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How to illustrate your presentations

Do's and don'ts for slide-makers who struggle with the pictures

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How to illustrate your presentations

  1. – Do’s and don’ts for slides-makers who struggle with the pictures – HOW TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR PRESENTATIONS
  2. A picture speaks a thousand words (…and it’s not just an expression!)
  3. Your brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can process words
  4. to illustrate your presentations DO’s DON’Ts10 &
  5. #1 DON’T blah, blah, blah Be a chatterbox
  6. Margot was toobeautiful for Macomber to divorce her and Macomber had too much money for Margot ever to leave him. […] The rain made the windows of the train wet so you could not see outside clearly and then it made everything outside look the same anyway. We went through manytowns and cities but it was raining in all of them and when we crossed the Hudson River at Albany it was raining hard. […] I do not suppose I thought of all those things because I have never thought much and never in wordsbut it was the feeling of all those things that the country along the Hudson River gave me. […] Manuel noticed while spreading the muleta that the white base of the horn was stained red. While he noticed these things he did not losesight of the bull’s feet. The bull watched Manuel steadily. […] She often came in when he was in bed and asked him to tell her about the war, but her attentionalways wandered. His father was non-committal.
  7. #2 DO Pick 1 image to illustrate your main idea “The illustration market is skyrocketing”
  8. #3 DON’T Align bullet points that nobody wants to read • I love making presentations • But I always have too many ideas • So I have to write them in bullet points • And everyone gets bored • Reading all those bullet points • Actually they don’t read them
  9. • And everyone gets bored • Reading all those bullet points • Actually they don’t read them • They just stare at me • With their dull cow eyes • And it sucks • OK I’m stopping now • I can’t, bullet points are my life!
  10. #4 DO 1 idea = 1 slide = 1 illustration
  11. “We make illustrations…”
  12. “… For millions of people…”
  13. “… Around the globe”
  14. #5 DON’T Just throw figures on your slides… “In 2014, our business grew 260% compared to 2014, with over 43,000 monthly users (vs. 12,000 last year). Overall, our illustrations are shared 68% on Facebook and 41% on Twitter.” rather…
  15. #6 DO Illustrate figures with graphs… “260% annual growth”
  16. #6 DO … and data visualisation “Social sharing”
  17. #7 DON’T Mix too many colors
  18. (Especially if they don’t go well together)
  19. #8 DO Stick to your brand colors to create harmony
  20. #9 DON’T Mix different styles in your presentations Get out!
  21. Don’t mix with . That’s just ugly.
  22. #10 DO Pick 1 style and stick to it
  23. Personally, I like flat design. But you can make your own choices. You sheep.
  24. Enjoy your slide-making, friend!
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