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inSided Customer Success Book 2018

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Learn how 10 global brands generate value in sales, marketing, and support with their customer communities. Our latest ebook features success stories from leading brands like Sonos, T-Mobile, and BNP Paribas, with impressive results.

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inSided Customer Success Book 2018

  1. 1. How leading brands use the value of their community to increase sales and improve service CUSTOMER SUCCESS BOOK 2018
  2. 2. Howleadingbrandsusethevalueoftheircommunity toincreasesalesandimproveservice Forward-looking companies use the inSided conversational platform to activate their community of loyal customers, experts and advocates and have them advise and support prospects and other customers. Learn how T-Mobile realize $4M cost savings by providing customers with community-powered advice and support, how TomTom serves over 50% of their customers with a community, and how A1 Telekom drives additional revenue. Are you ready for the new generation of customer service?
  3. 3. Providegreatcustomerserviceinawholenewway withrelevant,community-sourcedanswers Customers increasingly expect self service. Leading brands use the inSided conversational platform to provide their customers with relevant answers right where they need it. These companies tap into the knowledge and expertise of their community of loyal customers, experts and advocates. Using machine learning and AI they build a smart knowledge base and ensure customers get instantaneous answers on their website, in their apps and when searching the web. Increase in organic traffic 5-10% Increase in conversion and order value 5-8% Reduction in customer service costs 20-25% Improve customer experience NPS+18 “Today’s customers increasingly expect self service. Great self service will move the needle on customer satisfaction. It effects the likelihood that a customer will keep existing business with the company, buy additional products and services and recommend the company to others.”
  4. 4. As one of the largest telcos, T-Mobile leverages inSided as a scalable, intelligent support platform. By offering peer-to-peer support on their website and mobile app, T-Mobile empowers customers to share knowledge with each other. Over 40% of all support requests are handled this way, resulting in improved service quality and substantially lowered support costs. $4M annual savings on service costs 25 customer experts 180% lower contact ratio with social content 1M answered questions per year
  5. 5. Our customers require different ways of contacting us for support and advice than a couple of years ago: They don’t just want answers to their questions, but want to look for a solution together. Customers share a lot of knowledge about our products and services, and we would like to leverage this to benefit our other customers. We facilitate this as much as possible and that’s why we invest in self-service channels such as the community. Marieke Snoep Director of Customer Operations
  6. 6. KPN, a European telecom operator with 3.5 million customers, uses the inSided conversational platform to realize its shift to a digital service provider. With help content integrated into the entire KPN customer journey, the company’s customers receive support where and when they need it. 50% peer-to-peer support +10% SEO traffic after migration to the inSided platform $4M annual savings on service costs
  7. 7. Rabobank is a multinational bank, part of the Rabobank Group, active in 42 countries. Rabobank uses the inSided conversational platform to gain customer insights through conversational research and co- creation, resulting in improved products and services and increased customer loyalty. NPS +19 points Improved products and services based on customer insights
  8. 8. BNP Paribas Fortis is the leader in global banking and financial services. The inSided conversational platform is used as a social knowledge base. More than half of all content is generated by customers, resulting in up-to-date, relevant and trustworthy content. Outperforms traditional FAQs on SEO value and success ratio More than 20% of all visits lead to reduced call volumes
  9. 9. Sonos, a pioneer in full-home sound systems, adopted a peer-to-peer support strategy - with an inSided community at its center - to provide a better support experience to their millions of customers and reduce support costs. Today, the community serves as Sonos’ starting point for customer care on multiple digital channels. 40% of all customers are being served by the community 85% come via organic search 6.5M yearly users
  10. 10. Telfort is a Dutch mobile carrier and subsidiary of KPN. They provide social customer service to improve service, enhance product development, lower churn, and realize call deflection. 19% less churn amongst users 60% peer-to-peer support $1.3M annual savings on service costs
  11. 11. Customers search online to answer product and service related questions. Whether they are experiencing a problem or want to change something, it is extremely important that they find what they are looking for. The inSided platform is user-friendly and an important channel where customers can help each other. Onno van der Poel Managing Director
  12. 12. TomTom is a world leader in navigation and mapping, active in 50 countries. As the company offers a suite of products - including navigation devices, mapping solutions, action cameras, and GPS sport watches - they use the inSided platform to provide customer service at scale. 25% annual savings on service costs 83% peer-to-peer support 30 customer experts 5 million yearly visits
  13. 13. As COO of TomTom I am really satisfied with the cooperation with inSided. Their excellent development team and project manager delivered on time, before our deadline. Agile processes combined with a professional attitude resulted in a smooth migration. inSided will help us to provide the highest levels of social support in 3 languages across multiple channels and ensure we hit our targets for our most important KPI - customer satisfaction. Clive Millington Chief Operating Officer
  14. 14. $1.5M call reduction per year 52% peer-to-peer support 1.8M questions answered per year Dutch Railways serves over 1M customers a day. Allowing their customers to provide each other with advice and support results in a $1.5M yearly cost saving. On top of that, Dutch Railways generates +2.5% additional online sales per year by ensuring that customers get the information they need when they are buying a product.
  15. 15. One out of every 5 questions from customers about our products has sales potential. Advice and support from other customers is key here. The inSided platform enables us to accelerate customer support. Merel van den Boomen Manager Customer Contact Management
  16. 16. 31% of all buyers engage with conversational content 85% peer-to-peer support 1.5M yearly visits A1 Telekom is an Austrian telco and market leader with over 8 million customers. The company uses the inSided conversational platform to improve service and enhance customer experience. It also generates valuable sales leads, by offering current and potential customers advice from peers.
  17. 17. The inSided platform is part of our strategy to continuously improve A1 digital self-care. Customer generated content creates trust and provides context for additional conversions. This is how the A1 community becomes an important sales accelerator, resulting in measurable business value. Ana Simic Head of Digital Service & Social Media
  18. 18. SoundCloud, the world’s largest music and audio platform, leverages the knowledge and experience of their 175 million monthly users to help each other. The inSided conversational platform allows SoundCloud to provide relevant answers in a highly scalable way, while extending their brand reach. 48% peer-to-peer support 82% organic traffic 2M yearly users
  19. 19. Connectwithyourcustomersinanewway +1 347 4910124 / +31 20 4279597 Interested to learn more about how the inSided conversational platform can help you improve service and increase sales?