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Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 - Bilbao (EN)

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Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 - Bilbao (EN)

  1. 1. cleantech forum EUROPE 16-18 APRIL 2013 BILBAO Co-organizer / Strategic partner:Organizer:
  2. 2. Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 is coming to the Basque Country Bilbao is to host the ninth edition of the “Cleantech Forum Europe” from 16 to 18 April 2013. An international meeting focused on clean technology innovation This event will be attended by 400 executives involved with clean technology innovation from all around the world “Re-imagining Cleantech: Unlocking Growth in an Open Innovation World” 1
  3. 3. Cleantech encompasses an extensive range of technologies Market worth 3 billion600,000 new euros in 2020enterprises(EU 2004-2008)$ 41 billion annualinvestment in M&A 6.5% averageoperations annual growth $ 9 billion annual venture capital 2 investment Source: Cleantech Group website
  4. 4. Cleantech Forums are annual meetings with a global scope Extensive programme ofGlobal must-attend contents spread overconferences for the clean two daystechnologies industryExclusive opportunities fornetworking The privileged place to do business 3
  5. 5. Cleantech Forum Europe: a high-value annual meetingorganised by Cleantech Group® Pan- European Exclusive, In Europe meeting; high-status since 2005 open to all attendees Europe Knowledge Networking, Business and Exhibition of dissemination creation of investment innovative on global networks and opportunities technologies trends ecosystems 4
  6. 6. Promotes contact with the main European leadingregions in technological innovation For the first time, the Cleantech Forum is to be held in Southern Europe 5
  7. 7. It is oriented towards creating business and investmentopportunities among the different international players 23% 37 Venture capital % Technological support investors 14% Global 20%Start-ups 5% corporations Government Partners and investors Technological drivers (% of total attendees) (% of total attendees) More than 250 organisations from 35 countries Source: Cleantech Forum Europe More than 10% from outside Europe Munich 2012, own data 6
  8. 8. Key activities at a Cleantech Forum Exhibition: Innovation Area Connection of ecosystems  Exhibition spaces for individual  “Free” time for networking companies and delegations  Small debates with moderator  "Real" demonstrations of technology, products and services Knowledge dissemination Access to innovative projects  Presentations by experts  Presentations of innovative companies  Panel debates with moderator; for investors interesting topics at European level  Cleantech Tour, visits to facilities and  Round table debates for specialist places of technological interest groups 7
  9. 9. Forum Achievements Over 400 people attend Cleantech Forum Europe from over 20 countries, making it the only pan – European industry gathering of its kindLast year over 120 investors attendedcollectively accounting for over $400million in investment in 60 companies over the previous 12 months Several companies have identified Source: Cleantech Forum Europe 2010, Paris investors and strategic partners from attending Cleantech Forum Europe 8
  10. 10. Relevant testimonials “Once again you pulled off a remarkable “ The value of the Cleantech Forum for conference. Heard only great Avantium can be demonstrated best from the feedback. The testimony is the quality offact that we closed our latest funding round of the people that came and its better each EUR 30M with a lead investor we met first at year. If there is one conference to go to, the Cleantech Forum Paris 2010, where they this is the one.” saw our showcase presentation.” Frank Roerink, Andre Shortell, Chief Financial Officer, Avantium Partner, GP Bullhound At the Forum I have seen that there are “The last three days in Munich have many possibilities for enterprising been most valuable to me personally companies like ours, that has the possibility and to our venturing activities. What of having a differentiated product and better can show the value of this doing something bigger. meeting than seven immediate follow- up meetings that I will schedule in the Borja Vallina, next few days / weeks, in addition to Managing Director of Bidatek Winner of Cleantech Open 2011 - California several other follow-up exchanges of information.” 9 A corporate VC
  11. 11. Cleantech Group® is a company that helps it clients to make contact with innovationExamples of i3 subscribers: Some clients of the consultancy service: Consultancy It helps its clients to evaluate market opportunities, identify Research partners and A comprehensive source of encourage innovation news, and information about cleantech companies, relations and Organisation of investments is provided through the i3 Platform events Global conferences, forums and seminars to connect to the cleantech community Cleantech Forums and events with an international focus: 10 Source:
  12. 12. Cleantech Group® enables connection with a network ofCleantech Hubs at European and global level Source: 11
  13. 13. Goals of the Cleantech Forum Europe 2013  Connect the international agents who are relevant in cleantech with the local and European ecosystem, leader at a worldwide level (Global Corporations, companies and entrepreneurs, Knowledge centres and Institutions)  Contribute to the positioning of the Basque Country, as a bridge between Europe and the innovative regions with high potential in Latin America and Africa  Speed up business opportunities between the local creators of clean technologies and international attendees  Bring the attendees closer to cleantech worldwide trends, challenges and opportunities  Provide a high value experience, both in business and personal 12
