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inSpired Event 2017 - O2 - SmartBox story

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The O2 Smartbox story: The heart of the home, by Jan Hruska, Marketing Director Fixed Services & ICT O2 Czech Republic

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inSpired Event 2017 - O2 - SmartBox story

  1. 1. Jan Hruška • O2 SmartBox Story #inSpiredEvent2017
  2. 2. O2 SmartBox story Jan Hruška, O2 Czech Republic
  3. 3. O2 Czech Republic Local fixed-mobile convergent telco and IT services provider 8 million services (voice, internet, TV) in B2C and B2B 30% market share in mobile and internet services
  4. 4. Home networks grow rapidly Five years ago? Only 1 PC + 1 smartphone + first tablet
  5. 5. Internet providers keep selling cheap devices Your choice? ? ?
  6. 6. Low cost = low performance • Short WiFi reach • Modem slows down internet line • Low performance with more devices • Complicated setup • Frequent breakdowns • …
  7. 7. Customer satisfaction gets worse and worse 10,000calls a month to O2 technical support line related to home WiFi
  8. 8. Imagine … WHAT IF? Your router serves an unlimited number of devices Home WiFi reaches every corner of your house You can connect in your garden with the same speed The device has design that you want to show in the center of your living room Your modem offers you more than you expected …
  9. 9. O2 SmartBox Strong WiFi High performance chipset Setup and control via mobile app IoT gateway (Smart home solution) Design by Red Dot Award winning designer Display with time, outdoor & indoor temperature and weather forecast Innovative cloud-based platform Regular SW updates overnight Very reasonable price
  10. 10. Now, which one do you select? 57 € 154 € ?
  11. 11. Customer experience changes in all aspects Best WiFi coverage, no extenders needed for usual flats and houses Dozens of devices connected with no speed decrease Home WiFi & SmartHome control in your mobile Temperature and weather forecast is what everyone wants (meteo stations are the best selling electronic devices) Great design: you place it in the middle of your living room (the best position for even better WiFi coverage) Automatic SW updates – your modem never gets old Let’s try SmartHome – door sensor with security package for free in the box
  12. 12. O2 SmartBox launched in August 2017 18,000 Sold by now 60% New Internet lines with SmartBox 40% Customers start trying smart home gadgets
  13. 13. With SmartBox, we build internet community, and penetrate IoT Home internet community • User defined content that O2 would never create internally • Super users (gurus) able to advice and advocate internet service • Word of mouth recommendation (like local internet providers) • Overall presence (internet is now visible = SmartBox, moving house scenarios) IoT (SmartHome) penetration • O2 insists on registering all sensors and defining automation scenarios (incl. instruction animations etc.) • This makes the way to smart home easy for mass market • Customer journey: Start with best WiFi router - try IoT & discover smart home benefits - go for more sensors and scenarios
  14. 14. And this is just one piece in the puzzle Excellent home network O2 SmartBox Country wide coverage Fibre, DSL, 4G Best content delivery Internet HD
  15. 15. We are now building O2 Customer Community Extending to full private and SME segments SmartBox Home internet Mobile postpay Mobile prepay Mobile phones IP TV TV content SmartHome Mobile data Helping your business (SMEs) Security M2M 3 months 12 months Starting with SmartBox & Home internet
  16. 16. We expect community to become the core of our online care Unifies current scattered and suboptimal online care environment (O2 forum, request forms, chats, Techzona portal etc.) … and we start NOW! Expected launch date Feb 1, 2018 Allows to engage active facilitators among O2 customers, expected P2P resolution rate > 50% Interconnection of online marketing and community will improve sales leads in quantity and quality Generates content relevant for customers that will significantly improve SEO In long term, community improves customer experience overall (measured through NPS)
  17. 17. Jan Hruška Email: #inSpiredEvent2017