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Collaborating effectively - what do we really need? Collins

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Presented at LILAC 2007

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Collaborating effectively - what do we really need? Collins

  1. 1. CRICOS No.00213J Division of Technology Information and Learning Support Collaborating effectively –Collaborating effectively – what do we really need?what do we really need? Sue Collins, Liaison Librarian, Faculty of Business Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
  2. 2. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J ‘A collaboration is not described in terms of the relationship but in terms of the objective to be achieved.’ (Schrage, M. 1989)
  3. 3. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J Project collaboratorProject collaborator Dr Chrys Gunasekara School of Management Faculty of Business Queensland University of Technology
  4. 4. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J What were the results?What were the results? 49.6 14.0 41.1 41.1 53.5 75.6 61.6 55.8 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Primary vs. secondary info Identifying key concepts Using Boolean operators Evaluating / refining search % Correct (pre-test) % Correct (post-test) Figure 1. Summary results of comparison of pre and post information literacy embedded program.
  5. 5. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J Student commentsStudent comments ‘Tutorial activities were helpful - the structure of these helped me to build my understanding and skills’ ‘I hated the exam - I would have liked more weighting to go to the group work within the tutorials’ ‘The notes pages were helpful but I would have liked more detail’
  6. 6. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Subject knowledgeSubject knowledge How much do we need? How can we allow sufficient time to develop?
  7. 7. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Discipline-specific writing skillsDiscipline-specific writing skills Linked to subject knowledge Linking standards to tutorial activities Consensus with academic
  8. 8. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Criterion referenced assessmentCriterion referenced assessment writing skillwriting skill Definitely an acquired skill!
  9. 9. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J For example…  Demonstrates clear understanding of the value of different types of information; possible sources and related ethics issues (3 marks)  Demonstrates poor understanding of the use of Boolean operators in constructing a search strategy (1 mark)  Demonstrates comprehensive evaluation of information, and in-depth reflection on the search process, refining and repeating the search if necessary (3 marks)  Demonstrates correct identification of information items matching operations aspects; high quality analysis of literature and practice and clear recommendations that address evidence gaps (5-6 marks)
  10. 10. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Group facilitation skillsGroup facilitation skills Co-facilitating with tutors can be a challenge!
  11. 11. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Focus group facilitation skillsFocus group facilitation skills Great literature available but time consuming
  12. 12. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J We need…  Strong interpersonal/communication skillsStrong interpersonal/communication skills  Negotiation & conflict resolution skillsNegotiation & conflict resolution skills  Understanding of Faculty’s teaching & learningUnderstanding of Faculty’s teaching & learning frameworkframework  Organisational skillsOrganisational skills
  13. 13. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J Whose responsibility?  PersonalPersonal Communicate/lobby!
  14. 14. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J Whose responsibility?  ManagerialManagerial Re-assess roles, including those of support staff; Secure funding for staff development; Establish specific mentoring program
  15. 15. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J Whose responsibility?  Library EducatorsLibrary Educators
  16. 16. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J How did I develop professionally?
  18. 18. QUT Library CRICOS No.00213J  Before you begin the project, write down any ethics issues you think may need to be considered when gathering information  What are some good selection criteria to use when using primary/secondary information?  Record a piece of primary/secondary information and what it tells you, and write a brief analysis of the relationship between the literature and practice, to identify whether the literature can be confirmed, challenged or contradicted. Examples of tutorial activities