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Insights from Silicon Valley - Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprise mobility is a growing and unavoidable trend. Fueled by the consumerization of IT, enterprise mobility answers several issues are facing: a longer time to commute, a desire to improve their work/life balance, a need for more flexibility in their schedule.
Implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and fostering enterprise mobility seems like a win-win situation for both employees and employers. But it is a security conundrum for IT departments. How to manage data privacy while enforcing security rules? Which solutions to adopt?

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Insights from Silicon Valley - Enterprise Mobility

  1. 1. Prepared by Helene Andre, Business Development & Marketing For PRIME Paris Region International Mission Enterprise February 2015 Insights from Silicon Valley Enterprise Mobility
  2. 2. A work/life balance pushing for mobility Employees spend a lot more time on mobile devices (phones & tablets) than on their desktop or laptop 55% 45% 50%50% 2017 Corporate-owned devices BYOD In the US, more and more employees are expected to supply their own devices to work on
  3. 3. Consumerization of IT A paradigm fueled by an array of new technologies (High speed network 4G/LTE & Cloud) From Mobile Device to Enterprise Mobility Management Companies’ mobility practice are evolving to serve many purposes, not only messaging, but also collaboration, productivity and business process optimization. Therefore , Mobile Device Management vendors are now going after the management of the entire Enterprise Mobile Environment (Devices, Applications, Mobile Services) to grow their revenue base.
  4. 4. 2011 iPhones & iPads for Sales force Apple & AirWatch  1,400 employees equipped Sunbelt Rentals American Airlines Companies That Are Leading the Pack 2012 Electronic flight bags Apple  $1.2 million saved per year Kimberly-Clark 2011 Access to corporate resources Apple & MobileIron  Implemented in 40 countries
  5. 5. Companies That Are Leading the Pack / Sunbelt Rentals Starting in 2010, Sunbelt Rentals adopted iPhone and iPads massively for its sales force. Sunbelt Rentals developed an in-house corporate app to access the latest pricing and availability, and to improve the quality of the customer’s experience. Today, 1,400 employees are equipped.
  6. 6. Companies That Are Leading the Pack / American Airlines In 2012, American Airlines decided to switch to electronic flight bag, freeing pilots from their traditional bag full of airways charts, airport maps and operations manuals that could weigh 40 pounds. With this simple decision, AA improved pilots’ life, made the flight bag easier to use and saved an estimated $1.2 million of fuel annually
  7. 7. Companies That Are Leading the Pack / Kimberly-Clark With a growing BYOD community to serve, Kimberly-Clark formed a Mobility Center of Excellence to build an internal app catalog. “Apps@Work” features third-party business apps from the App Store as well as custom iOS apps developed in-house for specific tasks and lines of business. Today, more than 30 percent of iOS devices are employee-owned and utilize a self-service support model.
  8. 8. Emails and notes Growing Numbers of BYOD Innovations Tasks and collaboration Field personnel COLLUSION
  9. 9. Growing Numbers of BYOD Innovations Evernote is a software that allow users to capture, organize, & find information across multiple platforms Acompli is a mobile app email that provides advanced email, full calendaring, easy file sharing Hall is a real-time business messaging platform with integrations with Box, Dropbox etc. Slack offers a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool Asana is a web and mobile application that brings together tasks and conversation Collusion is a real time collaboration software supports to share thought across devices Clicksoftware puts all time related services on one platform from timesheet to scheduling & dispatch Square enables clerks to process payment wherever they are without registers
  10. 10. The Pressing Question of Security For the majority of companies, concerns over security, privacy and platform variation stand in the way of mobile app initiatives: 33% name “security and privacy” as their first concerns 22% of all mobile devices produced will be stolen or lost during their lifetime Different Modus Operandi to secure BYOD $120 M $101 M $1.5 B
  11. 11. Different Modus Operandi Containerization Creation of a secure partition on mobile devices containing enterprise credentials, apps and data. Data is encrypted. Outbound communications with the partition and its apps can only be done through enterprise VPN (per App VPN). Tokenization Instead of sending user credentials through the channel, an encrypted token valid only for a specific transaction is sent over the wire. Used with ApplePay, the technology is likely to expand to all e-payments and possibly remote enterprise access. Identity as a Service Cloud-based service that provides a set of identity and access management functions to target systems on customers' premises and/or in the cloud. At the same time, cloud services are embracing SSO standards so that they don’t have to store and manage enterprise user credentials. Strong Mobile Authentication Ubiquitous strong authentication, including 2FA and biometrics. The FIDO alliance is gaining strong momentum among cloud service providers and devices manufacturers with its objective to completely segregate personal traffic from enterprise traffic possibly by using two different carriers and two different phone numbers on the same device.
  12. 12. Finding the Right Balance In the future, it will come down to finding the right balance between not enough security that would be harmful for the company and too much security that would deter employees from adopting BYOD. Secure environment & Seamless UX In the end, because companies want to make sure data is secure and employees want a seamless User Experience, security has to be almost invisible for them.
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  14. 14. About PRIME & French Tech Hub PRIME is a transatlantic innovation platform promoting the Paris region as a center of innovation and engaging in activities to encourage and incentivize American companies and organizations to invest in the Paris region. PRIME is a subsidiary of the Paris Region Economic Development Agency. French Tech Hub serves as the U.S. Hub for entrepreneurial and innovative French companies. We provide custom-tailored services to help our clients strategize, launch, expand, and achieve their business potential. For more info, contact Marie-Perrine Durot For more info, contact Marie Buhot-Launay