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spatio-textual similarity join crime frequent patterns crime predilection crime classification denver and los angeles criminal hotspots fat prediction body fat percentage outliners using r programming. anthropometric variables redundancy fuzzy artmap bayesian networks fault diagnosis network management prediction and decision tree induction rules neighbors. coherent clustering bisecting kmeans similarity measures esrnn- extraction of symbolic rules from ann’s symbolic rules ann- artificial neural networks query by humming midi mir repeating patterns. association rules; fp-tree; modified header table; optimized classifier accuracy evaluation metric data classification evaluation tree pruning customer prospective business sector bank diabetes and naïve bayes. modeling characterization stream mining task graph frequent mining related work data preparation and preprocessing bankruptcy decision support tool soft computing closed sequential pattern mining sequential pattern mining sequence database textual emotion detection; emotion word ontology; near-duplicate detection similarity web content mining web documents duplicate wrapper method hypothyroid filter method rotation forest concept drift missing features concept class stemming arabic wordnet fuzzy k-means stratification contingency tables medical survey data subgroup analysis frequent itemset mining data streams variable window data mining. rule induction methods correlation apriori algorithm walsh-hadamard transformation rotation and classification privacy preserving fuzzy c-means algorithm fuzzy rules sentiment classification neural n etworks gradient descent. del rule privacy preserving data mining multilevel trust perturbed copies gaussian noise diversity attack quality traits prediction iberian ham mri active contours weighted sliding window high utility itemset information gain shapelets. time series classification mahalanobis distance measure network security social bookmaking tag recommender multilabel classification suffix tree clustering cluster labeling search results clustering call detail record (cdr) retention revenue generating event (rge) dormancy prediction model (dpm) web application collaboration experiential calculations data analysis. relational databases learning management system ontology building e-learning semantic web schema mapping significant power reply statistics history theoretic recommender algorithm bloom filter time-series data streams similarity matching dimension reduction msm technique term weighting methods support vector machine k nearest neighbor chi-square. spread inter itemset distance support confidence frequent itemsets spatial data interoperability; gis; geo-spatial me demographic characteristics commercial website e-commerce companies data loadingschedules datawarehouse etl optimization etl predicting performance id3 c4.5 inverse proximity estimate incremental clustering cfica non-uniformly distributed clusters cluster feature. scientific contribution rating index academic landscape closed frequent itemsets gene expression microarray. analytical data applications statistical model. recall natural language understanding sentence selection model informative word selection model text model f1 measure framework. stakeholders data quality quality parameters page rank tfidf hyper link classified pagerank hyperlink classification hits web log explorer web usage mining log data data preprocessing pattern recognition incremental pair-patterns bayesian belief network. incremental cluster- patterns lossy-counting algorithm ensemble methods unsupervised adaptive classification supervised mapping function gini index chi square multilayer perceptron associative classification back propagation neural network. rolap gcube molap olap solap robust distance median absolute deviation mahalanobis distance projection-persuit principal components analysis method identifier derived sequence retrieval model similarity measure control statement java source code similarity distance keyword sequence document classification imbalanced data smote under-sampling costsensitive learing tlink over-sampling offset entropy. text categorization. stemming approaches arabic language geographic information systems online transaction processing online analytical processing global positioning systems spatial data warehouse data stream clustering data perturbation recall 1. fuzzy c-means ontology integration document annotation. k- means silhouette validity index clustering algorithm semi-supervised document classification support vector machines ontologies 1.
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