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Industry Mobilty Solutions

  1. w w w . i n d u s a v i a t i o n . c o m S a l e s @ i n d u s a v i a t i o n . c o m PRESENTATION ON MOBILITY TRACKING FOR INDUSTRY SECTOR
  2. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION This proposal is confidential to Indus Aviation Systems LLP (”IAS") and The Company ("Automobile Manufacturer") respectively. This document contains information and data that IAS considers confidential and proprietary (“Confidential Information”). Confidential Information may include, but is not limited to, the following: • Corporate, employee and infrastructure information about IAS • IAS’s project management and quality processes • Customer and project experiences provided to illustrate IAS capability Any disclosure of Confidential Information to, or use of it by a third party (i.e., a party other than Automobile Manufacturer), will be damaging to IAS. Ownership of all Confidential Information, no matter in what media it resides, remains with IAS. Confidential Information in this document shall not be disclosed outside the buyer’s proposal evaluators and shall not be duplicated, used, or disclosed – in whole or in part – for any purpose other than to evaluate this proposal without specific written permission of an authorized representative of IAS.
  3. Indus Aviation Systems LLP (IAS) is pleased to have the opportunity to Present with the Case Study for the Manufacturing Industry for The Bin Tracking solution, Indoor Supervisor Navigation and SLA Compliance solution prototype based on the requirements of the Manufacturer and Logistic Partner. We are very committed to working with Industry Manufacturer on this critical program and have structured Case that addresses all the required dimensions to make this key program successful. We understand strategic business objectives of the company using right partner to develop Mobility Solutions. As we will demonstrate throughout our Case Study document, we are confident that we have the capabilities, qualifications and resources to be a successful partner to deploy this application. We are also confident that we bring a unique set of values to this initiative, with our combination of strong process focus, delivery capabilities and excellent track record. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  4. Indus Aviation Systems LLP.(IAS) defines ,designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help global companies win in a flat world. IAS creates solutions for its clients by leveraging its domain and business expertise along with a complete range of services. Our development facility is in Pune which has world-class infrastructure and abundance of talent pool ensuring best place in India to have a technical team. We currently work with customers in US, Australia and India. Although we have worked on ADM (Application Development), our inclination is towards the product engineering where we provide end to end services in product development such Product Development, Maintenance, Release Management and Localization and Product Testing including Compliance and Conformance testing for various deployment platforms. Primary Contact for this proposal response shall be Atul Joshi ( Mobile : +91-9850836972 and would be interfaced with client team for all commercial, contractual and execution related escalations. ABOUT INDUS AVIATION SYSTEMS
  6. CASE STUDY OF A AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER  This Automobile Manufacturer is a Global Player who manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines.  They have partnered for Logistic Supply Chain Solutions to provide Third Party Techno-Logistics services to the manufacturing industries.  This combination helps to increase overall supply chain efficiency by way of Three>>
  7. CASE STUDY 1-RETURNABLE(OR FORWARD) BINS LOGISTICS TRACKING Problem Statement : The main issue is not able to track in Real Time (bins are used for logistical Transits of finished/unfinished goods) Earlier Workflow: Let's understand theactual problem 1. Company send the goods from Location A(could be warehouse/factory) to the Location B(could be Ancillary/warehouse/Assembly Line/factory) throughtransport. 2. For efficient transport they use bins and bins are returnablefor reuse. 3. But companies are not able to track the bins ONLINE,their location and quantity with Barcoding alone in place. 4. The bins are at multiple location at warehouse,in transit or at factory . Warehouse/Ancillary Factory/Vendor Bins
