+)8@#$$/,&E4;,).@)$* # >#+#,5*&E"5%48+)5$ $0" 6)*@+.f0#$#*/%&P?$%)8#+)5$&&().+");4+)5$ %" I)1/f!#./%&0/%)#&E"5%48+)5$?" -4%)5&5"&B)%/5&6/3)/:&&-77"53#, $ P@5"+fG5"1&-4%)5&&B)%/5&E"5%48+)5$ $ Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  16. 16. MAM use cases Use Case Scenarios Television News 3 Sports Broadcasting 2 Feature-length TV / Cinema 2a Radio Broadcasting 1 Media Modernization and Archives 2r Parliaments and Govt. Bodies 2 Corporate Audio/Video Library 1s makes it a better fit for feature-length TV Scenarios.gging tools. Avid is geared more for over-the-air Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  17. 17. Short-list Considerations Regions: Licensing Models: Australia Commercial Europe Commercial Open Source North America Community Open Worldwide Source Technologies: Delivery Models: .NET On Premise Java Software as a Perl and Python Service PHP HybridCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  18. 18. RFPsCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  19. 19. Running a demo•  Make sure your team is represented•  Beware of the “canned” demos•  Demo your scenarios•  Each vendor should demo the same scenarios•  Ask the tough questions –  Especially around pricingCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  20. 20. Bake-off / POC •  Your kitchen •  Your ingredients •  Your cooks •  This is resource- intensive, but what’s the cost of a failed implementation?Copyright © 2012 Real Story Group
  21. 21. Negotiate! •  Remember that list pricing is always negotiable in larger deals •  We have seen up to 90% reductions in actual pricing versus list prices •  25-50% discounts are common •  Smaller deals have less room for flexibilityCopyright © 2012 Real Story Group 21
  22. 22. Thank you!•  Please visit our web site: –  Vendor/product evaluations –  Analyst advisory papers –  Webinars –  Education courses –  One-on-one analyst advice•  Download a free DAM research © 2012 Real Story Group
  23. 23. Let’s Continue the Conversation...
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