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Civil participation in searching solutions for the consequences of ageing

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Luis Mari Ullibarry at the Forum of the Committee of the Regions

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Civil participation in searching solutions for the consequences of ageing

  1. 1. Civil participation in searchingsolutions for the consequences of ageing Forum of the Committee of the Regions May 2011
  2. 2. SOCIAL INNOVATIONEUROPEAN VISION, local action EUROPA Innovation 2020 Union SOCIAL … coping with theCHALLENGES consequences of ageing Sr. Durao Barroso, 17 March 2011
  4. 4. INNOBASQUE METHODOLOGY European vision, LOCAL ACTION PREMISES S.I. STRATEGY• PUBLIC-PRIVATE COOPERATION • CHAIN OF VALUE• LOCAL LEVEL + VOLUNTEERING • 8 INNOVATION DOMAINS• EMPOWERING AND “GEEA with V + 4th S” BOTTOM - UP i – TALDE AGEINGInforms OECD about regional innovation in BasqueCountry • Partnership platform INNOBASQUE • Public - private • Active promoter of S.I. 4
  5. 5. i-TALDE AGEING WHAT’S AN i-TALDE?Open space for learning and interaction social economicActors scientific / technological institutionalResolving problems innovative solutions 5
  6. 6. AGEING IN BASQUE COUNTRY Basque ageing demographics among the highest in Europe Birth rate per 1,000 habitants Percentage population above 65 Source: Eustat Life expectancy (2020): 87.3 years for women, 81.2 for men 6
  7. 7. i-TALDE AGEINGVISION: “AGEING” IS… • Ageing doesn’t happen overnight1 A PROCESS • Ageing is not only an issue of older people • Not only social/health-related • Employment, education,2 MULTIDIMENSIONAL culture, values, participation, urbanisation, etc.3 A personal and social CHALLENGE4 An OPPORTUNITY for social and economic DEVELOPMENT 7
  8. 8. i-TALDE AGEING OBJECTIVE OF THE i-TALDE AGEINGEncourage change in public perception of age andageing, by facilitating social cohesion and settingsfor intergenerational exchange, leading to animprovement of well-being, life quality andopportunities for economic and social development. 8
  9. 9. AGEING PROJECT Identify areas of transformation linked to the happinessOBJECTIVE of older people (today and tomorrow) and change the public perception1 FOCUS GROUP + 200 ideas 2 WOKA – World Café 7 strands identified 3 i-TALDE (workshop) •Products and services 3 strands of action •Valorise age and ageing •Health • Valorise age and ageing •Public policies • Public awareness and •Public awareness and communication communication • Spaces for living together •Spaces for living together •Education 9
  10. 10. CHALLENGES AND NEXT STEPS INNOVATION AREAS PUBLIC PERCEPTION INTERGENERATIONAL2. Valorise age and ageing 6. Spaces for living together5. Public awareness and communication Pilot project Analysis of local and international best practices + Transforming and innovative + Innobasque partnership network Participative Feasible Measurable Transversal 10
  11. 11. “Time banking” Ageing friendly Age quotas environment Media Communication / communication Memorandum with marketing campaigns older people Self perception Forums for industry and companies Possible “Slowing down” working topics Reorientation Training about of professionalageing: “values of careers the future” Tool kit public awareness Student brainstorm Meeting older Training contest people centres Intergenerational 11 actions
  12. 12. HOUSING project Building up the necessary know-how for the design of houses and environments, adapted to active, satisfyingOBJETIVES and long-term ageing, by developing a broad offer of products and services in different sectors (public health, construction, industry, transport, commerce, leisure, etc.) GENERAL FRAMEWORK OF THE PROJECT Fundación MatíaPublic-private partnership Partner network Innovative result … transversalitySocial Innovation Innovative methodology … multidisciplinary and self- steering teams 12
  13. 13. HOUSING project 1 Public health 2 Urban and community planning Creating a social and healthy Appropriate and accessible public transport environment, interinstitutional in rural and urban areas, attractive living coordination, quality and areas – with identity, basic accessibility, professionalisation, assisting the care extra care housing, employment and taker, innovation, technology, shared commerce nearby… financing, personal coaching Ageing at home3 Financial - economic 4 Market opportunities Adapted housing, fiscal aspects of Adapted housing, i-services, i-health, housing and pension funds, daily consumption, home services, dependency insurance, savings communication incentives 5 Ageing and active citizenship Life long learning, social engagement, intergenerational action, flexibility of social structures, supporting networks, ICT, prevention, active and responsible leisure 13
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention! Luis María Ullibarri Social Innovation Director 14