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New York, Vallejo And Alberto

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New York, Vallejo And Alberto

  1. 1. Travel to New York By alberto and Vallejo
  2. 2. We started the travel on 19 th - 23 th august. we plane with Iberia company and our hotel was the “central park hotel” on the 8 th avenue.
  3. 3. Day 1 1 The first day we went to visit the Times Square, the Brookling bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. We went to the Statue of Liberty on a ferry and this day we ate at McDonal's.
  4. 5. Day 2 The second day we went to Chinatown and little Italy.This day we eat in a chinese restaurant but the food was horrible. Later we went to Madison Square.
  5. 7. Day 3 <ul><ul><li>The third day was very exhausting. We did a tour around all Manhattan and we saw the Chrysler building, the Central park, the Lincoln Center performing arts, and the fifth avenue. We spent all the time in the tour and we only eat two sandiwchs with “chorizo de cantimpalo”.. </li></ul></ul>
  6. 9. Day 4 The fourth day we went shopping to a shopping center and later we went to the rockefeller center and there we were skating.On the nigth we went to have dinner to a very famous spanish restaurant.
  7. 11. we spent all the money at ... *plane ticket: 800 euros *everydays food : 400 euros *for the clothes we bougth:200 euros *tickets for the museums, monuments, parks...: 100 euros *the hotel: 1000 euros *the total was 2500 euros.
  8. 12. Postcard New York , 21 th August Hello family!we are fine, and this city is amazing.We are in the hotel now.Yesterday we visited the staue of liberty and the empire statue and today we are going to see the Chrisler building. Tomorrow we are going to go shopping, visit central park and have lunch at Mcdonal's.The last day we are going to the airport and arrive to Baza.
  9. 13. “ THE END”