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Project Communication Management

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Project Communication Management

  1. 1. Managing the Communication in Your Projects Instructor: Inam Ullah Graduate Course: Information Technology Project Management Department: Institute of information Technology Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
  2. 2. Significance • Most of the project conflicts are the result of miss-communications, incorrect information sharing, use of inappropriate language, tones and delayed communication. • The communication approach defines your project team environment , project team working culture and most importantly knowledge about the project itself. • Team members need the timely information and also want their concerns and issue addressed timely. This can only happen with effective communications • All the stakeholder should get the right information from the right source in the right format at the right time.
  3. 3. Create Communication Blackout Period Self Communication Management • Avoid excessive communication, its time consuming and yields low output. • Try to get the time for yourself to do the real work rather than just managing the communications called. where you don’t read any email or reply email or the people can’t bother you. • May be close your office door, sit in some conference room or put Don’t disturb status. • Have dedicated time for the emails rather than checking & replying emails all the time. • Try to have short meetings ~ 30mins , large meeting mostly lead to waste of times.
  4. 4. Plan Your Project Communication • Its pivotal that you have some formal communication plan to be shared with the project team/stakeholders • The team needs to know what information need to be communicated with whom at what time through what means.
  5. 5. Identify Communication Requirements
  6. 6. Develop Comm. Plan • The communication Plan should documented one • Should include project stakeholders and their communication needs • The information distribution mediums • The time when information need to be communicated • Designate the communication people e.g. Spokes persons, external and internal communication people.
  7. 7. Information Distribution     Ensuring the right info reaches the right people at right time in right manner Share the communication plan with your team to ensure that everyone stay aligned with the communication strategy Make sure that your team members are well informed on the areas of their concerns The information might include      Performance Reporting: How the project is doing? Task completions, Schedule, Budget? Project Challenges Updates in the Project plans New Risks etc. Both Good and bad news both need to be communicated timely
  8. 8. Typical Communication Flow
  9. 9. Message Contents • Single most important aspect of message formulation is to understand your message’s receiver. The culture, language, preferences etc. • Ensure the accuracy of the message contents • Use formal and ethical language • Avoid unnecessary jargons, slangs and words interpreted differently by different people based on their social norms, family backgrounds or cultures • Use proper grammar, format ( e.g. Font’s, colors , spacing) • Avoid unnecessary lengthy details to save every one’s time
  10. 10. Choice of Communication Medium     Choice of the medium will depend on the contents of the information, location of the receiver, preferred medium, level of the socialization and the type of the communication (formal/informal) For example you can’t deliver detailed information such as written document or CD on phone email post, upload on ftp path may be good idea. Short message may be delivered on email or chat or phone call. Also important aspect is the sentiments, expressions in the message that can be corrupted by the selected medium Timeliness of the message : For example- sending quick information through a courier to the stakeholder at far end part of the world will takes it days and weeks to reach instead Email or call can immediately communicate that information.
  11. 11. Communication Channels       Project manager responsibility is to optimize the message flow through communication channels Typically there are N(N-1)/2, where is the Project team members/stakeholders So for a team of 20 people , the #communication channels = (20-19)/2 =380/2= 190 It is very important that all the team members are well informed about the project & also correctly Not every team member in the project team need to get the information from all the channels, only correct & authorized channels will have correct information Important thing is to reduce the communication noise and excessive communication flows which may lead to communication errors and waste of time and destruction of team culture. The project manager’s responsibility is to identify the proper channels for the team members and the information dissemations process.
  12. 12. Communication Channels (continued..)      If one person on your team misses a piece of key information then that can have an impact on others or the whole team. Also on the other hand If a team member has to check with more members of the team to get something done then that often not only increase the time to do the task (often to get consensus) but the potential risk that it will take if a single team member is miss informed If The latter in turn made as the responsibility of the project manager, it would at least take 50% of his time daily to ensure that project information are routed to all members which becomes almost impossible when the team size gets more bigger. In this scenario the Project manager have to introduce the team hierarchy for the information distributions. PM might communicate with the level 1 team leads which in turn need to pass on the information to /from the team members. With increasing team size the level of the hierarchy can also be increased.
  13. 13. Communication Control/Monitoring role of PM (Study by Jeff Hodgkinson)
  14. 14. Communication Role of the PM (Study by Jeff Hodgkinson)
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