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Just Get Off Of Me Derek

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Just Get Off Of Me Derek

  1. 1. Just get off of me Derek!" Sonny screamed as she struggled to push her ex boyfriend away from her. "Aw, come on Sonny, wont you forgive me?" "No, just let me go!" "But i love you!" he yelled in her face as he pushed her roughly against the outer brick walls of Condor Studios holding her there by her shoulders and shoving his face to hers for a kiss. Sonny clamped her lips shut and pushed with all her might to get him off but he wouldn't budge. Eventually his hands slid from her shoulders to her breasts and down her hips. Tears began to fall from her eyes as his hands slid up her t-shirt. "Derek stop!" She cried, "Please! Not again!" "Shh.." he hushed and dug his face into her neck. Sonny saw what might be her only chance and grabbed fists full of Derek's dark brown hair and began ripping at it. "Ahh!" Derek screamed, "You little bitch!" Derek grabbed her wrists and kneeing her in the stomach causing her to yelp and let go of her hold. Once his hair was free Derek threw sonny violently to the sidewalk and pinned her there on her back. "You Bitch! You Little F*cking Bitch!" He yelled smacking her across the face. Sonny whimpered loudly as he went about touching her but held in her tears. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry, as little as that meant. "Shut up!" He snarled. "Sonny? Sonny! Hey! Get off of her!" Yelled a voice. Sonny lifted her gaze but her eyes were to blurry from the tears she was keeping from falling to make out a clear face. "Go Away!" Derek yelled spitting at the shoes of the mysterious voice. But the voice didn't listen. Next thing Sonny knew Derek had been kicked in the side and was rolling on the ground. Sonny wiped her eyes to get a better look just in time to catch the one and only Chad Dylan Cooper pulling back his leg and swinging it full forced into the awaiting gut of Derek Bentley. "Sonny get in my car! Now!" Chad yelled. When Sonny didn't move Chad had stormed over to her, grabbed her by he arm, pulled her over to his convertible and pushed her in the passengers seat. When he had her safely in and the door was shut he walked back over to where Derek was now bent over, griping his side. Sonny could just barely make out the works he yelled through clenched teeth.. "I swear to you on my mothers grave Derek Bentley, that if you ever touch her again....." "i aint scared of you bitch!" and Derek kicked dirt at Chad's feet "Oh, you will be." and with that he turned on his heel and walked back to his car. The car was quiet for the longest time. Neither Chad nor Sonny knew just quite what to say to each other after what had happened. Sonny bit her tong and faced the window. She hated the fact the Chad Dylan Cooper of all people had seen her in her weakest form. But eventually it got to the point where the silence was driving them both crazy, and Chad pulled the car over and began speaking, his eyes starring distantly out the window and his hand still firmly griped around the steering wheel. "Did he hurt you Sonny?"his quiet voice sounding desperate..
  2. 2. "Chad I'm fine." Sonny replied in a voice that said whatever as she bit her lip, "Just take me home now please. "You don't look fine." he was clenching his teeth agian. "has he.." he paused awkwardly, "touched you?" Sonny didn't want to answer so instead she dropped her gaze and said nothing. Chad understood what she meant and sighed deeply. "Why didn't you tell me?"He said it like a question and there was hurt in his voice, but never waited for a response. Instead he started his car and drove and it was quiet again. Sonny raised her glance to peak at Chad as he pulled out into the highway and headed through town. He's knuckled were white as they griped the steering wheel and his teeth were still clenched. His body was tight and stiff as he mumbled words to himself Sonny could not make out. 