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Automated Fax Processing Webinar Slidedeck

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Fax is still a pervasive technology in many industries, namely: financial services, healthcare, education and logistics. It is an efficiency killer, and this webinar shows some great tech to automate the process.

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Automated Fax Processing Webinar Slidedeck

  1. 1. Eliminating the Pain: Automating Inbound Fax Processing
  2. 2. Who is inForm? •Founded 1994 •Document Automation Solutions •Forms, Workflow, Capture, Document Management •
  3. 3. Isn’t Fax Dead? •There are still over 46 million active fax machines in the world. •Every year close to 17 Billion faxes are sent •That is a stack of paper 853 miles high or 2 million trees worth of paper!! Fax Stats from Slideshare
  4. 4. Strong Usage in Some Industries •Healthcare •Financial Services •Shipping & Logistics •Higher Ed
  5. 5. Where is the Pain? •Manual processing •Numerous apps in flow •Fax client •Email •Save to folder •Print then scan
  6. 6. So Where is the Pain? (Cont) •Cover sheets •Poor quality faxes •Non-standardized documents •“Multis” – multiple docs in one transmission •Routing
  7. 7. Summary •Inefficient •Loss of productivity •Lack of standardization
  8. 8. Fax Processing 2.0 •Document workspace •Image processing •Single input •Assign data •Automation •Standardized flow
  9. 9. See It In Action