  8. SOLUTION : CONSIGNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND TRACKING Key Highlights • Fix Cards On Bins with Numbering • Keep SLATrack handheld devices at Out/In logistic points for scanning • Scan while delivery sending /receiving Highly Adaptable • No requirements for software installations • Access via centralized portal • Access via mobile app • No worries in upgrade Ease of Use • Economical for cost to value delivered • Costly BINS are always traceable • Reduced Manpower at entry/exit locations • Real time tracking helps adhere to SLA ROI SLATrack which focuses on proactive Tracking ensuring quality of services is kept up to expected levels. The solution is a no hassle non intrusive for any factory or Company NFC- Cards Fixed on BINS SLATrack Device at Outward/Inward Points
  9. OUR SOLUTION –HOW IT WORKS 1. NFC card is fixed to each Bin 2. Data written in the NCF card using SLATrack DeviceFactory 1. Bin Number : XXXXX0000 2. Pre-Location Command 1 : Factory Transit 1. Load the goods on lorry 2. Update the data in the NCF card usingSLATrack Device 1. LocationCommand : 2. in transit (out) 2. To location: Vendor 1 Vendor1 1. Load the goods on lorry 2. Update the data in the NCF card using SLATrack Device 1. From Location : 3. At Vendor1 Transit 1. Load the goods on lorry 2. Update the data in the NCF card using SLATrack Device 1. LocationCommand : 4. in transit (In) 2. From Location : Vendor1 3. To location: Factory
  10. OUR SOLUTION REPORT -1 BinTrack Report - 24 April 2015 Bin Number Status Location Axx00112 Factory 1 Axx00182 In transit 1 Axx00312 Vendor 1 Axx00720 In transit 2 Axx00320 Warehouse 3 Bin Count Report - 24 April 2015 Bin CountLocation Factory 1 357 In transit 1 200 Vendor1 127 In transit 2 0 Vendor 2 220
  11. SOLUTION REPORT MIS-2 BinTrack Report – Bin No Axx00112 (02 May 2015) Bin Number Status Location Axx00112 Warehouse 1 24 April 2014 08:30 Axx00112 In transit 1 (IN) 26 April 2014 14:30 Axx00112 Factory 1 27April 2014 11:24 Axx00112 In transit 2 (Out) 30 April 2014 17:50 Axx00112 Warehouse 1 02 May 2014 09:25 DateTimeTransit/Delivery
  13. PRESENT LAYOUT: MATERIAL SUPPLY • Auto-Manf. has appointed Logistic Vendor for logistics of material handling and inventory management. • Auto-Manf.has multiple service providers for Material supply. • There are two type of inventory handling for Manf. 1. Automobile Manufacturer handles material supplied by Auto-Manf. inventory needs to be managed from Logistic Vendor godown 1. Logistic Vendor purchases the material and keep inventory. • Logistic Vendor warehouse which is located near to Auto-Manf.factory supplies material on day-to-day basis around two times a day. Auto-Manf. 3 Plants LOGISTIC VENDOR Engine Transmission Vehicle
  14. • There is one supervisor at each plant to monitor and comply inventory requirements. • Supervisor’s duty is to make round of plant twice a day and review stock. • At Plant thereare 1. Assembly Point-Number of Racks are kept for parts assembly 2. Racks-There are levels where Bins are kept 3. Bins-Material is kept inside bins • To improve the productivity and maintain regular supply, Supervisor must ensure at all times the material is filled in bins. • To enable supervisors know supply shortage, there are color coded lights representing alerts . Assembly Point 1(AP 1) AP 2 AP 3 AP 4 Rack 1 3 Levels rack With 6 Bins Logistics BINs (Yellow marked) Auto-Manufacturer Plant 1 Colorcoded lights OUR UNDERSTANDING : PLANT LAYOUT
  15. OUR UNDERSTANDING -KEY FOR SMOOTH OPERATIONS Supervisor must visits each Automobile Manufacturer Rack & ensure sufficient inventory in BINs Tasks to be executed at Plant: I. Supervisor - i. Take round of plant , making note of Bins inventory and enable entering in Logistic portal for material to be delivered. ii. Informing the BIN Collection Worker to pick the empty Bin for dispatch to warehouse. II. BIN Collection Worker - i. To continuously watch out for information from supervisor for empty bin collection and make round of plant to pickup empty bins from Logistics racks. III. Plant In-charge - i. To read barcode from the empty bins collected from plant and input in Logistics portal for material dispatch from warehouse. ii. To receive material when arrived at plant and ensure bins delivered at Automobile Manufacturer racks. Tasks to be executed at Warehouse: Warehouse In-Charge - • To load the material as requested from Plant In-charge on Logistics portal and dispatch to Plant.