  14. 14. Potential attendees Industrial and technology corporations, both local (Iberdrola, Gamesa, Repsol, Mondragon Corporación, Acciona, Abengoa, Endesa, Gas-Natural-Fenosa, Arcelor-Mittal, Degremont-Suez, etc.) and international (ABB, Autodesk, BASF, BP, British Gas, Clariant, Dow Chemical, DSM, EDF, GDF Suez, Grundfos, IKEA, Robert Bosch, RWE, E.ON, SABIC, Saint-Gobain, Shell, Solvay, Total, Veolia) Investors in cleantech (banks, venture capital funds, Business Angels, Private Equity), both local (BBVA, Kutxabank, La Caixa, etc.) and international (Aloe Private Equity, Aster Capital, Capricorn Venture Partners, Carbon Trust, Demeter Partners, Emerald Technologies Fund, Frog Capital, Generation Investment Management, GIMV, Greylock Partners, Idinvest Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Ludgate Environmental, NRW Bank, SITRA, Terra Venture Partners, VNT Management, Wellington Venture Partners, WHEB Partners, Yellow & Blue, Zouk Capital) Knowledge centres (universities, research centres, technology centres), both local (Tecnalia, IK4 Research Alliance, CENER, BC3) and international (Cambridge, Oxford, Fraunhofer) European Cleantech Clusters : Cleantech Finland, Flanders Cleantech Association, Invest in Lyon, Swedish Energy Agency Latin American and North African Cleantech Agents: Industrial and energy corporations, leading educational centres, technology centres, promoters, regional governments, entrepreneurs and 13 investors
  15. 15. Why a Cleantech Forum Europe in the Basque Country? TECHNOLOGICAL AND BUSINESS CAPABILITIES INNOVATION CAPABILITY INVESTMENT CAPABILITYClean and efficient energy: 350 Innovation-oriented players: Industrial, technological, financial and companies, 25,000 jobs, €15,500M • 3 Universities with innovative institutional players with an investment turnover and €185M in R&D programmes capacity of 400 million eurosEcodesign in equipment: 200 • 2 Centres of Excellence (BERC) and 5 Cooperative Research Centres related companies, > 50,000 jobs, €8,350M with cleantech turnover and €162M in R&D • 2 Technology Centres with >1,500Sustainable mobility: > 500 researchers dedicated to eco- companies, 55,000 jobs, €25,000M innovation turnover and €111M in R&D • 5 Business and Innovation Centres • 50 Corporate R&D UnitsNew trends (management of water, • Identified > 35 new Cleantech waste and advanced materials) companies in a year and a half 14 INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT THROUGH FISCAL INSTRUMENTS, STRATEGIES AND PLANS
  16. 16. Euskadi is shaping up as the epicentre of “SouthernEurope’s Cleantech Hub”A clean technologies development pole, recognised in SouthernEurope, competitive and oriented towards global market sales,that creates local employment and wealth Global Positioning USA Nordic MENA Hub Promotion of LATAM British innovative projects Hub Central “Cleantech bridge” Hub Investment and Financing Network Israel Hub InternationalisationCleantech Forum Europe is an effective instrument forpromoting the "Southern Europe’s Cleantech Hub" initiative 15
  17. 17. Promoted by renowned business organizations,knowledge development bodies and public institutions 16
  18. 18. Benefits for Attendees PROFESSIONAL CORPORATIONS SHOWCASE MEETINGS  Business and investment opportunities in innovative projects  Possibility of being part of the Global cleantech ecosystem COMPANIES AND INVESTORS AND FINANCIERS  Access to analysis of supra- ENTREPRENEURS  Access to a flow of innovative sectoral technology trends  Opportunity of access to projects worldwide business partners / investors /  Connection with international financiers for their projects investment networks INSTITUTIONS  Connection with international  Access to knowledge of the  Opportunities to build a country/ players for their markets main investment areas region/ city positioning in a  Improvement of management  Influence on the development competitive global market and sales capabilities of management capabilities in  Access to relevant information for  Knowledge of the real potential business projects strategic decision-making in of their solution industrial and business developments  Connection with international CONFERENCE / players related with advanced INNOVATION AREA technology PANELS  Access to players with the capability to provide solutions to the competitiveness and sustainability 17 commitments undertaken
  19. 19. Bilbao: a successful urban and social transformationexperience based on innovation Torre Iberdrola Palacio Euskalduna Deusto Business School Tram University of the Basque Country Guggenheim Bilbao University of Deusto Ría de Bilbao 18
  20. 20. The Palacio Euskalduna will host the Cleantech Forum Europe from 16 to 18 April 2013The Palacio Euskalduna Conference Centreembodies one of the key elements in thetransformation of Bilbao, emerging froma dry dock where the Euskaldunashipyard once stood, an obvioustribute to the metalworkingand shipbuilding traditionof the Bilbao river estuary. 1st "ENRIC MIRALLES” AWARD - 2001 20
  21. 21. A personal experience at the icon of urbantransformation: gala dinner at Guggenheim Bilbao MuseumGuggenheim Bilbao Museum was built between October 1993 and October1997, and the chosen location, at an old port and industrial wharf, meant therecovery of the river for the city and its re-urbanization for the culture andleisure. 20
  22. 22. Innobasque, promoting eco-innovation Advanced Connectivity entrepreneurship Impact New scenarios Economic Sustainability growth Eco-innovation Social Efi-healthy impact life Innovative Efi-health Construction Fourth Sector capability investments 20
  23. 23. Rates (VAT not included) Sponsoring partner: €3,000/pax - Total access + image FriendsofCleantechHub: €1,000/pax - for Southern Europeans and North Africans - Access to the 3 days of the Forum and the gala dinner (40% off the official rate) LatinAmericaSpecial: €750/pax - Access to the 3 days of the Forum and the gala dinner (55% off the official rate)Contact informationContact us by sending an email to:uetxebarria@innobasque.comor phoning(+34) 94 420 94 88 and asking for UnaiEtxebarria