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Color Powerpoint

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Color Powerpoint

  1. 1. Colors Iliana OAFrosh Core Orcutt Academy 3/4/12 Ms. Hubbard
  3. 3. Survey Shows Do you like dark colors or light colors? Light Dark 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25• Data obtained from self-generated. Take survey here!!
  4. 4. RED• Stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.• Symbolizes love• Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier.• Attract attention.• Alert
  5. 5. Hello ..Yellow• Considered an optimistic color• People lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms• Difficult color for the eye to take in• Enhances concentration• Speeds metabolism
  6. 6. Green• Symbolizes nature• Easiest color on the eye• Calming• Refreshing• Relaxes people
  7. 7. Blue• Peaceful• Calming • Cold and depressing • Symbolizes loyalty
  8. 8. Black• Power• Priests wear black to signify submission to God • Overpowering • Sad
  9. 9. Survey Shows 9 How do you feel when you see the color black? 12 Calm 5 Sad Happy 17 Overpowering• Data obtained from self-generated. Take survey here!!
  10. 10. Thesis• Even though everyone is different, certain colors can instantly change a person’s mood.
  11. 11. Main IdeaOur culture and personal experience’s withcertain colors.
  12. 12. For Example… • Red making your heart race since it’s linked with fire trucks and ambulances (in other words, alarm)
  13. 13. Or….• Yellow having positive association simply because it was the color of the sun.
  14. 14. Main Idea Scientist’s hypothesized that thewavelengths of color interact with peopleshormonal systems to change their moods.
  15. 15. In Other Words..When we look atcertain colors, thecolors will bring you acertain emotion fromyour pastexperiences.
  16. 16. Conclusion• Everyone is different and we live through different beliefs. We all had different situations with certain colors. And since we also have different personalities we find other colors pleasing to the eyes. • So even though we don’t know exactly how colors affect our mood we do know that colors do somehow blend into to our lives.
  17. 17. Colors are everywhere we look andwe react to them differently.
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  19. 19. Brought to you by Iliana A.K.A “illy”