'your not exactly the first person id share these things with..' Sonny thought to herself. They winded through the streets of Hollywood and soon they were out of town. "Where are we going?" Sonny asked sitting up straight in her seat, breaking the silence. "I live in the complete other direction." "My house." "What? Cant you just take me home?" "Sonny, I am not going to allow you to sleep alone in your apartment tonight with that...creep out there!" "And why do i need you permission for anything?" Chad was silent but kept driving crossed her arms in frustration. "Where here." he said without emotion as he parked his car in the driveway of an average brick two story house across the street of the ocean. "Hmm, this is kind of nice. Though i always pictured your place to be bigger.." Sonny smiled. Chad smiled back, "Psh.. this is just temporarry." He began to make his way up he steps and sonny followed along sheepishly. Once at the door Chad turned to wait for her noticing her hesitation, "Don't worry, I'm by myself this week, My aunts on her way home from Nevada." "Is what who you live with?" He nodded and opened the front door. "Anyway this is the family room the kitchen and dining room are around the corner and the bathrooms down the hall. Upstairs are two bedrooms to the left, another family room and the decks to the right." He grabbed sonny by her wrist then and took her into the kitchen and opening the freezer. "Here." he said, placing an ice against sonny's cheek "Your starting to bruise." "Wow, am i really?" Sonny replied accepting the ice with gratitude. She hadn't felt it hurting until now. "So here's what going to happen, You can sleep in my room because my aunts is off limit while she's away, ill take the couch, and then in the morning you can shower here and on the way to work ill stop by you apartment so you can change if you'd like." "Chad no, I want the couch." "To bad, you get my bed." "But really i--"
  3. 3. Chad cut her off, "Sorry Monroe, my house my rules!" "Hey now, I voted for you to take me home, i am here aginst my will!" "Chad just gave her one of his 'looks' Sonny sighed, "Alright." Sonny Monroe wasn't quite sure if it was the thunder or her own nightmare that had awoken her but didn't really matter either way because now Chad's alarm clock was flashing 3:30am and no matter what she did she could not seem to calm her heartbeat and fall back asleep. As the minuets dragged on in what seemed like hours she became more and more restless and finally decided to get up in search for some water. Quietly as she could, Sonny raised the covers of Chad's bed and slipped out form underneath them, sporting one of Chad's old t-shirts and sweatpants, her hair falling loosely around her face in greasy strands, and turned on the light. As the room became illuminated she pressed her feet to the floor and made he way out of the bedroom and down the hall. Once to the Family room, Sonny began to walk more slowly, careful not to make to much noise and wake Chad who was sleeping on the couch. She couldn't help but look over at the bundle of blankets which held the body of her false enemy. Its true, Sonny tried as hard as she could to hate Chad. An yet, she couldn't help but crush on him just a little. It was false hatred and she knew it. But for now, it was enough.
  4. 4. Sonny got herself a glass and filled it with water. She took a sip or to before dumping the rest out and setting the glass back down into the sink. "Sonny?" Came a voice from the family room, "Is that you?" "Sorry Chad, I didn't mean to wake you up, I was just thirsty." "Couldn't sleep huh?" He asked sitting up from the couch, and slipping on a slim pair of black framed glasses which sonny thought made him look like a bit of a geek. "Yeah, me either." "I didn't know you wore glasses Chad!" she said with a smirk. "Psh, I don't. I wear contacts." Sonny rolled her eyes and it was quiet. Sonny walked over to the couch and took a seat next to Chad. "So.." she said awkwardly. "Want to talk for awhile then, until one of us gets tired?" "Alright, what about Monroe?" "I don't know, anything! Lets play the question game." "The question game?" Chad asked with a smirk. "hahaa, Alright but I get to ask first. What's your most embarrassing moment?" Sonny's face grew red as she began to remember, "Alright, once, during a live performance of So Random! we were doing this cheerleading sketch and my character happened to be wearing skinny jeans. Well anyway, at the time where I was suppose to do a high kick, I kicked to high and ended up not only falling on my butt, but ripping a huge hole in the crotch of my pants!" Chad burst out laughing and Sonny grew redder. "It was mortifying! I ran off the stage and they dint even have an extra pair so I had to wear sweatpants the rest of the show! I spent a week in my dressing room afterwards without leaving because I was so embarrassed people would laugh at me." "Oh Sonny. Sonny, Sonny Sonny.." Chad laughed shaking his head. "Only you." "What's your most embarrassing moment?" "Well Sonny, First of all Chad Dylan Cooper does not get embarrassed!" Sonny just rolled her eyes and gave him a look that said 'whatever Chad' "And secondly, You cant repeat questions!" "Fine." "Fine." 'Good!" "Good!" "What do you consider my best physical feature?" "Your smile. I love it when you smile! In fact I envy it." Sonny smiled.
