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Francesca Flamigni, DG Connect - Digitising European Industry

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Presentación Francesca Flamigni de DG Connect en el Martes Bienal Digitising European Industry, en el Martes de Innobasque: "Basque Industry 4.0: Especialización Inteligente para una Fabricación Avanzada", en la Bienal de Maquina Herramienta 2016 celebrada en el BEC el 31 de mayo de 2016.

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Francesca Flamigni, DG Connect - Digitising European Industry

  1. 1. 1 Digitising European Industry: A key role for Europe's digital competence centres • Dra. Francesca Flamigni, Project Officer DG CONNECT/A3, European Commission • 31 May 2016
  2. 2. • Measures that enable all sectors to benefit from digital innovation: • For higher value products with "digital inside" • Increased efficiency of processes • Adapted and reshaped business models including relevant services • How DSM contributes to digitisation of EU industry • EU cloud initiative, Standardisation strategy, Forthcoming free flow of data, skills and jobs, EFSI, Regional policies, SMS, eGov action plan, Telecom review, Innovrefit. • Coordination of various initiatives - MS, regional, EU • Pool resources, avoid fragmentation and support DSM What is this about? DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal
  3. 3. • + €110bn annual revenue over next 5 years 40% of value added of cars comes from digital innovations • - €600 Bill. annually if we don’t act If Europe is slow in in digital transformation • +10 % in industry Added Value What is at stake? DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal
  4. 4. Technologies driving the change 4 Digital Transformation Innovation in products, processes and business models AI (autonomus systems) Robotics, automation, machine learning, self- driving,.. IoT (physical meets digital) Embedded software, sensors, connectivity, actuators, low power ICT, … Big data (value from knowledge) Analytics, storage, Cloud HPC,..
  6. 6. Digitisation readiness: disparities in Europe 6 Courtesy: Roland Berger
  7. 7. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal 7 Today'sfocus
  8. 8. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal 8
  9. 9. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Initiatives on Digitising Industry
  10. 10. Linking up and coordinating EU, national and regional initiatives Target • Establish a coordination framework to • facilitate the coordination of EU and national initiatives • mobilise stakeholders, and resources across the value chain, • exchange best practices How • High-level roundtables • Annual stakeholder forum • Specific working groups • Catalogue of national and regional initiatives and priorities.
  11. 11. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal 11
  12. 12. Access to digital technologies Spurring bottom up innovation Target • Access to digital technologies and expertise • within "working distance" • for any industry in Europe • with a focus on: SMEs, mid-caps, non-tech How • "Digital Innovation Hubs" across Europe : • provide industry with access to technology, expertise, testing,.. based on world-class specialised competence centre • Networking DIH to ensure a one-stop-shop for industry • Public procurement of innovations • sharing innovation risk with industry • Thematic smart specialisation platform • industrial modernisation (June 2016)
  13. 13. Who does what? • Regions/MSs • Establish/reinforce competence centres • Across Europe – specific support for regions without DIH • Implement relevant activities if needed (incentives, …) • Collaborate with digital innovation hubs of other regions • to fill gaps and facilitate specialisation and excellence • Commission: • Support pan-European networking of Digital Innovation Hubs • Share best practices, success stories, training • Develop catalogue of Hubs, competences, etc • Promote use of EU and other funds (ESIF, EFSI) • Industry • Engage with competence centres, help set priorities,.. 13
  14. 14. Building on, and expanding successful actions 14 undertheFactoriesoftheFuture SmartAnythingEverywhere underComponents&Systems + iHubs – FI-Ware accelerators + ODINE – Big Data + Echord – Robotics + HPC CoEs, … + national initiatives + regional initiatives + Vanguard + Competence centres (60) in I4MS ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs
  15. 15. ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs  110 M€ of EU funding - 11 large projects  70 competence centres  280 experiments: 75% cross-border  480 contractors. Out of which 340 industrial: 75% SMEs and mid caps, 50% users, 65% new in EU R&I Programmes  29 Members States and Ass. Countries  Focus on 4 areas of ICT adoption in the FoF:  HPC cloud-based simulation and analytics services  Industrial robotics systems  Laser-based manufacturing, additive manufacturing  Smart sensor systems, CPS and IoT  Expanding the ecosystem  Provide "glue" for natl/regl initiatives  Expand into "all" regions I4MS is part of the Factories of the Future PPP
