information technology business and management computational science and applications computational mathematics e- commerce computational engineering chaos ecommerce technology intelligent manufacturing technology and services machine learning social media big data business and management it bio/medical engineering computational science and applications computation computer physics it bio/medical engineering e-readiness icts design patterns adaptive control hyperchaos communications blockchain deep learning advanced control systems & strategies robotics & a soft computing time-released encryption sealed-bid auction smart contract consortium block chain vehicular communications judgment internet of things (iot) saudi arabia cloud computing e-commerce biotechnology robotics database security advances in ai data mining computer information security communication • e- commerce • computational engineering • intelligent manufacturing technology and service • computational mathematics • computational science and applications cryptography generalized projective synchronization active control synchronization 3dmemory 3d integration simulated annealing makespan stabilization ontology modularity output regulation. green computing pervasive computing blind signature. computer physics & biology social media effect impact of electronic technology social network higher education private universities students’ satisfaction educational e-services hei royal commission of jubail jti jic juc smart devices ict maturity ict kochikar image restoration telemedicine empirical study web application psnr mse steganography hybrid synchronization local binary pattern histogram haar classifier face recognition face detection ucsh accounting audits financial statements rpa robotic process automation passive active get let have make project management multimedia java advertising agency fuzzy systems data integrity  e- commerce artificial immune systems information socialmedia datamining machinelearning fuzzylogic bigdata biomedicine mathematics informationsecurity softcomputing law thermal effect genetic algorithm visualization re-configurabilit information system internet software digital library bio-informatics applications computational biology operating systems nlp image processing block chain application security & management system blind signature parallel processing cloud based service-oriented architecture in cloud computing cloud business design tool for cloud computing infrastructure and platforms cloud application  network support for grid computing peer to peer protocols in grid computing core grid infrastructure distributed and large-scale data access and manage architectures and fabrics unsupervised machine learning supervised machine learning learning methods and analysis learning in knowledge-intensive systems machine learning algorithms  intelligent manufacturing technology and service computational engineering  e- commerce intelligent manufacturing technology and service • it bio/medical engineering • core grid infrastructure • distributed and large-scale data access and mana • architectures and fabrics • applications manufacturing systems  machine learning & applica management & organization cybernetics operation re database & information retrieval decision support business and management grid and cloud computing i advanced it bio/medical engineering bioinformatics retinal imaging. line filter operator optic disc automated detection yujun system. lyapunov stability theory sliding control theory resource-poor developing countries can protocol vital signs critical care pareto-optimal front multi-objective optimization nsga-ii competitive electricity markets reactive power market clearing vlcj sixth sense hci cellular automata (ca) diehard tests randomness quality prohibited pattern set (pps) & fault coverage pseudo-random number generator (prng) mpi hadoop dryad multicore bioinformatics cloud control step elliptic filter scheduling algorithm data flow graph hyperchaotic cai system. hyperchaotic lü system hyperchaotic systems configuration parameter. activities free slots synchronous deadline multiprocessor feasibility scheduling ecnra ecdsa ecc rsa public key cryptosystem smart card aes. tdes session based key symmetric key matrix based bit jumbling technique (mbbjt) agent clones malicious host coord?ination learning nervous system centralized system. distributed system desktop gis enterprise gis service spatial data service oriented architecture (soa) geographic information system (gis) password authentication statistical mean technique. noise detection and removal moving object detection power awareness. event driven computing 3-scroll systems. chaotic systems fft (fast fourier transform. iq (intelligence quotient) eeg (electroencephalography) internet communication remote sensing remote control electronic plantation digital irrigation english language learners community colleges adult education english as a second language xsi gui fixed deposit xml xsd pde-based median filter highly corrupted image fixed-value impulse noise adaptive median filter palmprint and iris. fingerprint face cryptographic biometrics e-passport synchronization. lü system liu system learning routing methods and clustering p2p receiver initiative. sender initiative centralized load balancing load distribution load balancing threshold central server heterogeneous systems plp malayalam speech recognition smart cameras ship recognition hu’s moment invariants shape and texture rössler prototype-4 system. reusability decorator singleton abstract factory text-based. optical character recognition human interactive proof devanagari captcha tsv thermal effects genetic algorithm. flexible flow shop two stage no wait knowledge models knowledge bases protégé tools ontology visualization techniques hyperchaotic newton-leipnik system chaos synchronization knowledge management knowledge based system re-configurability nonlinear control systems shimizu-morioka system feedback control morocco management of water resources and planning perimeter of protection zone participative geographical information system (p - grid computing high performance computing teaching pedagogy. business communication blackboard blended learning flipped class financial assessment of intelligent building syste heis experience physical exercise process. project critical success factors it service management itil nearest neighbour pca sir glcm sift pls public cloud and community cloud. private cloud resource allocation paas resource scheduling resource management saas iaas time slicing multiplexed wireless video transmission optimality bit rate allocation stabilization analysis variable bit rate linear lyapunov functions html5 android mobile computing. cross platform medical images inverse filter weiner filter data hiding medical image compression software engineering. pmbok change control distributed systems idioms concurrency distributed programming application program interface wireless network bezier curve feature detection emotion recognition data quality; experimental research data; material uml diagrams implementation of design patterns c# language evaluation assessment index hospital information system hospital fraud knowledge artificial intelligence law enforcement object-based contrast enhancement morphological watershed segmentation interobject stretching intra-object stretching. image enhancement workforce productivity egypt industrial organizations simple object access protocol web services scaling factor. visible watermarking hadamard transform invisible watermarking teleconsultation web-based medicals applications medical informatics teleconferencing telediagnos is medical database tumor detection computer vision medical imaging k-hops algorithm routing algorithm multi-domain network topologies ad-hoc networks business models e-business semantic web web 3.0 social commerce ide collaborative design plm dmu cc decorator pattern mpesa business activity monitoring dashboard complex event processing author's productivity new evaluation attributes author evaluation measure ycbcr luminance integer wavelet transform (iwt) rgb chrominance part of speech tagging marathi n-gram modeling stochastic tagging hyperchaotic systems. forest fire modeling state lifetime devs formalism fuzzy controller simulation
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