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Innovative lesson plan

Innovative lesson plan

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Innovative lesson plan

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE LESSON PLAN Submitted by : SMITHA.A Option : English Reg. No : 13377009 Year of Study : 2013-14 Submitted to : Divya Lecture in English PTM College of Education Maruthoorkonam Trivandrum 1
  2. 2. INNOVATIVE LESSON PLAN 2 Name of the Teacher : SMITHA.A Name of the School : PTM HSS Maruthoorkonam Subject : Englsih Unit : II Breaking Barriers Sub Unit : The Princess on the Road (One Act Play) Issue : Issues related to the marginalised
  3. 3. Curricular Statement The Pupil I. Reads and analyses the literary texts. II. Engages in group activity and presentation III. Creates awareness for the importance of women 3 Learning Outcomes The Pupil I. Familiarizes new words juggler, cross torn etc. and its image II. Gets awareness of central theme of the play. III. Get Clarity and competency in developing character sketch .
  4. 4. Content Analysis The pupil ‘ The Princers on the Road’ is a one act play written by Kathleen Conyngham Greene’. The princes in the one act play ‘ The Princes of the Road’ treads dangerous grounds and finally lands in trouble’. The play reminds in that women irrespective of her social status, is always marginalized. 4 Pre-requistes The pupil I. Is able to comprehend passages II. Has the study skill of referring a dictionary
  5. 5. Learning Materials I. Black board II. Chart III. Pictures 5 Reference I. Course Book Std IX II. Source Book Std IX III. Oxford English Dictionary CLASSROOM PROCESS RESPONSE/ASSESSMENT Informal Interaction I. Good Morning II. Have you had your break fast. III. Are you Comfortable in your seats
  6. 6. Entry Activity I. Have you heard about one act Plays? II. Are you interested in such plays ? III. Do you head about princes ? IV. Yes, we can go through such plays 6 Linte Talk I. Give some clues about the author and also creates the title “ The princes on the Road” on the black board and ask i. She is a British playwright. ii. She has authored fine plays. The author of one act play Kathleen Conyngham Greene is introduced to the students
  7. 7. The title of the story and the name of the writer is written on the black board and also the major characters are introduced to the students. Then the teacher showed the drama “ Princess on the Road” through lap top. So the students gets a clear idea of the play 7
  8. 8. Micro Processing of the Input Model reading by the teacher The teacher now reads the five paragraphs of the story with proper pronunciation stress and intonation and in meaningful units and also describes the theme of the play. Individual Reading 8 Teacher asks the learner to read it individually. Corrections are made whenever necessary. Trade reading by the pupil. Students are asked to read the first time
  9. 9. Paragraph individually and silently and they are asked to make accordingly. That is they have to put tick(√) what they haven’t and an exclamatory mark(!) for what they found interesting or surprising Glossary Reference 9 Students are asked to refer the glossary to find out the meaning of difficult worlds. They are Gross /kros/: model of cross on the symbol of Christian faith. Teacher shows The cross, seen on the representation the picture of the instrument of classification Jesus. Torn /TƆ:n/ : Pull sharply to pieces (Teacher shows the picture
  10. 10. Pigtail /pigteil/ : A plait of hair that hangs from the back of the head. A little girl in pigtail presented the flowers. Sentries /sentri/ : Soldiers posted to keep guard Teacher shows the picture Crumble /Kr^mpl/ : Break into very small pieces. Don’t crumble the paper 10 Collaborative Learning Students are asked to form groups and share their ideas in groups. Students are also asked to write down the word in the personal word list
  11. 11. Mega phoning the doubts Each group is given opportunity to raise their doubts to other groups. Eg: Group A to Group B What is the meaning of the word ‘Harvesting’ Group B to Group A The meaning of the word is reaping and collecting grain. Facilitation by the teacher Teacher helps to clarify the difficult areas which no group could effectively tackle. Teacher also explain the difficult areas. 11
  12. 12. Scaffolding Questions In order to make the content clear scaffolding questions are asked to the students. The students are asked to write down the answers 1. Describe the appearance of the princess ? She is dirty, the edge of her skirt is torn and one of her shoes has come off. She wears her hair in s long pigtail under a cotton handkerchief. 2. What is she doing ? She is picking the flowers and singing as he goes. 12
  13. 13. Presentation by the pupil Randomly the students are selected from each group and the are asked to present the answers for scaffolding questions 13 Language Activity The adventurous journey of the princess in ‘ The princess on the road comes to an end in a beautiful village street & prepare a short description of the street Review The Princess decided to do something adventurous. She wears dirty dress. She is picking flowers when she goes. She has travelled twelve miles. There she faces many difficulties Assignment Prepare a short description of a place you have visited during the summer vocation or during your study tour.

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Innovative lesson plan


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