  16. 16. evolution 16 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Phase 1 – FP7 WP2013 Start-up the I4MS Ecosystem Phase 2 – H2020 WP 2014/15 Organically grow the I4MS Ecosystem Phase 3 – H2020 WP 2016/17 Nurture the ecosystem: Concentrate on EU added value Organically grow the I4MS ecosystem  Regions/MSs with Digitising Industry initiatives  Establish a catalogue of initiatives EU-wide  Reinforce roots/links to national/regional initiatives  Further concentrate EU funding on cross-border experiments  Other regions, in particular less developed regions  Launch a Mentoring & Sponsorship programme for new hubs  Co-fund innovation hubs thru EFSI, ESIF, innovation vouchers  Identify international collaboration opportunities  Discuss at World Manufacturing Forum 2016 Overview of Digital Manufacturing Initiatives across Europe Germany  Industrie 4,0  Smart Service World  Autonomik fur Industrie 4.0  It's OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe)  Allianz Industrie 4.0 (Baden- Württemberg) Netherlands Smart Industry France  Usine du Futur  FoF Ile-de-France United Kingdom  High Value Manufacturing  Innovate UK  Action Plan for Manufacturing (Scotland) Spain Estrategia Fabricacion Avanzada (Basque region) Italy  Fabbrica Intelligente  Ass. Fabbr. Intell. Lombardia Sweden Produktion 2030 Belgium  Made Different  Flanders Make/iMinds (Flanders) EU-level Initiatives  Application PPPs: FoF, SPIRE  I4MS  Smart Anything Everywhere  ICT PPPs Multi-region Initiatives  Vanguard Austria Produktion der Zukunft Portugal Produtech European Commission DG CONNECT, Unit A3, ML European initiatives are in red National initiatives are in blue Regional initiatives are in green Finland  FIMECC PPP Programmes (MANU, S-STEP, SIMP, S4FLeet)  Industrial Internet Business Revolution  IoT pilot Factory (IoT PFF) Greece Operational Programme in Region Western Greece Poland  INNOMOTO  INNOLOT  Digital manufacturing for the SME (Mazovia)
  17. 17. Fortissimo Goal & Ambition • Goal: provide SMEs with easy and cost-effective access to advanced simulation services through a Cloud infrastructure consisting of HPC resources, software applications, expertise, and tools • Ambition: become THE portal of choice for HPC and HPDA expertise and service provision, delivered by Europe’s major HPC technology providers • Fortissimo: €22m 122 partners • Fortissimo 2: €12m 38+ partners
  18. 18. Fortissimo HPC Cloud resources • ARCTUR – Slovenian HPC Cloud provider who work with many companies across Eastern Europe • Network of Competence Centres expanding across Eastern Europe through Digital Innovation Hub open call Project Coordinator
  19. 19. Cloud-based CFD simulation for hypercars • Koenigsegg are EU Hypercar manufacturer … and an SME • In-house CFD too expensive – Cloud is compelling option • Impressive results • 250% increase in downforce with only 15% increase in drag at 250kph • 30% saving in design costs plus 50% reduction in wind tunnel and physical testing • Development savings of €90K per year PLUS 30% decrease in time to market • €4m benefit to company over 5 years
  20. 20. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY European Commission proposal 20
  21. 21. DIGITISING EUROPEAN INDUSTRY Public Private Partnerships
  22. 22. Leadership in digital technologies value chains • Target • Alignment of EU-wide R&I effort, national initiatives and industrial strategies and • Focus investments on • Key technologies and their integration across all sectors • Cross-sector digital platforms • Development environment: reference implementation and experimentation environments in real setting. • The challenge • Reinforce the role of PPPs as vehicles for EU-wide strategies: • Key strategic industrial priorities, e.g. The EU Cloud Initiative • Mobilising EU and national investments • Building on strengths in vertical markets • Develop Europe's presence in cross sector platforms • (IoT, Data, web, consumer,..) • Work across silos 22
  23. 23. Fostering a virtuous circle 23 Digital transformation of all industry in Europe requires a strong digital sector in Europe Broad digital transformation of all industry offers a unique opportunity to strengthen Europe's digital sector Demand Supply Digital Innovation Hubs Preparing Europeans for the Digital Age Smart Regulations for Industry Leadership through Partnerships & Platforms LinkingUp National Initiatives ICT Standards & Interoperability Testbeds
  24. 24. THANK YOU Digitising European Industry Twitter: #DigitiseEU 24