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Slides from Chris Anderson on his talk about crowd accelerated innovation, involving crowdsourcing and social media.

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Crowdacceleratedinnovation branch-120529101431-phpapp02

  1. 1. Global Questions Dr. Rosen lists 5 questions global leaders should ponder.
  2. 2. Global Questions Purpose: Where are we going? Plan: How do we get there? Network: How do we work together? Tools: What do we need? Results: How do we measure our progress?
  3. 3. Global Questions We live in an increasing culture of technology.
  4. 4. Global Questions Purpose: Where are we going? Plan: How do we get there? Because of social media, networking and collaboration have in many ways become both the purpose and the plan.
  5. 5. Social Media Networking Several businesses are currently using technology to build communities without borders.
  6. 6. Social Media Networking In the past, companies would focus on building a product.
  7. 7. Social Media Networking Today, companies are realizing the value of building a community first.
  8. 8. Social Media Networking I would recommend that indie film companies use social media and online video sharing to create a community first. From their, your community can develop a global film project that will be readily received
  9. 9. Social Media Networking That is how several transmedia projects are launched.
  10. 10. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation For an indie film company, without major distribution, Andersons crowd accelerated innovation model, via online video, is the cleanest model.
  11. 11. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation The picture above metaphorically represents three dials on a giant wheel of innovation and creativity. If you crank up those dials of crowd, light, and desire, the wheel of creativity and innovation turns faster.
  12. 12. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Although bigger crowds bring in more innovation, the crowds are mostly composed of other kinds of people. Each person represents an invaluable component to the process.
  13. 13. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Anderson’s second dial, light, speaks to the willingness to share and open up your project in these social media outlets. This is called liquid networking.
  14. 14. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Once the sharing reaches large social media audiences, it is either ignored or applauded. Positive feedback dials up the desire. People continue to share out of a desire for global recognition from the commenters, trend-spotters, and cheerleaders.
  15. 15. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation It then becomes a perpetual, self fueling machine. It is also a self-cleaning machine because the bad ideas lose the crowd and light or quickly collaborate and improve. This is becoming the new medium for both indie and mainstream film companies.
  16. 16. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Cisco estimates that by as soon as 2013, 90% of all IP traffic will be video sharing.
  17. 17. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Jonathan Chu is a filmmaker and screenwriter. What he noticed online was the CAI method working with dancers on YouTube.
  18. 18. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Chu called this a global laboratory. He eventually recruited the most innovative artists on YouTube and formed LXD. LXD is now one of the most popular web series ever launched on Hulu.
  19. 19. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Ron Howard has recently partnered with Cannon in a collaborative project based on 8 independent contributing photogs selected from nearly 100,000 submissions in the Project Imagin8ion contest.
  20. 20. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation He’s recently aired their first film When You Find Me on YouTube and The American Museum of Natural History.
  21. 21. Crowd Accelerated- Innovation Here is more from Chris...