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How do great communicators communicate (Module 1)

How do good communicators communicate

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How do great communicators communicate (Module 1)

  1. 1. Structure of a Story
  2. 2. While listening to stories: • Heart beats faster • Eyes dilate • Chills down the spine • Laugh, clap • Lean forward, jump back
  3. 3. BUT When slides There is no PHYSICAL RESPONSE
  4. 4. Capture Attention by Saying Something
  5. 5. Hit the Audience with a frequency that resonates and you will see the vibrations
  6. 6. Speech Patterns in Good Communicators
  7. 7. Heightened sense of ‘what could be’ Astounding Physical involvement Physical reaction of audience by laughing and clapping every 20 sec. Jobs Marveled at his new product more than the audience combined 90 min. Talk by Steve Jobs
  8. 8. Its about stories and symbols A Symbolic Place to hold his speech- in front of Lincoln Memorial Tight frequency- the dream sequence Symbol- a song that resonated in the audience ‘Urgency of Now’ 16 min. Talk by Martin Luther king I have a dream that one day I have a dream that one day I have a dream that one day
  9. 9. Phrase level Distinction as a Powerful Tool  Speech  E-mails  Marketing Maeterial  Influence People to do stuff
  10. 10. The perfect shape Occasion- Independence Last ‘What is’- the darkest one Last ‘What could be’- the brighter future Made everyone take the pledge and vow of determination to make it through India’s Suffering Opportunity for triumph India’s Suffering Opportunity for triumph 15 min. Talk by Jawaharlal Nehru
  11. 11. Star Moment- something to always remember greatest explainer First Lecture on nanotechnology- prophesised subatomic particles being robots More Technical the talk and greater the communicator the tighter the frequency Talk by Richard P Feynman How physics works in the real world imagine if it worked like this How physics works in the real world
  12. 12. Master of Contrast Contrast at phrase level- to keep us mentally involved We are hard wired to identify contrast in physical and mental environment Talk by Margaret Thatcher
  13. 13. One of the tightest speeches Eastern story structure bliss of the future - consequences 17.5 min. Talk by Christ if you do this then this happens if you do this then this happens if you do this then this happens
  14. 14. Mostly ‘What is’ In Asian culture they value their past Western linear story structure vs Asian circular story Structure Talk by Suen Chung Shan
  15. 15. Circular Story Structure Linear- beginning middle end eastern structure- they bring the past forward If you know shame you know courage They hint what is the idea Inspired form the bad past
  16. 16. Slut or Saint ? A Women Gave a speech to 2 million people in 1946 Born in poverty illegitimately orphaned by her dad Due to her women got their right to vote 10 min. Talk by Evita Peron
  17. 17. Symbol- el descamisado (the shirtless) 13 times Turned the symbol into a form of affection Named their campaign train as el descamisado Used repetition, contrast and resonance Enlightened the poor 10 min. Talk by Evita Peron
  18. 18. After speech- 2 million people chanting her to run for vice president Famous renunciation speech on radio for announcing that she is not running for vice president
  19. 19. This is what a great communicator would do
  20. 20. Credits  All Photos are taken from Nancy Daurte’s lecture about Comunication and google images
  21. 21. THANK YOU!
  22. 22. Disclaimer Created by Shivam Verma, IIT Delhi, during an internship with Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow, ”