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  1. 1. WelcomePresentation topic – state Housing Federation
  2. 2. State Housing Federation• State Hosing federation - is state level co- operative organization works under National Co-operative Housing federation.• Provide the homes to poor people is the main aim of this organization• These homes are available at very low cost & it available in various places of the states
  3. 3. Cont….• State housing federation are works at state level…• All states are having there state housing fedration• Eg. Karnatka state housing federation Orisa state housing Federation Gujrat state housing fedration Maharashtra housing & development Authority
  4. 4. • As on 31.3.2010 there are 2,18,320 Co- operative societies in Maharashtra State out of which 81,255 are Housing Societies. It means numerically housing societies are more in number than any other society. Naturally remarkable number of the member is also of Housing Society.
  5. 5. History• Establishment -The Maharashtra Housing Board formerly called "Bombay Housing Board" was established in year 1948 and had a jurisdiction over the entire State of Maharashtra except Vidharbha region.• This body undertook construction of residential buildings under various housing schemes for different sections of the society
  6. 6. Cont…..• On the re-organization of the State, the Vidharbha Housing Board was established in the year 1960 as a successor body to the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh Housing Board.• it also advanced loan to co-operative housing societies, institutions and local authorities for the construction of houses.
  7. 7. Maharashtra Housing and DevelopmentAuthority ( )is an Indian organisation established in 1977. Sincethen, it has been engaged primarily in constructingand selling housing to low and middle income groupsin urban and semi-urban areas. In Mumbai, it hasconstructed about 30,000 housing units
  8. 8. Cont….• At present MHADA is coordinating and controlling the activities of seven regional housing boards, setup for each revenue division in the state viz. Mumbai, Konkan, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Amra vati, Aurangabad and two special purpose boards viz. Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board and Mumbai Slum Improvement Board.
  9. 9. Administration• Under the MHADA Act, 1976 the Authority is constituted of a President, a Vice President and five non-official Members all appointed by the State Government.• MHADA has at present part time President and full time Vice President who is also the Chief Executive Officer
  10. 10. • The seven Regional Housing Boards and special purpose boards (MBRRB & MSIB) are also constituted by the estate government by appointing a part time Chairman, a Vice Chairman and other non official members. The Divisional Commissioner, the Municipal Commissioners
  11. 11. The work assigned to the officers is as underSr. No. Name of Department Head of Department 1. Administration Secretary 2. Technical Section Chief Engineer-I & II 3. Estate Management Deputy Chief Executive Officer. 4. Finance & Account Section Finance Controller 5. Legal Section Legal Adviser 6. Vigilance & Enquiry Section Chief Vigilance & Security Officer 7. Planning Chief Architect and Planner 8. Regional Boards (Units of MHADA) Chief Officers 9. Public Relation Dept. P.R.O
  12. 12. ORGANISATION OF BOARDS:• Board consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman , The Vice-Chairman of the Board is functioning as a Chief Officer of the Board. State Government appoints members of the Boards by issuing Govt. notification. In case the Vice-Chairman is not appointed by State Govt., then the Chief Officer of the Board is separately appointed.
  13. 13. cont• The Regional Boards have no separate corporate status. They are the “Executive Arms” of the Authority. The Chief Officers of the Regional Boards function under control of Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. They are assisted by a sufficient numbers of technical and non-technical staff.
  14. 14. Procedure For become register Member Of State housing Federation (MHADA)• To reserve the name of the proposed Co- operative Housing Society First open account in the Bank• Criterion for registration of Co-operative Housing Societies• Documents required for the registration Ration Card, PAN Card, voter ID, 7/12 certificate if Available
  15. 15. • Once you registered For state housing federation there is no requirement of registration for every time• Once you registered You become valid member of MHADA Until you get the house• you just want to submit your application & fees by online
  16. 16. MHADA Lottery Scheme• There are infinite number of people who are waiting for getting there own houses Through MHADA scheme• But MHADA homes are very less as compare to the applicants• So they decided to give the homes on lottery basis• Because of this only some lucky member gets the home
  17. 17. Cont….• when the flats available with MHADA, an advertisement is given in the newspaper which will give all the details• After that applicants apply online for the houses & submit the require document• After the acceptance of application forms, scrutiny of the forms is done to check the first hand eligibility of the applicant and after that a date is declared through the newspapers for the lottery.
  18. 18. Advantages of these scheme• Transparency in the process• Lottery results are drawn by applicant only• It become income generation to the MHADA• Minimum application fee is going to MHADA account• Reducing agents & middleman
  19. 19. Income limitationsA) Economically Weaker Section Below Rs. 8000 /-B) Lower Income Group Between-Rs.8,001/- to Rs. 12,000/-C) Middle Income Group Between-Rs.12,001/- to Rs. 20,000/-D) Higher Income Group Between- Rs.20,001/- and above
  20. 20. reservation
  21. 21. Recent News• New Add has been published by the MHADA For year 2013• For more information visit