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7 Ways To Know Your Strategy Planning Session Will Fail

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ImageThink has been in thousands of meetings. Avoid these 7 meeting pitfalls. Written by Nora Herting

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7 Ways To Know Your Strategy Planning Session Will Fail

  1. 1. I. Your meeting prep consisted of scheduling a room, Cl video conference line, and catering. ‘Va
  2. 2. The ov5 9avw‘m5 -For this meeting was done V03 a senior exec advwm. $«e’. s 30+, the room booked, and 9eo9e ‘m -the room. Magbe some 3r -Fo<. s have been dee3a’ced -to "9av” but who has vet-ted -the oo“3eo-hives/ a3enda_7
  3. 3. one of the 3 key components of manning is missing Obieo-izives (where are we going) % Vision (whg are we going there) [Agenda (what. is -the i-binerorg)
  4. 4. Ix strategg session is going to reovuire a good dea o-F thought regarding de-Fining reaistic obiectives and wags to achieve them. Don’t con-Fuse meeting obiectives with gour departnrien-Vs obiectives.
  5. 5. 3. The room is full of the wrong people. Key stakeholders and leadership are missing.
  6. 6. -9 the peope who have the authoritg to bess ideas, approve moneg) 8g provide keg insights are missing‘ o-F t things wi happen. .. Your meeting wi sta out as soon as someone sags “we reag need X -For this discussion”.
  7. 7. Or, worse get, the peope in the room wi move -Forward ong to -Find a their work in vain, when Ms X didn’t bug-in.
  8. 8. was once meeting with a team who was tasked at creating a 3 gear road map. The st hr oqc the dag was spent naming names o-F peope who shond be on the task -Force. What was this task -Force tor? T o meet at a ater date to make the roadmap.
  9. 9. nstead o-F doing the rea work, the group punted- deaging ang decisions -For a ater date, to others.
  10. 10. 5. The agenda consists largely of getting everyone “up to speed. " 54?’ I. Iun. III- /1
  11. 11. t’s di-F-Ficut to be coaborative i-F we aren’t aware o-F what other departments are doing. There is vaue in recaps, but don’t con-Fuse show 8« te with strategg or decision making.
  12. 12. W. Insights, what insights?
  13. 13. No one is brining insights into the room. Kesearch is missing. ‘/ our cient’s perspective isn’t represented. ‘/ our competition is ignored. lndustrg trends are absent.
  14. 14. 7. You don't have an appointed facilitator
  15. 15. The same senior exec that was too busg to de-Fine the obgectives, has now become the de-? aut -Faciitator. Nhie she might be the expert on the topic at hand, it’s not a guarantee that she’s skied in group dgnamics and decision making.
  16. 16. invest in having a pro-Fessiona -Faciitator that wi -Focus on the process, encourage -Fu participation, and keep the group on task and moving -Forward. sn’t gour strategg worth it,7
  17. 17. [,7 Written by: , Nora Herting , W Co‘Founder and Principa '1 WW/ a.4.« ’@lMA6E‘fl-llNK @ 3-+1_1as_aezo Q nus. -+oo, sise ’ @ lnnaz-runk_n5-r DX1 nr—o@Mna5-rulnkne-r