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Philips lighting complete

Philips Lighting past present future digital strategy

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Philips lighting complete

  2. 2. About the brand  For over 123 years, Philips Lighting has been at the forefront of innovation.  Provides high-quality light in public places, professional spaces, and at home.  Pioneered the development of high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting.  Lighting to get into a fully digital world that connects people, places, luminaires, and devices.
  3. 3. Sales and presence in India  The lighting business accounts for 55% of the company's total sales in India, translating into an annual sales of – Rs. 3210 crore.  Philips has a dominant 30% share in conventional lighting and LED lamps by value  The company is growing its LED lamp and luminaire business at 78%  Making it one of Philips’ top priorities
  4. 4. Therefore, a comprehensive marketing plan comprising a well planned digital strategy is imperative
  5. 5. Current Digital Presence  India specific website
  6. 6. Current Digital Presence  Facebook Page – Product based content
  7. 7. Current Digital Presence  FB page - Occasion specific content – Bring home Philips Hues on Republic Day
  8. 8. Current Digital Presence  Relevant contests for consumer engagement – Diwali contest
  9. 9. Current Digital Presence  Twitter Page – Content plugged in from Facebook along with engagement
  10. 10. Analysing CDP  Pros  Informative and easy to navigate website  Well defined content on Fb page  Product Specific Content  Occasion based contests – Diwali etc.  New developments regularly updated  YouTube plugin  Active Twitter account  Cons  Fb page  Lack of regular engagement on Fb page – everyday updates, opinion polls etc.  One off contests don’t compensate for regular engagement
  11. 11. Previous Campaigns Ranbir Kapoor Music Video Ranbir Kapoor, brand ambassador, launched Philips Lighting with a music video  Not a typical TVC - gave people a spectacular experience of what Philips LED lights can do via the music video, and then took them through the key benefits Philips LED offers  Unconventional approach to make a low involvement category like lighting move into a dynamic space.  No branding – Only engagement to get consumer hooked
  12. 12. Previous Campaigns Ranbir Kapoor Music Video Results  Over 3.8 views on YouTube  LED Lighting given the cool quotient  No branding made it look more authentic
  13. 13. Previous Campaigns  An idea where Philips Lighting lit up the Gateway of India with a 16 million colour palette  microsite established where the event was streamed live and ideas were invited from Mumbaikars to suggest ideas to help make the city brighter at night  Done in partnership with MTDC, on the 100th year of Gateway of India, this event brought the brand to the forefront
  14. 14. Previous Campaigns  Mumbai in a new light went social  Besides sharing their ideas, one could see suggestions from others on the microsite.  These ideas were shared on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag ‘#MumbaiInANewLight’.  Select ideas were read out at the lighting ceremony at the Gateway and at select locations across the city.  The event also saw photography and painting contests for people, which were shared on the social networks.
  15. 15. Previous Campaigns  The Facebook page of Philips Lighting India had been used as teaser site to gear up fans for the event.  Post the event, Facebook application was developed where users could light up the Gateway of India choosing a variety of light colours.  They were asked to share their creation online and the creation with maximum number of likes won a gift.
  16. 16. Previous Campaigns  Results  -10 million users and 17 million impressions online and over 46,000 page views.  The Facebook application received close to 1,000 visits in two weeks  Following the event, footfalls to Gateway of India increased,  On the other hand, Philips witnessed 100 per cent increase in its retail outlets during the campaign.  In Mumbai, sales of LED light spiked 30 per cent than other mega cities during the campaign.  Up to 59 per cent customers recalled the campaign with more than 70 per cent business to consumer audience associated the campaign with LED lighting
  17. 17. Previous Campaigns  Philips Modular Kitchen – Built to Last campaign  TVC campaign showed modular switches were built to last  Digitally, people were invited to share their most memorable and everlasting stories using the hashtag #BuiltToLast.  One could share their stories in form of photos, videos, posts, tweets with the hashtag and win brand hampers.
  18. 18. Previous Campaigns  Results  High consumer engagement  Easy way of communicating ‘Built to Last’  Well integrated with overall communication
