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Machine learning helps face recognition march 2020

  1. 1. Machine Learning Helps Face Recognition by Amazon Rekognition API Once upon a time, face-recognition was just imagination. Now in heavy use. And highly recommended for various sectors to pursue the face recognition technology. There are real faces hidden behind reel looks but such technology, like face recognition, is impeccable to explore the reality. Machine Learning plays a crucial role for face recognition application.
  2. 2. What is Machine Learning? It is the process where the computer algorithm finds patterns in data, and predict the feasible outcomes. Machine Learning is a core part of computerized reasoning as it boosts computer program to get into a method of self-learning without being unequivocally modified.
  3. 3. How machine learning works? Two types of techniques; Supervised learning Classification technique Regression technique Unsupervised learning clustering technique
  4. 4. What is Deep Learning? Deep Learning is a type of machine learning. It identifies digit, letters, faces and sounds. It instructs a computer to filter the higher layer to recognise observed data like text, images and sounds. Deep learning encouraged by the human brain.
  5. 5. How Deep learning works? Three layers are working for deep learning input layer, hidden layers and output layer. These layers include multiple neurons. After processed on neurons, it further generates a predictable output. How machine learning & deep learning helps in face recognition? Machine learning and deep learning gives the power to build a biometric recognition program which can identify a person.
  6. 6. Identify, Examine and Match Face Expressions by Amazon Face Rekognition APIs Amazon Face Rekognition API which undoubtedly integrates with any of the platforms to detect, and identifies a person through image or in live video recording. Why choose a tough route or double trouble for processing face recognition? Amazon Rekognition can detect a face in an image, video, find the position of eyes, also detect emotions like happy or sad in near real-time.
  7. 7. Amazon Rekognition Service for Mobile Apps Easily integrate Continuously Learning Integrated with AWS Services
  8. 8. What iMOBDEV offers as the mobile app develoment company? iMOBDEV's skilled developer's team can develop the mobile app for face recognition and integrate with Amazon Face Rekognition service to get a quality benefit. iMOBDEV integrates Amazon's Face Rekognition APIs with a mobile app for betterment in the industry.
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Machine Learning Helps Face Recognition by Amazon Rekognition API


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