  5. 5. "See!" Chad exclaimed, "Just like that!" Sonny smiled bigger. "Aww, thanks!" "Alright my turn, what don't you like about me." "Your cocky." "Am not!" "Are two! You always say how you 'the greatest actor of our generation!' and such!" "Psh, that's because I am the greatest actor of our generation!" "Oh, okay Chad." Sonny replied sarcastically shaking her head. "What's your deepest, darkest secret?" Chad got red, "Well Sonny, actually I think I'm going go to bed now." "What? No, you have to answer my question first!" "Nahhh.." Chad laughed, "Maybe later! Goodnight Sonny Monroe." "Chad! That's not fair I answered all of your questions!" Sonny yelled, standing up and hitting Chad with pillow as he laid down on the couch and pulled the blankets up to his chin. "Cant hear you! I'm sleeping now." "Ugh, I hate you Chad Dylan Cooper!" and with that Sonny turned and stormed back to Chad's room to try and sleep again, hiding the smile on her face. "Well i hate you to! So goodnight and sleep tight!" Chad smiled as Sonny turned the corner. Sonny! Wake up!" Chad yells purposely in Sonny's sleeping ears. Sonny rolls to her back and squints in the morning sunlight. "Ugh!" she moans, "What do you want you jerk-throb!" Chad fakes a hurt expression, "Now, Sonny, is that any way to treat your host? I think not!" "Yeah well, I'm here against my will, remember?" Chad laughs, "No but seriously, you've got about ten minuets to shower and get in my car before I leave without you, were going to be late." "CHAD!" Sonny leaps from his bed and runs to the bathroom where she showers and puts on a clean pair of sweatpants and t-shirt from Chad's closet. By the time she was dressed Chad was already in the driveway honking the horn to his convertible in a very annoying fashion. "Do we still need to stop at your apartment?" Chad asks as they begin driving down the freeway. "Yes! I can't go to work looking like this! Tawni would freak out and probably assume.." Chad smiled, "Wouldn't that be a show." Sonny smiled back, "No, It would be horrible, now hurry up, I cant be late!" "Hey now, got to watch the speed limit miss hurry."
  6. 6. Sonny rolled her eyes. She'd been doing that a lot lately. It was mostly quiet after that as they made there way Sonny's. When they finally got there Chad pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. "Want me to go in with you?" Chad asked and sonny unbuckled her seatbelt. Sonny rolled her eyes and smiled, "I'm pretty sure I can dress myself Chad!" Chad got red, "That not what I meant!" He replied quickly. "I know." And with that she shut the car door and ran to her house with a smile still on her face, Today was going to be a good day, she could tell already. Nothing was going to get in her way. At least that's how she felt until she unlocked her door and took a step inside. Something wasn't right. Something was out of place. "Hello?" Sonny called out, just to be sure her mom hadn't come over last night. There was no answer. There was no one there, but someone had been. Sonny sighed and went on her way getting dressed. She put on a pair of faded blue skinny jeans and a a yellow flour printed top with a belt. She smiled as her reflection in the mirror as she walked out of her room toward the bathroom to do her make-up. Tawni would never even guess shed spent the night over at Chad's. That when Sonny saw was it. Across the room, taped to the fridge was a big black envelope. Someone had broken into her apartment, and she knew just know that someone was. It was strange though. Instead of being struck with fear the only emotion Sonny felt was anger. She was furious as she stomped across the kitchen, ripped the envelop off the fridge, and tore it open. You better watch your back bitch. I'm waiting. The second that little creep leaves you side. Ill be there. ~DB "Sonny? Is everything alright?" Chad asked as Sonny took a seat next to him in the car looking tense. "Yeah Chad, just drive." Sonny said. Chad drove off. "Sonny?" "Chad?" "Look, I just want you to tell me if Derek ever bothers you again okay? You cant tell me." "Thanks." Sonny replied, as she felt the black envelop in her pocket. "But I can take care of myself." "I know. But still." Sonny smiled to the window so Chad wouldn't see. She hated him. But he did make her feel safer.
