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Top 10 Innovation Challenges for most organizations in the world

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Topteninnovationchanllenges 1339683653646-phpapp02-120614092312-phpapp02

  1. 1. TopINNOVATIONChallenges
  2. 2. InnovationChallengeNo.1Unclear Strategy, the link 战略不清或者创新与between innovation andstrategy is too weak, hence 战略联系不起来,导the goal is abstract. 致目标和方向不明。
  3. 3. InnovationChallengeNo.2 Viewing innovation too narrowly as technological breakthrough blinds companies to opportunities. 对创新片面的定义和理解, 导致过度关注技术创新,忽 视其他给公司可能带来新价 值的机会。
  4. 4. InnovationChallengeNo.3CEO = CIO 没有得到公司高层的充分支 持,老板口头支持,但在资 源有限的时候,不可避免地 把创新束之高阁。 Not getting buy-in and ownership from senior management so scarce resources of time and budget to will be devoted to innovation.
  5. 5. InnovationChallengeNo.4Insufficient Resources for innovation,not creating Bandwidth to makepeople think about innovation. 缺少足够的资源支持创新, 没有创造足够的时空频宽去 让大家思考创新。
  6. 6. InnovationChallengeNo.5 Not having a dedicated innovation Team to promote innovation internally. 缺少一个能在组织内部长期 推动创新的团队,让全员参 与到创新中来。
  7. 7. InnovationChallengeNo.6 Not having rigorous process to turn new ideas into business value 缺少完善,独立严谨的创新 流程一步步把点子变成有商 业价值的创新。
  8. 8. InnovationChallengeNo.7 Not having innovation metrics. Too many me-too product and incremental innovation caused by traditional metrics. 缺少系统创新评估体系,用 传统的评估方式评估创新, 导致产生大量对企业长期发 展贡献不大的渐进式创新。
  9. 9. InnovationChallengeNo.8Not leveraging diversity,collabrationand open innovation.Ineffective communication.Too much focus on internalcapability. 缺少协作,多元化与开放。 公司内部部门之间的隔阂阻碍创 新,创新人员单一化背景阻碍创 新,公司过于注重内部能力,导 致与外部的合作交流不够。
  10. 10. InnovationChallengeNo.9 Not having innovation culture, fear of failure and being against taking risk. 缺少创新文化,普遍 缺乏创新意识,不敢冒 险,害怕失败。
  11. 11. InnovationChallengeNo.10 Not having training and coaching with right methodologies, skillsets and tools to innovate more effectively. 缺少对于创新方法,工具和知识 的学习。
  12. 12. For more information of challenges andsolutions, please go to 更多信息请登录www.cii-innovation.comContent Made by内容制作Lloyd He 贺远超Senior Consultant at China institute for Innovation 中国创新研究所高级顾问