  19. 19. Analysing Previous Campaigns  Pros  Launch of LED lighting with Ranbir Kapoor music video - Innovative, edgy and effective  MumbaiInANewLight – Worked for the brand + MTDC, high and effective consumer engagement across platforms  BuilttoLast – Consumer engagement, first of its kind for modular switches  Cons  Supports the TV campaign - The digital extension of each campaign is a simple concept, adds to the campaign message.  A sound content strategy on social media to differentiate from regular TVC-driven campaigns.  No cohesive digital strategy – Ad-hoc campaigns for both LED lighting and Modular Switches  More innovation can be called for, on social + onground  No India specific BLOG
  20. 20. So where does the brand stand currently?  Well established and successful launches through TV and digital  Active Facebook and Twitter – with product centric consumer updates, and regular updates making the brand approachable  But there is scope for a lot of improvement
  21. 21. Way forward Content Strategy – spanning all platforms. To be planned annually for both LED lighting and Modular Switches. LED lighting – More digital innovations here. E.g – LED billboards, events around the city powered by Philips LED. Modular Switches – Built to Last to be better established with content on social, on ground as well as digital activations.
  22. 22. Content Strategy – How can Philips Lighting do better? What’s needed?  Content to be diverse – Oreo India being one example where different content is plugged on different networks  Their brand awareness campaign with#DailyDunks with Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, was a hit  They focus on their product for every piece of content, they share on social media  Expansion to Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.
  23. 23. Content Strategy – How can Philips Lighting do better? Philips Lighting could…  Lighting content could include themes which involve –#lightup #lettherebelight  LightUp could be a daily dose of instances where lightingup is relevant. E.g. Mudslinging in parliament shows a dark future. Looks like it needs to #lightup  Lighting could be plugged in effectively on pictorial social platforms – Instagram and Pinterest.
  24. 24. Content Strategy – How can Philips Lighting do better? What’s needed?  Flipkart made sure they adopted TVCs that were quirky, funny and topical  Thanks to their topicality, shares across social media were immense  Philips Lighting need not take TVCs as a route, however topical videos bringing lighting and a relevant topic together could be a good tool  The idea is to create videos that are relevant, shareable and square to the brand
  25. 25. LED lighting – Innovations What’s needed?  In Canada, during the annual North by Northeast (NXNE) music, arts and interactive media festival, Samsung Canada LED billboard—reportedly the nation’s largest  It was used to showcase Samsung’s product launches, promotions and partner programs, along with community updates.  Philips Lighting can take a cue from Samsung in this regard
  26. 26. LED lighting – Innovations Possible innovations…  LED Billboard in places which are deserted and dark, for women’s safety  LED Billboard that comes alive with your tweets - #LightUp etc. This billboard could be India’s first Twitter led LED billboard
  27. 27. Built To Last – possible ideas  #BuiltToLast – 140 character contest on Twitter. Idea is to make BuiltToLast trend in a simple manner  Built To Last – Topical videos, could be spoofs on people who are likely to go a long way. For example, Khalli, who is built to last and keeps going.  Built To Last Instagram contest – Take a selfie with something you think is BuiltToLast. E.g- your 84 year old grandfather doing yoga, and keeping fit  BuiltToLast cricket scoreboards – Along with the scorecards for runs made by players, wickets etc. have a #BuiltToLast player ranking. Could be an online app where people give their rankings, for every match. Basis all consumer rankings, a final #BuiltToLast player ranking is created.
  28. 28. What’s missing?  No digital communication on other Philips Lighting products – Luminaries – Indoor and Outdoor, Lighting Controls, Solar and Special Lighting  No digital communication on Philips Lighting services such as Philips Lighting Capital, where lack of funds for a lighting upgrade can be compensated by Philips.  An India –specific blog  Considering global push, there should be an increase in digital initiatives in the Indian market Global push on digital – Philips’ Blake Cahill, Global head of digital marketing has said – “We’ve taken digital, broken it down and looked at how it can impact our business, change our business models, help us build connected products and impact our service revenues”
  29. 29. Final Thoughts  Innovation is key  An overarching digital strategy exclusive of TV communication  Launch of new products and services digitally – for instance, Solar lighting has great potential  India specific contests and activations need not be only festival or celebration specific, could span various milestones as it was done for 100th year celebrations of Gateway of India for MumbaiInANewLight  More investment in digital with respect to sales contribution
  30. 30. THANK YOU