  7. 7. As soon as she arrived at her dressing room at Condor Studios, Sonny Monroe took the black envelop from her pocked and locked it away in the bottom of her vanity. Her original thought was to burn the letter, or at least rip it to shreds and scatter it across the dumpsters out back, but something didn't feel right about doing that. Who knows, maybe she'd need it again later. But for right now it was locked away and out of her thoughts. Sonny was not going to let someone as stupid and immature as Derek Bentley ruin her day. That wasn't how she rolled. And after it was taken care of, it was as if it had never happened. Sonny went about her day as she normally would, with rehearsals and tapings. Everything was turning out okay. "Good job today Sonny." Mr. Condor said, as Sonny passed by his open office on her way back to the dressing room after her last taping. "Thanks." She smiled back. She walked past the Mackenzie Falls studio and took a peak inside to find Chad in the middle of a taping. She giggled out loud as he did on of his distant looks. Chad heard her and there eyes connected causing him to smile and ruin the scene. Everyone in the room groaned when the director yelled, 'Cut!' and Sonny ran down the hall before anyone could catch her. Things much not have been going right today for them. "Hello Tawni." Sonny said, stepping into the dressing room and closing the door behind her. "Sonny." Tawni nodded as she went about plucking her eyebrows, "Your boyfriend was here." she said with a giggle. Sonny froze and everything shed been avoiding thinking about for the past twelve hours flooded back into her thoughts. "My boyfriend?" "Uh-huh, and he let that." she went on, tilting her head toward a black envelope on Sonny's vanity, completely ignorant of the horror stricken look across Sonny's face. 'Derek! ' she thought, 'He was here..' Sonny walked slowly over to the vanity and picked up the envelop. She was full of the same anger she had felt in the morning, but this time there was fear mixed in. "Tawni, Derek and I broke up, if, uh, he ever comes back here again, just don't take anything form him and, uh, tell him to leave." Sonny stuttered to get out, trying not to start a in depth conversation, but still get her point across that she didn't want to see him. Twani turned around in her chair, "Why not?" she asked with a questioning look on her face. "Oh, he took it kind of hard." Sonny replied with a lying smile, "That's all. I just want things to blow over a bit." "Okay." Twani shrugged and turned back to her plucking. Sonny sighed with relief. Its not that she liked lying to Tawni, or anyone for that matter, but she also didn't want to bring up such a complex subject right now and explain it to someone new.
  8. 8. Sonny closed her eyes and took a deep breath before ripping open the envelope. This time there was not a letter inside, but instead there were three Polaroid pictures. The first one was Sonny, walking into Condor Studios this morning as Chad pulled around to park. The second Was Sonny at her lunch table with Tawni, Nico, and Grady reading a script and it was also taken today. The third was of Chad, just simply walking down the hallway. With shaking hands Sonny turned then over to reveal a ink scribbled message" 'Remember bitch, I'm always watching.' "Chad!" Sonny called as she ran into his dressing room. Unfortunately he wasn't alone in there like she had figured, instead him and his whole cast sat watching a movie leaving Sonny feeling awkward and out of place. Sonny wasn't crying, at least not yet, but she did look pretty shaken up. Chad must have noticed to because he immediately got up form his seat on the couch to take Her by the arm and pull her out into the hallway in then into a closet. "Sonny what's wrong? Sonny shoved the pictures into his face, and even in the dark of the custodian closed she could see his face get white. "Did he-" "Yeah." "But-how?" he questioned, flipping them over to read the message." "I don't know!" Sonny exclaimed, putting her hands on her pounding head, "Im sorry for interrupting your thing with your friends but I figured you'd want to know considering it involves you now." "Wow." was all Chad could say. "Are you okay?" he reached out his arms and put them around Sonny, pressing her head to his chest. At first Sonny felt awkward accepting the hug from Chad, but it did make her feel better so she hugged back. "I'm alright." She smiled, hugging him back. They pulled apart and Chad looked at the pictures again, as if trying to decide exactally where Derek must have been standing to have taken the pictures. "Oh!" Sonny exclaimed, "Theres a letter to!" "A letter?" "Yeah it was in on my fridge this morning." Chad froze, "On your fridge?! That creep was in your house!" Sonny didn't know what to say, she hadn't though he'd make such a bid deal about it, but the more she thought about it the more it scared her. 'what if I had been there?' she thought. "Sonny, your sleeping at my house again tonight alright? I'm going kick those guys out of my dressing room and then were leaving. Here." He said, holding out the keys, 'Go get that letter if you still have it and then wait in my car."
  9. 9. "Im Sorry for getting you into this Chad." "Well im glad you did. Now go, ill meet you there in a few minutes." Sonny and Chad walked out of the closet together and went there separate ways.