  16. CHALLENGES AND SOLUTION OVERVIEW Automobile Manufacturer has two major challenges – 1.Supervisor Surveillance –Proof of his presence at each Logistics rack • If supervisor skips any rack material undelivered on time impacts SLA 2.Bin Management Efficiency- There are multiple people in process to get this recorded and delivered. • Bins material supply depends on coordination of Supervisor,in collection worker ,and In-charge at plant and warehouse. • Any delay in this process impacts efficiency and delivery. IAS proposed-Twotype of solutions to overcome challenges: Basic Solution: SlaTrack –Proof of Presence Solution This will enable • Supervisor surveillance • Keep record of his visits to Automobile Manufacturer racks • Alert management if he skips any rack. Advance Solution: DelvTrack-Proofof Delivery Solution This will ensure • Supervisor to make record of the inventoryat each bin while he makes round • System communicate automatically to warehousefor delivery of material Bins in real time.
  17. HOW IT WORKS –BASIC SOLUTION: SLA TRACK Supervisor Surveillance Following are the features of Sla Track Components- 1. NFC Tag to each Logistics Rack 2. NFC Handheld Device –for supervisor 3. Portal for Monitoring, Reports Method of operation- • The supervisor while making round of plant carries Handheld device, swipes his device to fixed NFC TAG on rack for each round. • This will note his proof of presence at every Logistics Rack and data is recorded. • Admin gets alerted if supervisor missed any rack while his/her surveillance. • Admin/Users shall able to generate the reports. Assembly Point 2 Rack no. 172 TAG Device Screen
  18. Bin No.212 Bin No.826 Bin No.252 Real Time Data Transfer 1 1 Bin No QTY nos. 252 2 212 4 Trip 21 :Auto-Manf.:15/8/15 Dispatch Details Warehouse Desktop Portal In addition to Basic Solution following Components- • Data Input facility on Handheld Device • Real Time Data upload to Warehouse Portal to enable Dispatch of material Method of operation- • When Supervisor swipes his device to the fixed NFC TAG on rack ,a list opens up on screen of device which prompts for clicking the appropriate inventory level. • If level of material in Bin is low ,Supervisor will scan corresponding barcode of bin and note inventory level color code. Amber indicates- material needed in next trip. Red indicates immediately pickup Worker to pick the empty Bin and Refill of BIN. Remaining items can be marked Green . • Add/Remove utility for Bin addition or removal in particular Rack. Barcode of material is fixed and mapped to its Rack, Level. HOW IT WORKS –ADVANCE SOLUTION:
  19. SOLUTIONS TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES • No connectivity :In case of non availability of GPRS, data will be captured and will be uploaded once coverage becomes active . • Barcode read error: Manual Material/Bin code entry will be possible. • Rack Movement: If Rack is movedfrom its original location- corresponding change shall be entered in system. • BIN addition/Removal from Rack: If bin added/removed, it shall be entered in system and authorization request goes to client manager for approval. • No Data connectivity :If there is no GPRS ,and GSM is available,the data communication can be done through the SMS and call in case of any emergency.
  21. BENEFITS DELIVERED TO CUSTOMER •Got Maximum value for the money Invested •Can be used for All facilities where Delivery acknowledgement required Valuefor Money •Real time data helps managers in taking Managerial Decisions Real time data •The data is automated & system generated Minimizes Proxies •Increases efficiency by tracking the time schedules Enhances function •Increases Productivity of Deliveries by monitoring the entire schedules Increases Productivity •It impresses vendors and helps in getting more business by use of cutting edge technology •Mobile APP available Impress your Client •The System is easy to deploy. •The System has very simple functionality to understand •No additional infrastructurerequired Easy To Use •Minimizes your overall expenses upto 20% by adhering to SLAs Controls logistic Expenses
  22. w w w . i n d u s a v i a t i o n . c o m S a l e s @ i n d u s a v i a t i o n . c o m THANK Y OU… CONTA CT MILIND BA XI +91 -7720019482 FOR MORE INFORMATION